A Few 2017 Epic Fails In The Kitchen

I had a lot of fun putting together last year’s post on my epic kitchen fails in 2016. I anticipated another would be forthcoming for 2017 and I have a few to share. I didn’t really cook anything new this year as it was a very full on, busy year so I stuck with what I knew would work.

There was time for experimenting though.

Like the time I decided to use up the remaining leek and zucchini to make a leek, potato, zucchini pizza. I made a tasty leek base full of flavour. What’s missing from this picture?

It was only when I took a bite of the most disgusting bland pizza ever that I realised the leek mix was still in the frying pan. Add to that uncooked potato and the worst pizza dough base. One of the grossest things I made all year.

Closely matched by this… cake? I can’t even remember what I was going for here but I know I wasted a heap of almond meal. I ate the crusty properly cooked bits, because I refused to be defeated:

Here are my every-vegetable-in-the-fridge-plus-lentils sausage rolls. A mooshy filling which oozed out everywhere and tasted totally gross. Oh and I had flipped them too as the tops weren’t cooked but the bottoms were too dark:

Here’s a challenge for you. Go to YouTube and look up videos of how to make lasagna rings. Note how easy it looks. Then go make one yourself, with no help,and take a better photo:


As it’s New Years Eve here, I wish you all a fab end to 2017 and an even better beginning to 2018!

12 thoughts on “A Few 2017 Epic Fails In The Kitchen

  1. Heh. Always a bit amusing to see fails in the kitchen. I have my share as well. I always try and repurpose or change it to something else so I don’t waste it, but some things are just fated for the bin!
    What lasagne sheets did you use for the ring?

  2. I’m sorry to laugh… but not sorry at the same time. I have plenty of kitchen fails often, and always try to make the best of them. Sometimes I can reuse parts and sometimes… the dogs or the compost heap benefit. Heh. Your lasagna ring looks great for what I consider to be an ambitious single person dish! 🙂

  3. Happy New Year. I love bloggers honestly when they share blog posts such as this one, I have one ready to share – but mine with all honestly is to do with terrible lighting. Shame about the lasagna ring would have been well worth it if it turned out right.

    • thanks! I like to ‘keep it real’ on the blog and the lasagna ring was pretty terrible (dried out bits of lasagna sheet, urgh)