Intermittent Fasting Update and What I Ate Recently

Wow, I’ve neglected the blog. Busy busy busy and a combination of not making photo-worthy foods.

Intermittent fasting continues, where I fast for 16 hours then eat within an eight hour window. The results continue to be good though slow now, as I’ve fallen off the exercise bandwagon due to a combination of bad feet, colds and laziness. You can read about my first 40 days or so on intermittent fasting here. I’ve also stopped eating so much veg, after a while I really got sick of factoring in healthy 7-10 cups of veg a day but I’m getting back in to it again. I was feeling like I wanted to scream every time I saw veggies. Oh, and sliiightly fallen off the lower-carb wagon.

What I continue to love about intermittent fasting is how easy it is for me. I’ve stuck with it since December 23rd 2017, a major achievement for me to stick to anything ‘diet’. However that’s the important bit right there– IF is not a diet, it’s simple a schedule of when to eat.

Overall I eat ‘healthy’ but won’t say no to treats and going out, but if I know I’m having some kind of high fat/sugar/oil/whatever meal, I do factor it in to fasting and will extend the fasting period to compensate. Because my goal is to lose body fat I still have to consider the basic calories in versus calories out and be mindful of overall caloric intake.

Okay enough talk, here are some food pics. See?! I’m still eating some stuff considered no-nos on ‘diets’! Like the Belgian mayo fries from Lord of the Fries, and sharing the peanut butter milkshake with my son (always bugs me when the LotF milkshakes aren’t cold):

This is one of the more recent additions to the LotF menu: the fried ‘chicken’ maple bacon waffle. Very junky, quite tasty:

I haven’t really been taking the camera out much, so most of my photos here were taken with my phone camera. First up, the eggplant miso roll from I Dream of Sushi in Moonee Ponds:

Followed by the tofu don:

The Ishtar stall at Preston Market has quite a few vegan options, one being this delicious pumpkin pide:

More deliciousness from Loving Hut West Melbourne, right near the Queen Victoria Market. This was their nasi lemak special (yes that’s a vegan egg):

This is the Golden Gaytime (an Australian ice cream on a stick) vegan version from The Merri Clan in Preston. So good:

An excellent meal from Olivia Spring Cafe in Moonee Ponds. This is the vermicelli noodles with roast vegan pork with the optional-extra spring rolls. Make sure you get the spring rolls:

Queen Vic Market just had its 140 year birthday celebration. I went and got the cinnamon sugar loukoumathes from the Taki’s Balls stall, which is currently their vegan option:

Look, something healthy! I made this quinoa veg bean something-or-other dish with avocado lime cream:

And leaving one of the best for last: the Honeydee Loukoumathes vetella (vegan nutella) Greek donuts. I don’t often go for chocolate but these were great. Honeydee offer the best, most well thought-out vegan options out of all the loukoumathes stalls and trucks. Grab them if they’re at a market near you!

2 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting Update and What I Ate Recently

  1. Wow all your food looks so good! I really love the look of the pumpkin pide and would just love to try the veagn gaytime – I love gaytimes but they are never as good as they were as a kid so this looks much better! And that fried egg looks really amazing – how do they do it!!!! I also must try the olivia spring cafe – that is my kind of meal (well I am not sure about vegan pork but the rest speaks to me)