In My Kitchen February 2017

Not a big In My Kitchen this month. I did a big pantry cleanout and got rid of the usual suspects–goods that had a use-by date of years ago. I’m doing that thingy now where you only cook with ingredients you already have, rather than buying more stuff. Too bad the family won’t go near chickpeas, lentils and beans. I have heaps of those that need to be used up.

So the top photo up there is the smoked garlic in oil I bought from the Coburg Farmers Market. It’s really quite nice, though I keep forgetting to add it to my food.

I’m not in to buying drinks, I always carry around a water bottle and that’s enough for me but these two vegan milk drinks by Cor de Coco were reduced in the supermarket so I tried them out. They were okay enough (especially on a hot day):

I had to buy stuff from Iherb and bought these chipotle garlic onion chips by dang. They’re just too sweet and give you the stinkiest breath ever. I ended up throwing them out, but I also bought two packets by accident so I will gift the second packet.

Also part of my Iherb purchase was a packet of these Earth Balance puffs. We don’t have them in Australia and I hear people rave about them. We’re not in to buying snack kinds of foods at home, like chips/crisps or whatever but I thought eh why not. They were okay, I can say I’ve tried them now but not really keen to have them again.

Not much else happening in my kitchen, life has been extremely busy this year!

In My Kitchen is a monthly blog link up that is currently being hosted by Lizzy at Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things Blog. I’m submitting this blog post of mine for February 2017. While not a vegan-specific event, anyone can join in and you can also discover new blogs, recipes, products, etc!

18 thoughts on “In My Kitchen February 2017

  1. Hi there and happy new year to you! Wow, so busy already and it’s only February. I, too, need to go through the larder and throw out those out of date products… so many things are sent to me and I just cannot seem to get around to using them all. The smoked garlic sounds interesting. Happy cooking and eating and thanks for the shout out xx

    • I always *plan* to use the fancier things and I always get suckered in to buying a chutney now and then even though I don’t really eat sandwiches and stuff where I prefer chutney!

  2. Oh I need to do a good clear out of things in my kitchen cupboards and plan to do so next week when i have a few ays off work. Few as the things may be in your kitchen, they are all very interesting. The smoked garlic would be lush mushed into a oil dressing and those garlic chipotle onion chips had got me curious but if your not keen try them again that that is a sign for me.

    • I have to do some kind of meal plan to make sure I use the smoked garlic, I always make stuff and forgot the fancy ingredients :/

  3. I don’t buy many drinks either (except for coffees) but will make an exception for interesting looking vegan flavoured milks. These would have caught my eye too although it doesn’t sound like they were overly special. Obviously better than the garlic onion chips though – having to throw them out suggests they were pretty bad!

  4. Smoking garlic is the popular thing garlic farmers are doing around here too. My partner’s dad is a garlic farmer and gives us 10 pound plus bags every season, ironically garlic is one of the fodmaps I’ve discovered really disagrees with me. He makes a garlic jelly which is really nice though. Ha ha, I get the same thing when I hear the V community losing their minds over a product, maybe it’s too much hype but I get around to trying it and just feel meh about it :/ Though I don’t go crazy for vegan junk food replicates so maybe we’re not the market for it anyway?

    • yeah I’m not so much in to junk foods, I’m happy to try them but don’t go out to buy them really plus they’re so expensive here. Like the vegan Ben and Jerry’s flavours which are like a million bucks for a wee tub. I haven’t tried them yet, I want to but maybe if I shared with somebody!

  5. The smoked garlic sounds really good – my kitchen is so full that I try not to buy too much more but I do. Though I haven’t had much fancy food shopping lately. Shame about the chips – Sylvia is really into cheezels though they only come out at celebrations so she thinks she needs them for her birthday!!!!

    • I have to keep remembering to use my fancy foods, that’s where the problem lies. Did you know that Burger Rings are now vegan! I never liked them so I won’t be buying them.

  6. i don’t even know what Og trans fat means:) Smoked garlic in olive oil sounds pretty darn delish! good idea to clean out the pantry; i end up with ancient stuff lurking in the back. i just cleaned out my fridge recently; same thing – ancient hairy things there.