What I Ate Forgotten Blog Edition

The blog has been quiet but life has been intensely busy. When I remember, I snap photos of food but because I have been flat out, I haven’t had the luxury of time to make proper nutritious meals. But today I’ll take a bit of a breather and get some good food going.

Evidently, I need to clean my windows too. My usual early morning photography spot is the back of the couch because that has good light. And cat hair covered window frames. When I remember, I soak steel cut oats and chia seeds in soy milk overnight, then plop berries and nuts and stuff after I heat them up for beakfast:

Most days though, because I’m so busy, I make the smoothie version of the porridge bowl:

I thought I’d make the Borg’s vegetable pastry triangles for the kids. Of course, they didn’t like them. And Borg’s filo pastry is no longer vegan, though the ingredients panel for the triangles didn’t indicate anything non-vegan:

I had made a leek-garlic-onion mix to make a leek and potato pizza. After I ate the leek and potato pizza, I realised I had forgotten to put the leeks on it. It was a horrid pizza anyway. So I used the leeks with some pasta sauce in a jar for a quick no-proper-veggie-content lunch:

I did make the effort when my mum came over for lunch one day. One of my favourite soups is the split pea soupย from Cadry’s Kitchen. I had made some coconut bacon and decided mountainous proportions would work best:

This year I was determined to make a Burns Night supper. I used the vegetarian haggis recipe from Green Gourmet Giraffeย and for my own supper, I made some plain mashed potato. The haggis made great sandwich leftovers:

Part of the leftovers were eaten like this, the carrots are stewed maple glazed:

I also made cock-a-leekie soup. This was pretty similar to how I would make Irish stew, though this soup includes prunes. Those aren’t cobwebs, it’s steam!

Dessert had to be included so cranachan was the obvious choice. This is the version of cranachan where a very non-Scottish person has no idea what they’re doing. I toasted some oats with a little sugar, defrosted the bag of raspberries nobody but me eats and stewed the berries. Then made a parfait style thingy with coconut yoghurt:

And finally, lamingtons. I made a plain vanilla cake, a simple chocolate icing (cacao powder, icing sugar and hot water) and used the leftover raspberry sauce. We don’t celebrate Australia Day, but I know I made these on one of the days around then when it wasn’t too hot for the oven. One day I’ll use toasted coconut:

I might be a bit light on blogging in the next month or so, and I need to go back to starting my 30 day salt-oil-sugar free experiment *cough* We’ll see!

10 thoughts on “What I Ate Forgotten Blog Edition

  1. As always, yummy yummy yummy. I do like a good lamington. I have only ever made it once when i lived in Scotland, its quite popular there, but its not called Lamingtons, can’t think right now what they called them – but when it does i will let you know. I would be curious to know why you don’t celebrate Australia Day? but understand that this is a food blog and you may not wish to indulge, which I totally respect.

    • no problem answering that! It’s really because of the Invasion Day aspect but also because there’s still a lot of disrespect and also I feel a lot of discomfort about the whole patriotism thing which seems to have really picked up in the last maybe five years or so. Australia Day, in terms of what you would find in supermarkets and such wasn’t such a huge deal in the past. But now there are Australia Day flags, clothing, decorations etc etc and it feels very commercialised (like Halloween in Australia). And there’s also the political nature of the whole Australia Day/patriot kind of thing, where horrid politicians exploit the “if you don’t agree with celebrating Australia Day you should be ashamed of yourself!” sentiment.

      My kids had seen lamingtons and my son has always liked them so I taught him how to make them (well, the chocolate and coconut bit!) but we don’t ‘celebrate’ Australia Day like others do, or how people would celebrate the Fourth of July ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I don’t think I’ve actually ever eaten a lamington but I love the idea of them from books I had as a kid, I’m sure I had a lamington at some point in my childhood I just don’t remember. It’s frigid cold here again and that makes Cadry’s split pea soup with lots of coconut bacon sound/look like the best thing ever! Love that blue bowl your oats are in. Good luck with the sos free experiment, I was actually curious where you were with that.

    • oh I’m pretty much nowhere with the SOS free, Christmas/New Year is always a lot of eating out and stuff! Lamingtons are easy to make, easier if you can buy a pre-made plain vanilla cake ๐Ÿ™‚ Then cocao/cacao powder+icing (confectioner’s) sugar with enough hot water to form a dipping ‘sauce’, then you roll the dipped cake pieces in the coconut ๐Ÿ™‚

    • the thing about home made lamingtons is that I always think they’ll turn out crap, but cheap basic chocolate icing and coconut fixes everything ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. All your food looks great – you did great with doing the Scottish menu and your lamingtons look delicious – Sylvia asked for lamingtons and I just didn’t have the energy. We didn’t even do haggis but I can highly recommend using leftover haggis like mince meat in a tomato pasta sauce or on a pizza! Your purple smoothie looks pretty – reminds me of a purple drink we saw at Glass Den the other day that looked like a coffee and Sylvia and I were wondering what it was – must ask next time I am there! Good luck with finding time for healthy food – it is not so easy when you are busy!

    • yes, definitely harder to find the time lately though it makes me realise meal prep in advance is so important at times like these!