Farewell and thank you! And Hello Japan!

We’re going to Japan! My daughter (age eleven) and I will be heading off in October. For four weeks, we will explore Tokyo as well as traveling in the Tohoku region, through a few prefectures before heading back to Tokyo via Nikko.

I have a separate blog site I’m setting up for this trip, which will focus on the vegan side of traveling to Japan, things to do that are family/child friendly and of course a ton of photos and reports of food, nature, our hotels and more. That blog will be live when I return, with everything posted in one big hit.

I hope my Japan blog will be a useful resource for people around the world who are traveling to Japan, vegan or not, and looking for things to do that don’t often feature in tour brochures!

For now, please follow/visit me on Instagram @veganopoulous (where I’m still posting) and from there I’ll be linking to my Japan holiday Instagram account, when everything for our trip is confirmed.

It’s now also time to say goodbye to this blog. I had a great time here and met some fantastic people through the veg*n blogging scene, both Australian and internationally.

I’ll be turning off commenting now, and won’t be updating. This year I’ve also had pesky technical troubles with comments and the server backend, then images went all funky at one point.

Thank you for reading my blog, whether you followed from the start or only recently. I appreciate all your comments and shares, and wish you all the very best!

Much love and my best wishes,