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The Chocolate Yogi chocolate bars

I first tried The Chocolate Yogi chocolate at last year’s Vegan Day Out here in Melbourne. The Chocolate Yogi were handing out samples at The Cruelty Free Shop and I might have had three samples… of each flavour. In my defense I did buy some bars because it was the best raw organic vegan chocolate I’d ever tried! I’ve since bought bars of this beautiful chocolate for gifts, though there maaaay poooossibly have been this one time where the chocolate I bought as gifts for someone ended up being a gift for my mouth that day.

The Chocolate Yogi team are Malindi and Ed who hand make their chocolate north of Sydney. Each bar is stone ground from bean to the final chocolate bar form and free from dairy, soy, gluten and white cane sugar. Some of the bars are also caffeine and theobromine free. The Chocolate Yogi website states “we see our chocolate as a bridge for those who want to break away from conventional chocolate (which can be quite a tough habit to break!) towards healthier wholefood versions of their favourite treats”.

For this reason, Malindi and Ed have created a series of familiar, classic flavours such as Creamy Mylk (I believe it’s as close to traditional non-vegan milk chocolate as you can get, with the added bonus of being raw, organic and downright delicious!); Deep Dark with 64% cacao solids from single origin Criollo beans; Frothy Toffee (my favourite) which is slightly sweeter with a lovely toffee flavour, and Deep Mint which is infused with peppermint oil.

The flavours listed under the premium range include Cherry Coconut with its soft centre surprise (the cherries are sweetened with organic apple juice); Dreamy Chai flavoured with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom and black peppercorns, and Salty Caramel which is a mylk chocolate bar filled with a lovely soft caramel centre made with cashews, maple syrup and coconut oil.

The Chocolate Yogi work with ethical traders who have direct relationships with the cacao growers. Suppliers take care to wash and sanitise the cacao beans with citrus based sanitisers. The beans are then quality tested and hand sorted before being made in to the final product.

The ingredients are pretty delicious too– evaporated coconut nectar, raw coconut, raw lucuma, raw cacao, vanilla and infusions of cinnamon sticks, fresh ginger, cardamom, black peppercorns and cloves.

The Chocolate Yogi kindly sent me all their flavours to review and to use in recipe creation. Challenge accepted! I loved the Frothy Toffee flavour so much I knew I had to use that first.

Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with Lumberjack cake. Not the actual cake itself but more what I can do with the ingredients. My mum’s old recipe has the apples and dates, with a lovely topping of coconut and almonds. I love the blend of caramel or toffee flavours with apple, so my first recipe is a layered apple parfait style dessert (or breakfast!) with The Chocolate Yogi Frothy Toffee cashew cream swirl, topped with toasted almonds, coconut and more Frothy Toffee.

I wanted to keep the chocolate in a raw state so on Malindi’s advice, I very gently melted the chocolate in a bowl over some hot water. This keeps the temperate of the chocolate in the ‘raw’ category. You can make this recipe 100% raw if you like by keeping the apples raw and the almonds and coconut untoasted.

Lumberjack Cake inspired parfait with Chocolate Yogi

Lumberjack Style Parfait with Cashew Cream and Chocolate Yogi Frothy Toffee

Serves 2

For the apple layer: Peel, core and thinly slice two large apples (I used Granny Smith). Place them in a saucepan with a splash of water and a pinch of cinnamon. Cover with a lid and gently simmer until the apples have softened. Remove from heat.

For the topping: Put 1/4 cup of slivered almonds and 1/4 cup of shredded coconut in a frying pan while your apples are stewing. Toast gently until browned. Take your bar of Chocolate Yogi Frothy Toffee and keep one piece aside for decoration if you like. Gently melt the bar in a bowl over hot water. When the chocolate has melted, stir in the toasted almonds and coconut but leave about a tablespoon of melted chocolate aside for the cashew cream swirl.

For the cashew cream swirl: simply swirl a tablespoon of the melted chocolate through a cup (or less if you prefer) of cashew cream. Don’t overmix, you want to keep a swirled effect.

