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I’ve had my Blendtec blender for quite a few years now so I figure it’s about time I did a review.

I think I bought my Blendtec back in mid 2012. I bought it from an Australian distributor for around $750 all up, and that was the sale price. I remember really, REALLY wanting a power blender and preferring this over a Vitamix due to price at the time, and reviews I’d read. After I made the payment online, I felt pretty sick at how much money I’d just spent, but you know, I had heaps of plans to use it. And before that I’d had two other blenders, each around $100 which were not only crappy but they also stopped working and weren’t able to be repaired.

I use the Blendtec all the time, so it’s pretty much paid itself off. I average about one use a day, other days I might use it three times depending on what I’m making. On the whole I love my Blendtec and don’t regret buying it at all. In warmer weather I use it pretty much every morning for a smoothie. I rarely make breakfast and first thing in the morning I want something as quick as possible, so it’s usually a smoothie.

The one major gripe I had was that I’d made a smoothie once and there was a smell. A nasty burning smell. My smoothie also had little bits of weird stuff in it. I couldn’t work it out, I checked the blender jug, thinking I might have left something in it without realising before pouring the ingredients in. I put the blender on again and it started smoking from under the jug. Turns out the rubber seal at the bottom had come away somehow and so the burning rubber smell and smoke was coming out of the hole you slot the jug in to. The seal was being blended up too.

Blendtec couldn’t help me with a replacement jug as I’d purchased from an Australian distributor (I don’t think Blendtec were in Australia at the time, like they are now). So I contacted the distributor, who was extremely helpful, and I had to package up the jug and post it to Queensland for someone to repair it. But the jug was beyond repair so I had to buy a replacement for the special sale price of about $240. This was the larger four sided jug. My warranty had run out a couple months before. Argh! I’d also followed the care instructions, so I was pretty unimpressed this happened and that Blendtec couldn’t help.

It’s been all good since then. Here’s what I use the blender for the most:

  • smoothies (nuts and veggies blend fantastically well)
  • juices (well, water based runny smoothies really)
  • pureeing cooked veg like sweet potato
  • pureeing soups and sauces
  • frozen fruit nice cream
  • cashew cream
  • making oat flour and other flours such as buckwheat
  • vegan nut based cheeses

The only thing that bugs me is when I make nice cream with frozen fruits, always banana and whatever else. I have to constantly stop and scrape everything because the blades do that thing where they just spin around but the food is stuck around the sides. I get there in the end though as the fruit softens, or sometimes I have to add a splash of liquid to get everything moving.

Because the blade is a little high up from the base of the jug, I can’t make half batches of a lot of recipes like cashew cheese because the food gets stuck under the blades to the base of the jug. I don’t always want to be making a full or double batch of something just to get the blades spinning properly, particularly if I’m not likely to eat the food myself over the next few days.

I mostly make smoothies and throw in some cooked veg too such as broccoli with my overripe-banana smoothies. It all blends perfectly for me, with no obvious bits.

In the past I have made my own chickpea flour. I know the Blendtec can handle it, you just have to watch some Will It Blend? videos on YouTube to see how powerful this blender is. But it’s just easier to buy chickpea flour and save any wear on the blades. And the noise is pretty horrible too when you’re grinding chickpeas, it’s like gravel.

There’s just so much you can do with the Blendtec. I don’t know how it compares to other power blenders like a Vitamix or the Ninja thingy I always saw on infomercials. I mostly use the smoothie cycle function. There are quite a few speed/power levels and pre-programmed cycles go for a set time limit, using varying speeds. The whole juice cycle option is a good example of this, in fact when I showed some relatives how to make a juice they thought the blender was malfunctioning and about to explode.

I have the thick recipe booklet that came with the blender but I’ve never used it. There are recipes for bread and one of the cycles is for kneading dough but I’ve never tried it. I might put it to the test one day as I’m sceptical about kneading dough in a blender!

For special occasions where I’m preparing foods, I might use the blender many times in a few hours depending on what I’m making. For some things like nut butters I prefer to use my food processor. Overall though I love my Blendtec and it’s quite likely on my list of stuff to take out of a burning house.


I’d definitely recommend a Blendtec but as I said I don’t know how it compares to other brands. I know people who prefer Blendtec over Vitamix and vice versa. If mine exploded tomorrow I would probably see if I could trial another blender for free first to be completely certain, but I suspect I would end up with another Blendtec.

Blendtec Australia currently has the blender online for $913. Even typing that price freaks me out, I keep coming back to “$913 for a BLENDER???” So yeah, I’d probably trial something cheaper first. When I told people how much mine cost they understandably couldn’t believe anyone would spend that much on a blender so I had to point out it’s not a regular cheapy style simple blender, it’s a full on power blender and not like a $50 Breville.

All I can say is that my Blendtec is an integral part of my food prep and diet, in fact as soon as I post this I’m going off to make a smoothie with some ice 🙂

4 thoughts on “Blendtec Blender Review

  1. It sounds similar to my froothie which is a high powered blender and does great smoothies, nut butters and make things like rye flour. However I made some pancakes this morn that I usually make in the blender but with more mixture than usual – it struggled a bit because they do seem to like the right amount in there but with a little scraping down it worked fine. Your cheese looks delicious – I don’t know I have tried much vegan cheese since getting my blender though it does a great vegan mozzarella!

  2. I remember when I asked for a Vitamix for my birthday my Mom asked me over and over and over and over again if I was sure I didn’t want a food processor instead. I am VERY glad I asked for the vitamix first (I eventually got the food processor) because I use it everyday for smoothies in the morning. Then I use it often for homemade milks, soups, occassionally batters, sauces, etc.

    I used a Blendtec for the coffee shops I worked at. I can only talk about the differences from the commercial blenders. I used blendtec at the coffee shops I worked at, and vitamix at the juice bar I worked at. I found that blendtec was best for big chunks of ice. Frappaccinos turned out perfectly with blendtec. In fact I am 99% sure starbucks use them. Most coffee shops do. I thought I might be crazy with this thought except at the juice place we got new blenders from Vitamix and the new containers looked more like the blendtec pitchers.