Lunch At Cafe 435 In Pascoe Vale

Pascoe Vale has a new all-vegan cafe: Cafe 435 on Kent Road. It’s located in a strip of shops and marks the first all-vegan cafe in this area.

The menu is quite sizeable, with a few Middle Eastern, Turkish and Greek/Cypriot dishes in amongst the burgers on offer. My sister and I employed our system, that being we never order the same dish as the other, instead getting two separate meals and having half each. I forgot to take photos of the menu and so can’t remember the names or prices, but we got the double pattie ‘Big’ burger and another with salad and mayo (possiblly called the Vopper). Each burger came with a large bowl of chips.

The patties I don’t believe are house made, but the burgers were tasty nonetheless. The dessert menu had loads on offer, with many treats by one of my favourites, The Compassionate Kitchen. Baklava and kadaifi were in the desserts cabinet but we were way too stuffed for any more food.

Cafe 435 is spacious inside with loads of outdoor seating and a play area for kids:


Brunswick and Coburg tend to be the more vegan friendly areas in the inner north, so it’s pretty good to see Pascoe Vale, which is the next suburb to the north-west, on the map too. Pascoe Vale has a handful of very vegan friendly places, but an all-vegan place is fantastic to see.

Cafe 435

104 Kent Road

Pascoe Vale

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