Layer your parfait by placing a layer of the apple, a layer of cashew cream, another layer of apple, more cashew cream then finally the Frothy Toffee almond coconut topping. If you’ve kept a piece of the chocolate bar aside, cut it in to little pieces and sprinkle it on the top. Serve warm if you can!

You can also mix some finely chopped dates through the cashew cream too if you want things a little sweeter.

Note: there are lots of cashew cream recipes online and some recommend soaking your cashews though it can also depend on your blender. I have a power blender so I don’t need to soak. I use one cup of raw broken cashews (these are the cheapest) and whiz them up with a little maple syrup and a tiny splash of water if I find the mixture isn’t blending well. You may have to keep stopping your blender to scrape the sides down a bit. Alternatively try a vegan yoghurt like coconut, or coconut and almond!

Lumberjack Cake inspired parfait with Chocolate Yogi

The flavours of The Chocolate Yogi chocolate bars are so good that I wanted to make something else, this time completely raw. I’m really happy with what I came up with: I’m calling it Raw Macadamia Choc Cherry Chocolate Yogi Brownie with Cherry and Raspberry Coulis. I wanted to use ingredients with a bit of an Australian feel so as well as macadamias, I’ve used olida (also known as forestberry herb or strawberry gum) which is a native Australian plant. Olida has a kind of berry-ish passionfruit flavour and I like to use a little to enhance the flavour of the cherries and the berries, though it’s completely optional in the recipe as it’s not that easy to find! You can find olida at some online stores that sell native Australian herbs and spices. From my reading, olida is best used in recipes that are not subjected to high temperatures so I thought it would be perfect in this raw dessert!

Raw cherry chocolate macadamia brownie with Chocolate Yogi

Raw Macadamia Choc Cherry Chocolate Yogi Brownie with Raw Cherry and Raspberry Coulis

Serves 4 to 8 (depending on the size of your cookie cutters, and how much of the mixture you eat!)

The olida (forestberry/strawberry gum) is optional!

For the brownies:

Put one cup of macadamia nuts, 1/4 cup cacao powder and 1/4 teaspoon ground olida in a food processor and pulse until the macadamias are broken down in to small bits. Stop the motor and add 1/4 cup dried cherries and one roughly chopped bar (watch out for the soft insides!) of Chocolate Yogi Cherry Coconut. Pulse until the chocolate and cherries have been chopped up and incorporated with the macadamias. The mixture should hold together when pinched.

Tip the mixture out of the bowl and on to a surface you can use a cookie cutter on (I used a wooden chopping board). Pat the mixture in to a disc about 1.5cm to 2cm thick, then use a cookie cutter of your choice to cut out as many shapes as you can. Put your cut out brownie shapes in the fridge or freezer while you prepare the coulis.

For the coulis:

Put one cup of pitted cherries and one cup of raspberries (both defrosted if frozen) in a blender along with 1/4 teaspoon of olida. Blend to a smooth puree, then push the coulis mixture through a strainer to get rid of little gritty bits. I prefer the sweetness of the fruit alone but add some of your own sweetener before pureeing if you like.

To serve, place a brownie shape on a plate and drizzle over the coulis.

Raw cherry chocolate macadamia brownie with Chocolate Yogi

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The Chocolate Yogi are offering one lucky Veganopoulous reader a choice of five bars of their chocolate! To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below. You must leave a comment telling me what five flavours of The Chocolate Yogi chocolate you’d like to try. You can check out the flavours at http://www.thechocolateyogi.com.au/collections/all This giveaway will end on December 17th at 12:00am. Good luck!

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Disclaimer: The Chocolate Yogi sent me their chocolate to review. All opinions are my own and I only recommend products I really like. And I LOVE this chocolate!



