Blissful Station in Box Hill Central

Blissful Station is an all-vegan food outlet at Box Hill Central shopping centre and train station. It’s been around for a while now but I never got the chance to visit because I’m never in that part of town. I was today though, well about ten minutes away by bus so I made sure to make time for a quick visit.

First I did two laps of the food court to find Blissful Station. I had to ask someone for help and it turned out Blissful Station is located more towards the market/fruit-veg area (judging by the huge ‘market’ sign) than in the main food court.

We were in a bit of a hurry so I just went with the advertised vegan lunch special, which was $9.90 for a large serve of rice and the three mains on offer:

We also got a radish cake and a zucchini pastie, which I’m sure contained the same filling you get in the dumplings. It was pretty good but my favourite was the sweet potato peanut ball:

For a quick fix food court meal, Blissful Station is a great option.

Blissful Station – Vegan Wisdom

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  1. The dumplings are the best. You can buy them frozen and cook them in boiling water at home. I often buy 100 at a time and keep them handy in my deep freezer. My kids love the carrot ones.