The Merri Clan in Preston

The Merri Clan showed up on my radar thanks to an Instagram photo I saw of an amazing looking pile of poffertjes. Better yet was this pile of poffertjes being sortof down the road from me in Preston. I used to live in Amsterdam and haven’t had vegan versions of the famous Dutch little pancakes yet. I really need to get on to making my own recipe seeing as I lugged a cast iron poffertjes pan over on my final trip home.

So I did that thing where I didn’t read the entire menu because a) I had hungry kids with me and my youngest was already attacking those sachets of sugar on the table and b) as soon as I saw vegan nachos with black beans and the fully loaded option of the vegan poffertjes I really didn’t feel a need to read the whole menu. I was confident I chose well and choose well I did.

These nachos (vegan option $18.50) are hands down the best vegan nachos I’ve tried anywhere. It’s a big serve with loads of guacamole and really good black beans. Lovers of coriander, like me, will be happy but if you’re not a fan perhaps ask if they can leave it off. I loved everything about this dish. I can’t even remember the exact details and haven’t yet found the menu online, but from the ingredients alone I’d say it’s also gluten free:

My daughter ordered one of the vegan muffins on the counter, which were either berry vanilla or apple cinnamon. This is the berry muffin:

These fully loaded poffertjes (25 pieces, $18.00 I think) were excellent. The fully loaded option comes with all the toppings. There was a maple cashew cream, nutella style cream, candied pecans and berry compote. A fantastic option for vegan pancake meal lovers:

The Merri Clan is conveniently located right by a route #11 tram stop. Service was friendly and it’s nice and comfy inside with some armchair/couch seating towards the back. I didn’t get pics of the inside but we sat at a table by the front window.

I’m always happy to see kickass vegan options on menus where there has been clear thought put in to the offerings and where the vegan options are a standout. Both the nachos and poffertjes ticked those boxes.

The Merri Clan

15 Gilbert Road



5 thoughts on “The Merri Clan in Preston

  1. these look really good – I don’t get too excited by proffertjes but would love these ones – is the proffertje mixture different to regular pancake batter – as it would be easy to try and vegan pancake batter in your pan (see, I don’t have a clue about the recipe – which is pretty silly as I have eaten a lot)

    • I’ll ask next time if it’s a yeasted or not batter (the Dutch people I knew made yeast batters). There was a jackfruit burger on the menu I didn’t look at properly and didn’t think would be vegan, but it is (or vegan option). So now I have to go back.

  2. What’s the difference between a pikelet and a proffertjes? And am I basically asking the same question as Johanna 😉 Would you do a family holiday in Amsterdam, do you think the kids would dig it or wait till they’re old enough to travel Europe on their own? I loved seeing a hint of the old Milk Bar sign in the back ground.