Review and Giveaway: Plant-Powered Families By Dreena Burton


This is a worldwide giveaway! For details on how to enter, please read on.

official Plant-Powered Families Cover

When I first became vegan, I looked for vegan cookbooks and searched many a forum and community looking for advice on what would be good for not only a new vegan, but one with a family to cook for. Dreena Burton‘s name was always at the top of the list and so I purchased both Let Them Eat Vegan! and Eat, Drink & Be Vegan. I loved these books straight away, with their easy no-fuss recipes and wholesome ingredients. From there I purchased Dreena’s older books The Everyday Vegan and Vive le Vegan! I’ve used them so much and always find something new to try every time I flip through them. Dreena also blogs over at Plant-Powered Kitchen.

BenBella Books Plant Powered Families polenta pizza crust
Polenta pizza crust: Image courtesy of BenBella Books
BenBella Books Plant Powered Families Sweetballs
Sweetballs: Image courtesy of BenBella Books

I was really happy to learn that Dreena was writing another book, this time with a big focus on plant powering your family. Dreena has been vegan for over twenty years and has three children. Her writing style is friendly and approachable and her books are great for everyone, not just people wanting recipes and information specific to families. BenBella Books kindly sent me a review copy. I’ve cooked loads from this book and will detail that below.

The book is broken in to three sections. The first section is called An Introduction to Eating With Plant Power. Dreena writes, in response to the “isn’t it hard to raise your children on a vegan diet?” question, “it’s not the vegan part of parenting that’s difficult. It’s the parenting part”– so true! As well as new recipes, there are reader favourites which have been adapted to have allergy free ingredients or more healthy ingredient alternatives. There are sample meals plans and nutritional advice contributed by Heather Nicholds, RHN , to help answer questions about getting enough protein, iron and calcium. There is helpful information on stocking your pantry, preparing food in batches, how to wash fresh produce and tips on involving your children in food prep.

The second section is made up of the recipes, of which there are over one hundred with beautiful colour photographs.

BenBella Books Plant Powered Families smoky bean chili
Smoky Bean Chili: Image courtesy of BenBella Books

The third section is called Plant Powered Challenges and Solutions. There’s good advice on dealing with the ‘picky eater’ challenge (something we know too well in our home) and Dreena provides detailed tips and food strategies to help. I found this section really helpful, even though I’ve read so many picky-eater advice over the years. There’s a section on school and lunchbox solutions as well as tips for hosting and attending kids’ parties, which is coming in handy as we have Arthur’s birthday party coming up. There are cooking guides for beans and grains and advice on preparing your own DIY staples like nut butters and milks. The included meal plans come with a nutritional break down which I really like. There are FAQs addressing the protein-iron-calcium questions, fats, supplements and soy. I particularly like the nutrient charts for a host of foods and have been consulting them frequently.

I’ve made quiet a few recipes from Plant-Powered Families and they’ve turned out great. Arthur and I are fans of the Apple Pie Smoothie:

Plant-Powered Families: apple pie smoothie

Another smoothie favourite is the Pumpkin Pie. An awesome way for my son to eat his veggies…

Plant-Powered Families: Pumpkin pie smoothie

I made the Red Lentil Hummus for a family lunch and we stood around devouring it:

Plant-Powered Families: Red lentil hummus

I’ve made coconut ‘bacon’ a few times but this is my favourite. The addition of tahini takes it up to a whole new level (and I might have eaten this bowlful with a spoon…)

Plant-Powered Families: baconut

I made the Sweet Potato Cake and my uncle loved it and had seconds. My aunt said “don’t tell him it has sweet potato in it, he hates sweet potato”. Ha!

BenBella Books Plant Powered Families sweet potato cake
Sweet Potato Cake: Image courtesy of BenBella Books

The Crazy Brownies are awesome– made with kidney beans and sweet potato. DeeW wanted hers as a tower with fruit (she didn’t eat the fruit):

Plant-Powered Families: Crazy brownies

The Creamy Fettucine was easy to prepare and really tasty. I used wholemeal noodles for mine:

Plant-Powered Families: creamy fettucine

The Peanut Butter Pudding with Berrylicious Swirl is amazing. DeeW had decided the day before that she didn’t like peanut butter anymore. I was happy because I got this to myself and I did everything I could to get every last bit out of the blender (and in to my mouth):

Plant-Powered Families: Peanut butter berry pudding

Giveaway time! 


