Blog break!

Well now Marilla, this a bit embarrassing. I haven’t posted in a few months despite a goal to post once or twice a week. The truth is that I kinda don’t really want to maintain the blog anymore. Mostly because I’m just too busy and have lost interest and my time and energy is focused elsewhere. As much as I love going out to eat, blogging those meals was a bit of a chore because I’d take the big camera which would get a bit annoying and too heavy! Lately I’ve just been using my phone and posting on Instagram at @veganopoulous  And it seems like Instagram is where it’s at, with finding out about new cafes or products or whatever.

I’ll leave the blog up but for now I’ll go on a bit of a holiday (away from the blog I mean), and if there’s something big I want to blog about, like my hope-I-can-go trip to Japan next year some time, then that will be included here.

Feel free to check out my account @veganopoulous on Instagram in the meantime!


Thanks to everyone for reading, following, commenting and sharing my recipes and posts. Melbourne is such a brilliant place to enjoy vegan food and events and I’ll still be posting about that on Instagram. You don’t need to have an Instagram account to look at people’s photos in your browser, and if you have an Instagram account you can follow whoever you like, without having to post anything yourself (keep your account private if you want). It’s my preferred way of keeping up with what’s going on in vegan land, and posting photos of my cat.