Followup Cookbook Review: Street Vegan

Some time ago (long ago, September 2015!) I reviewed one of my favourite cookbooks ever, Street Vegan by Adam Sobel. Since then I’ve made more of the recipes, so here’s a little recap.

Starting with the top photo, the Rosemary Hemp Seed-crusted Tofu with Tarragon Garlic Bread Pudding was pretty good. I didn’t shake off enough of the crumb mixture off the tofu so it was a little floury but I liked that the tofu was baked, not fried in oil though I chose not to use oil for the baking. The bread pudding would have been loads better if I’d had something other than wholemeal multigrain! If I make this again, I’m going for regular old white bread or spelt (like the recipe suggests). My tip: don’t use wholemeal multigrain!

Next, the Sage Tempeh Sausage Sliders with Fried Sage Leaves and Lavender-Roasted Shallots. I love everything about that except the tempeh but I gave it a try anyway. The flavours of the patties were great but it was still too tempehey for me. The sage leaves though, I couldn’t stop picking at them. I used regular white onions instead of shallots as shallots cost a millions bucks per kilo compared to onions at the time. This is another recipe where I want to gush about Adam Sobel being a genius with how he has all these different flavours and textures working so brilliantly together. I want to make this again, minus the tempeh somehow:

I’ve made the Thai Barbecue Seitan Ribs with Pickled Thai Basil and Onions and Smoked Chile-Roasted Peanuts (whew!) before but this time I messed up the seitan. The recipe just says use half a block of tofu and perhaps my block was bigger than what Adam Sobel used, because my seitan was way mushy. Tasted great, though this would also depend on using a fantastic red curry paste. Another great sandwich:

Then I had the leftovers in a bowl with some rice:

From the breakfasts chapter, I had the Fried Dandelion Greens (well, I used kale) with Lemon Garlic Potatoes. Gotta admit this one killed me a bit, it was way too heavy on the vinegary elements (3 tablespoons umeboshi plum vinegar, and I had halved the amount). Perhaps it all works better with the dandelions? I also found the potatoes were too heavy on the lemon and I usually love lemon potatoes (I’m Greek!). I want to make this again with dandelion leaves but I’ll definitely cut that lemon and vinegar way down (forgive the yucky coloured bits of kale):

Croquettes are things I love ordering in restaurants but hate making myself. Damn fiddly things that make you wait around, you know? Then again I’m a proud resident of Lazy Town. So for whatever reason, I had to go and make the Rosemary White Bean Croquettes with Roasted Fennel and White Wine Jus. I wasn’t a fan of these, when I see wheat germ or oat bran in a patty/croquette recipe my alarm bells go off and yeah, I found these a bit… wheat germy. I wasn’t sold on the white wine jus though I used a wine which I thought matched well to the recipe but yeah, didn’t work in the end.

There are quite a few pancake recipes and here’s the Blue (I used yellow) Corn Pancakes that I topped with candied hazelnuts. I don’t know why, but I could really taste the 1 teaspoon baking soda in these and so I was unable to finish them. I did cut down the oil a bit too from the 3 tablespoons so I don’t know how much that would have affected the aftertaste. Crappy photo of pancakes but really, I have to throw a cat pic in: I also made the Fresh Fig Pancakes with Chamomile and Blood Orange Syrup. I couldn’t find blood oranges so I used regular oranges and it was a nice syrup. But these pancakes also had a strong baking soda aftertaste (2 teaspoons each of baking powder and baking soda). Another pancake recipe has two teaspoons of baking soda so yeah, that’s way too much for me.

The Flaky Spinach Pie had a nice tasting filling but I waaaay overdid it with the pastry crust topping as it made the top layers way too bitter. A light sprinkling of the spicy dry mix would be better. I made another mistake with this but can’t remember what it was:

I liked the Vanilla Sesame Milk and Chocolate Cashew Milk, however these are things I’ve made on my own so I don’t need a recipe. My versions are pretty much the same as the recipes in Street Vegan minus the coconut oil (I haaaate coconut oil added to drinks). So the cashew chocolate milk is your regular cashew milk (cashes, water, salt but don’t strain it), cacao powder, a sweetener (Sobel uses agave, I use Medjool dates as my son had a bad allergic reaction to agave in the past) and that’s it.

If you follow Cinnamon Snail on social media like the Instagram account, you will be treated to photos and descriptions of amazing food (baked ziti burger!). Lucky folks, those who have easy access to the Cinnamon Snail food!

8 thoughts on “Followup Cookbook Review: Street Vegan

  1. I am thinking the vinegar ratio would work much better with Dandelion Greens. I hear they are much more bitter than kale, so it probably gives and better contrast? I really need to check out the Cinnamon Snail. They are at the farmer’s market in my old hometown, and I keep putting off the trip. XD

  2. Have you tried the Tally Ho brand of Tempeh? it is made in WA but available in some places over East…. I don’t like most other tempehs I’ve tried but the Tally Ho “ready to eat” one is really good, even straight out of the pack in a sandwich or burger. Might be worth a try? (Do get the “ready to eat” one though – it’s much better than their “seasoned” one)

    • thanks, I’ll give it a go! I did try some freshly made and fried tempeh at World Vegan Day which was really good– I’d forgotten about that!

  3. I would be lovely to go along to the cinnamon snail and order this food without having to faff about in the kitchen with these recipes – so I admire you having a go at quite a few of these recipes – I have tried the tempeh sliders and liked the sausages though the seasoning was not quite right for me. But I like tempeh so that wasn’t a problem for me. Re the baking powder – I have heard people say they can taste it more when plain flour is mixed with baking powder than when adding self raising flour – don’t know if you can substitute in these recipes. The kale and lemon potatoes looks pretty and I like the look of the wholegrain bread in the top photo.

    • I’ll try the self raising next time. There are still more recipes in that book I want to try, but I still enjoy flipping through the pages.

  4. As a fellow resident of Lazy Town I have to say your dishes look anything but lazy 😉 Great review, I’m trying to resist buying more cook books but Sobel’s is so tempting!

    • it’s great even just to read through as a sort of book, because he talks about the history of the truck. It’s really entertaining and he writes the intros to his recipes so well.