BenBella Books have kindly offered a copy of Plant-Powered Families to one lucky Veganopoulous reader. If you are the winner and live in the US or Canada, you will receive a print copy. If you’re anywhere else, you’ll receive a digital copy! To enter, leave a comment below and tell me if you have a favourite Dreena Burton book or recipe, or if there’s something you’d like to make from the photos above. Please feel free to share this on social media. The giveaway will run until the end of the month, August 31st 11:59pm AEST. Winner will be chosen by a random number generator and I’ll get in touch with you, so please use an email address where you can be contacted (this won’t be published).

Please check out BenBella’s website as they publish a number of great vegan books!

Good luck!


Giveaway, Review, Author Interview: Veganissimo! and Greenilicious

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Veganissimo! and Greenilicious

I often read my vegan cookbooks like a novel from cover to cover, rather than looking for specific recipes. I grab some pieces of paper for bookmarks, put my feet up, lower the cone of silence then read through the recipes. One of my favourite read-it-like-a-novel cookbooks is Veganissimo! Beautiful Vegan Food by Leigh Drew. Another favourite is Leigh’s Greenilicious: 101 Ways To Love Your Greens, with Queensland based dietitian and nutritionist Amanda Benham contributing to the nutrition information sections. Leigh and Amanda were brought together to create Greenilicious and this book is also frequently consulted in my home!

Check out some of the gorgeous photos from both books (thank you to Arbon Publishing for allowing me to use these images)! Here’s the Spiced Chocolate and Zucchini Cake with Macadamia Icing from Greenilicious:


Hint of Mint Cheesecake from Greenilicious:


Soft Molasses Gingerbread Cake from Veganissimo!


Rocket Frittata from Greenlicious:


Scallion Pancakes from Veganissimo!


Fennel, Asian Vegetable and Fresh Fig Salad from Veganissimo!


There are some fantastic cheese recipes in Veganissimo! and I love the Chive and Cashew Cream Cheese (I’ve also made it with dill instead of chives). This is one of my favourite photos from Veganissimo!


Broccoli Fritters from Greenilicious:


Filled with loads more beautiful photos, both Veganissimo! and Greenilicious were created here in Australia. I asked Leigh some questions about her background, future plans and the cookbook creation process. You can find my reviews and photos of dishes I’ve made from both Veganissimo! and Greenilicious further down. Check this interview out, I very much enjoyed reading Leigh’s responses!

Please tell us about your culinary background!

I started cooking for the family (of 2) when I was about 9 years old. My mother was working a lot and I perfected the muffin pizza for a quick dinner for us. It’s been all wins since then! I worked in a French restaurant and studied cheffing for a while in my early twenties, but I didn’t really hit my fall-in-love-with-cooking state until I became vegan in 2003. I suddenly had to relearn everything that I knew, and a whole new world opened up for me!

I started blogging, then managed to convince Sydney Community College to let me run vegan cooking classes, which led to my first book being published by aduki (a Melbourne vegan indy publisher), which led to me becoming involved in running naked espresso and apt in Newtown, as well as ongoing involvement as a cooking demonstrator at various vegan festivals around Australia.

I have mostly concentrated on writing cookbooks in recent years, with an occasional foray into hospitality (I helped out at Revolution Foods Café in Enmore for a while), and have been lucky enough to have great support from Arbon who have published my last two books.

What does writing a cookbook generally involve, from start to finish?

My experience with writing a cookbook (and this may differ from other experiences) is to first determine the theme of the cookbook, then do some research to see if there is much out there in the same vein (or if there is a trend coming up).

Second task is to create the shape of the book – chapter titles/concepts etc, and then build a recipe set that reflects the theme of the book and the chapter concepts. When the recipe set is finalised and a skeleton recipe is written for each of dishes, then I get my recipe testers and taste testers involved.

I cook the dishes, making changes to the recipes I’ve already written, and present them to my taste testers. I incorporate the feedback from that experience into the draft recipe, and then post it for my recipe testers to make. They’ll come back with further feedback and based on that, I’ll finalise the recipes and present them to the publisher.

