What I Ate: The Night Markets Edition

For my last What I Ate of 2016, I’m finishing up with a lot of eats from summer night markets. But first, I made the Thai Barbecue Seitan Ribs from Street Vegan, one of my most loved cookbooks. I screwed up the amount of tofu so the seitan was way mushy but gosh Adam Sobel knows his way around complementary flavours. This sandwich includes smoked chili roasted peanuts (I used half peanuts half almonds because not enough peanuts) and pickled Thai basil onions.

I had the leftover seitan, sauce, pickled onions the nuts with some rice the next day:

To market to market! First up, the Coburg Night Market. I haven’t been in a very long time and Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe mentioned some great Indian nachos she had there. So I went on the final night to try them but alas they weren’t there. I did however try the vegan option black bean taco from Perla Tacos which was a nice snack before going to pounce on more vegan options:

Since becoming vegan my eyes have evolved to have little laser beam thingies shoot out and target any sign that says ‘vegan’ on it. And so it was that I found myself lining up for gluten free gnocchi in a Napoli sauce from the Ardor Food Co stand. I’ve never had gluten free gnocchi, well apart from a forgettable home made attempt using sweet potato, but this was truly excellent gnocchi. Light and fluffy and just lovely. I’d say the nicest gnocchi I’ve ever tried:

In fact it was so good I lined up again for another bowl, this time with the vegan pesto sauce. While the pesto flavours were very good, it was way heavy on the oil for me (I know I know it’s pesto) because of how I’m oil-free at home. So if I had this again, I’d definitely get the tomato based sauces. I was very pleased to see Ardor have stockists near me:

It was fun watching Chef Vince Lotito prepare the gnocchi:

On to the Queen Victoria Market summer night market! I anticipated packed crowds and coming home smelling like a bbq and I was right on both counts. I headed straight towards the Rice and Dice stall to get the Indian nachos because I’d figured out where Johanna bought them from and they were pretty good and far more filling than I had thought:

For a second course I got the vegan momo dumplings from Nepal Dining Room:

When I see an interesting looking food I have to try it if there’s a vegan option and despite being full, I had to have the dhal hopper from Hopper Man’s Stall, part of Drums Cafe at the Queen Vic Market. The ‘bowl’ and the lid you see are crepe-like and made with coconut milk and (I think) rice flour. A chef was telling a customer the ingredients but it was hard to hear but I think she said rice flour. What a fun meal, I disassembled it a bit for the photo but it was like a bowl and lid. I had seen people walking around with these and I was all WOT IS IT I WANT IT so I was most pleased to see the vegan option:

I’ll finish off with scenes from both the Coburg Night Market and the Queen Vic summer night market. The little Christmas tree photo at the top with the beautiful wooden ornaments is from the Birdhouse Collection stall, where I picked up a sweet carved snowflake ornament.

4 thoughts on “What I Ate: The Night Markets Edition

  1. hahaha Vegan laser eyes is totally accurate, also a hop skip and a jump towards said item and irregardless of what it is wallet comes out and vegan thing is purchased 😉 Those nachos look worth the hunt!

    • it sucks the food is more expensive at the markets but at least the nachos and gnocchi in particular were worth it!