Trying Beyond Meat at The Cornish Arms and Lord of the Fries

Beyond Meat burger patties have been pretty hyped up. As with all hyped up vegan stuffs, I have to try it. I was a bit late to the party overall, and wasn’t really interested in trekking over Melbourne to buy it so I waited for a meal out.

First meal out was at The Cornish Arms in Brunswick. I had an event down the road, so I went to dinner beforehand. I’ve had the Cornish’s Mac Daddy burger before but this time they put a Beyond Meat patty in it. It was a pricey burger-and-chips at about $21:

teeth mark shot:

I wasn’t interested in trying it again but hey, the next day my son and I went to Lord of the Fries and he wanted to try some. So I got the original burger with the Beyond Meat patty (it costs an extra $3.50 to use the Beyond Meat patty in both the original and spicy burgers):

The verdict

Beyond Meat looks and tastes like a grilled burger patty but the texture is a bit softer. However I do think this could mostly pass for a meat burger and out of all the plant based ‘meaty’ burgers on the market, Beyond Meat is the closest. I do think that for some people I know, if they ate this in a burger and didn’t know it was vegan, they would just assume it was meat.

I did feel quite weird eating it. The thought of eating meat makes me sick– after six years of being vegan I have absolutely no desire to have any animal products. But this was an interesting experience in that I had to keep reminding myself it’s plant based. I guess the look of it is a little more confronting than the beetroot-mince looking burgers I’ve made before.

So why eat it? Well, this blog is about reviewing products too (especially hyped products) and I wanted to try it out for myself and see if it was something that I could buy now and then for my family, but also to see if it’s something that could help people transition from, or reduce, a meat diet to plant based.

I won’t get them again, because burger patties are not really something I’m in to buying and they aren’t cheap either. I don’t make burgers often at home, preferring instead to save them up for a meal out somewhere.

Still, that doesn’t mean Beyond Meat patties aren’t good– I think they’re a pretty good product!


5 thoughts on “Trying Beyond Meat at The Cornish Arms and Lord of the Fries

    • The website for the Beyond Burger says no gluten (though the US testing for gluten is different to AU and I haven’t checked ingredients)

  1. I bought some from The Green Edge last week and I am going to make them tomorrow. I don’t really like my vegan meats to be super realistic, so I am very cautious about what eating one will actually be like. But I figure I need to try it at least once, then I can run back into the loving arms of my favourite Fry’s burger patties.

  2. I am an oddball vegan who doesn’t get grossed out by eating meat. I get it, basic biological level and from a culinary standpoint. We don’t NEED it thrive, and we don’t NEED to create delicious food. But it can give various textures, deep flavors, etc.

    I liked the Beyond Burger, and I agree- it isn’t QUITE meat. I read a review from an omnivore comparing it to Salisbury Steak, which is a fair comparison. My husband and I tried the Impossible Burger, and THAT is much more like a burger, and I think could fool a person. But as you pointed out, they are more expensive, and I am always weary when eating out getting anything that costs extra.