After that there is editing, looking at design for the book and, if I’m really lucky, sitting in on the photoshoots for the chosen recipes. I might also be writing the introductory chapters (non-recipe chapters) at the same time as all of the above is happening. There is also the process of choosing the cover, which is always lots of fun and very difficult!

Finally, I get to hold first proofs of the final version of the book in my hands, and then the first print run. I always get overwhelmed with a combination of pride, happiness, slight confusion and a feeling of “how did I write this beautiful thing?” when I see my books.

Do you have any standout favourites from Veganissimo! and Greenilicious?

Oh wowsers. It’s always hard to choose!!

From Veganissimo…. I love the Coconut, Ginger and Lime Panna Cotta with Raspberry Coulis; the Lemon Self-saucing Pudding; the Soft Molasses Gingerbread Cake; Tandoori Cauliflower Cheese; Thai-style Yellow Curry with Coriander Dressing; the Cashew Cheese with Roasted Garlic and Smoked Paprika; the Vegan Meatball Subs; and the Pikelets with Whipped Maple Crème.

From Greenilicious…. I love the Raw Tex Mex Tacos (was so chuffed that they made the cover!); the Green Crepes stuffed with Chilli-spiked Cream Cheese; the Broccoli Fritters; the Creamy Artichoke and Spinach Dip; the Mushrooms Rockefeller; and the entire Green Smoothies chapter.

There are so many others, but today, these are my favourites 😀
When you have an idea for a recipe, do you run with it? Or do you have to make sure nobody else has done it first?

There are so many creative, prolific vegan bloggers and recipe creators out there that I definitely try and see if anyone has already created the dish I’m thinking of making! If there are lots of example of the dish out there in existing cookbooks or on the internet, I may go back to the drawing board, or I may look at ways to tweak it to make it identifiably my creation.

So if it’s a version of an already popularly veganised dish, such as the Reuben Sandwich in Veganissimo, then I’ll do some research on the different ways that people have approached the dish and adapt my recipe accordingly so that I can bring something hopefully new to it.

Always research, because firstly, there are great techniques out there that you may not have thought of, and secondly, occasionally you find that no-one else has done anything like your recipe idea in any way 😀

Do you have a meal at a restaurant (or friend’s house, festival etc) that blew your mind?

Oh, regularly! Most recently it was probably at Green Mushroom in Glebe (all veg*n Indian restaurant) – everything we had was top notch. Cannot wait to try the other half of the vegan dishes on the menu!

Brunch at Smith & Daughters made me cry with happiness – a griddle full of veges and beans and nopales topped with cheese sauce, soft corn tortillas on the side….

Oh! The vegan gorgonzola pizza at Sfizy Veg in Berlin was amazing. Actually, everything at Sfizy Veg in Berlin is amazing. Their brunch… OMG.

I’ve been getting lunches from My Little Panda Kitchen in Sydney and their cinnamon bun is mouth-wateringly good.

And my boyfriend makes the best – BEST – roast potatoes.

What are your plans for the short and long term future?

In the relative short term, I’m writing a new cookbook, which is exciting. I’m hoping to do some travel in the near-ish future, and hopefully keep writing and speaking on how to be a well fed vegan!

Mostly my plans are to be the happiest vegan I can be. And to learn to swim.
If you could have one culinary superpower, what would it be?

Hmmmm. Making the washing up magically happen without my having to do it isn’t really a *culinary* superpower, is it?  To turn slightly melty vegan cheese into bubbly, stringy, stretchy vegan cheese. Vegan cheeses are getting better and better, but sometimes I just miss the whole “hold pizza at arm’s length from face and have the cheese stretch across the chasm” experience.


Leigh has packed 120 recipes in to Veganissimo! which range from marinades to baked goods, from cheeses to sandwich style foods, from stews to desserts and more– it’s all there and I have no doubt you’ll find something you’ll enjoy. The Lemon Self Saucing Pudding is my family’s favourite and frequently requested!

