Easy Tips for A Layered Smoothie

Layered fruit smoothies look really easy, right? That’s what I thought, then I ended up with a greeny brown mess despite three different beautifully coloured smoothies having gone in to the glass. Here are some simple tips to get your multi-coloured smoothies.

Tip 1: Use frozen bananas in all your layers as a base. This helps keep it all nice and thick. Other frozen fruits are good too. Keep it thick!

Tip 2: Use oats (or your preferred gluten free alternative) as an emergency thickener if you need it. Start with a bit at a time and make sure everything is well blended.

Tip 3: Use the minimal amount of liquid possible to get the smoothie blended (you may need to thicken it if you add too much).

Tip 4: Use the brightest coloured fruit and veg. In the photo above I’ve gone with baby spinach, beetroot and frozen mango with frozen banana as the base in all three.

Tip 5: Make your layers in different batches, rinse your blender then store your layers in the freezer or coldest part of the fridge while you make the next layer.

Tip 6: Make the green layer last, so it doesn’t start turning that cacky colour.

Tip 7: Pour slowly! Whilst… working quickly. I know, doesn’t make sense. But you want to keep the different smoothies nice and thick and cold, so make these right before serving and make sure all the smoothies are chilled and thick.


My first experiments went wrong because the smoothie layers were just too runny. They have to be thick so they don’t mix in to each other. I also poured a bit too carelessly so everything got mixed together and looked awful!

Enjoy xxxx

8 thoughts on “Easy Tips for A Layered Smoothie

  1. Great photo – almost traffic light smoothies! Never tried these but I think they sound like more work than I have energy for right now. I have visions of these being done in team colours (though not sure it would really go down well with the footy crowd)

    • I wanted to make rainbow smoothies but the thought of rinsing out the blender over and over was a bit too off putting šŸ˜€

  2. I have had some layering mishaps. My layers never end up looking so neat, and sometimes just plonk all into each other.
    Sounds like time and thickening is the key, though then can you actually drink it straight away or do you need to let it defrost a bit?

  3. Another tip! Pour the smoothie over the back of a spoon, placing the spoon very close to last layer. This helps break the velocity of the smoothie. I learned this tip from layer cocktails.

  4. I’m in love with the colors in this smoothie! The photo is perfect! Sorry it’s been so long since my last visit and comment! I have re-worked my blogroll and have you on it now so I will be around more often! CHEERS!