Lunches At Loving Hut Richmond

I haven’t been to Loving Hut Richmond in AGES. A birthday lunch was on the same day as the Queen’s Birthday public holiday, so most places were closed. Not our faithful Loving Hut Richmond. A second bonus was that we found parking right away, just opposite. That’s never happened before. Thank you Your Majesty!

The Richmond menu is different to the Northcote Loving Hut, and for me each has some excellent dishes I’d return for.

First up were the fried spring rolls. My son likes fried entree things and these were your nice little regular fried spring rolls:

We also got some steamed dumplings for our entree. Nice and freshly made:

The menu has changed a little from when I last visited. My sister beat me to the Royal Rendang. This was excellent. Truthfully, I was a little nervous about the soy fillet ‘beef’ because when I bought some of the dried version myself and rehydrated it, it was awful and tasted heavily of soy. More a strong soy milk taste. This Loving Hut meal had none of the soy taste. A stand out:

My son ordered the Mongolian BBQ. This was also really good and wasn’t way sweet:

I chose the lemongrass chili tofu. I didn’t know what this would be like, other places have tofu cubes deep fried so it’s crispy. This dish was different though, with a much softer tofu and a lot of it. This is a great dish for sharing, I wouldn’t get it for myself again but for sharing, absolutely:

We got a fried rice to share which was also pretty good:

My son was apparently not able to fit the veggies in to his stomach but had no problem ordering the sundae, which had a three scoops option we shared. It’s the soy So Good icecream. I wished there was more sauce though:

Here are some pics of what I had the last time I went to Loving Hut Richmond aaaages ago. I don’t know if these dishes are still on the new menu: 

I used to be in Richmond every few weeks and would often stop at Loving Hut for a meal. I miss those days and although I’m way spoilt now with more vegan options closer to me, I still miss lunches at Loving Hut Richmond.

Loving Hut Richmond

10/242 Victoria Street


8 thoughts on “Lunches At Loving Hut Richmond

  1. Funnily enough I was thinking of meeting family in Richmond but was worried the parking would be terrible so ended up not going. And they would have probably been somewhere with a lot less vegie options than this – looks really delicious if a little mocky meaty but I am sure I would find something to love

    • my son complained about too many veggies! We were really lucky with the parking, I figure it makes up for all the other times we weren’t so lucky.

  2. I’ve still never been to a Loving Hut even though there seems to be one in every major city I visit, though surprisingly I don’t think there’s one in Vancouver yet. Love dumplings and those look so good! Haha, the stomachs inexplicable dessert compartments 😉

  3. That Mongolian Beef looks right up my alley!
    I love seeing all the different things at different Loving Huts, I wish my local one would expand the menu a little!