As well as the recipes, Leigh provides some information on the vegan lifestyle and a vegan diet in Veganissimo! The chapter ‘Building Blocks of Vegan Cuisine’ covers equipment basic, pantry items, legumes, nuts and seeds (including a table for soaking and cooking times), whole grains, soy and wheat products, nondairy milks, dairy substitutes and egg substitutes.

Here are some of the fantastic recipes I’ve made from Veganissimo! and I have loads more I want to make.

I loved these Vegan Meatball Subs and I was over the moon that my fussy ten year old loved the (no)meatballs. I made my own bread rolls (using spinach, hence the green) and filled them with some greens, the meatballs, the Chunky Onion and Tomato Sauce and the Cheese Sauce which you can make using either oats (my choice) or sunflower seeds. The meatballs are made with tofu, walnuts and brown lentils. The recipe calls for green olives in the mix but I didn’t have any, though I think they worked perfectly without. These are now my go-to meatballs:

Veganissimo! Meatball Subs

The Angel-hair Pasta with Creamed Eggplant and Avocado Sauce gives you the option to use chickpeas instead of eggplant. Here I went with the eggplant (though I made too much pasta!). I think it would taste just as good with the chickpeas, which is what I will try next time. I didn’t have the ingredients to make the Gomasio recipe called for, so I sprinkled some toasted sesame seeds on top:

Veganissimo! Angel Hair Eggplant Pasta

The Overnight Breakfast Cups are made with quinoa flakes and apple. I often have overnight oats so this was a nice change:

Veganissimo! Overnight breakfast cups

The Aragula Salad with Cranberries, Butternut Squash and Orange is another favourite of mine and one I would make as the star salad if I was cooking for a lot of people:

Veganissimo! Aragula Orange Salad

The Pikelets with Whipped Maple Cream recipe was another good choice. The kind of good where you’re really impatient to eat them but you have to wait until you’ve taken a photo (where the jam and cream kinda plop everywhere by the time you get the dish outside):
Veganissimo! Pikelets

Another favourite recipe is the Reuben Sandwich, using a tofu bacon that’s marinated in a spiced soy. This spiced soy, with cinnamon and anise, adds a really nice flavour to the marinade. Like the meatballs, this tofu bacon is now my go-to bacon/facon recipe. This sandwich looked so good that I set up camp outside and enjoyed it all nice and peaceful like:

Veganissimo! Reuben Sandwich

I’ve previously made the Thai Style Yellow Curry with Coriander Dressing and rate it as a favourite. Loaded with coriander (cilantro), this is a definite winner for coriander-loving me. The recipe calls for tofu but I was all out so I used some chickpeas and leftover pumpkin:

Veganissimo! Thai Yellow Curry

DeeW wanted to help me make a cake for Mothers Day so we went for the Moist Beet and Chocolate Cake (in a heart shaped tin of course!). DeeW requested no glaze as she’s not a fan of icing, so we sprinkled over some icing sugar. I could barely detect any beetrooty taste in the cake (I’m not a huge fan of beets) and what I could pick up was no problem at all. As the name says, this cake is moist and chocolately. The colour was gorgeous and I will definitely make it again:

Veganissimo! Moist Chocolate Beet cake

I’ve previously made the Chocolate Mousse Tart with Raspberries which disappeared quick smart at a family Christmas lunch:

Veganissimo! Chocolate Mousse Tart with Raspberries


Greenilicious contains 101 recipes to ‘love your greens’ and in all honesty this is one book (along with Veganissimo!) where I want to make just about everything. There are alternatives given if you want to omit an ingredient or try different flavours. I especially love this book because I am very guilty when it comes to serving my greens in the most lazy, minimalist way possible. In other words, I throw all my greens in to a blender and drink them. Now sure, green juices and smoothies can be awesome but Greenilicious has loads of wow factor recipes (go back and look at the official book photos above! Those cakes!!!).

From Greenilicious, I’ve made the Pesto Broccolini Pizza. The polenta base is a very welcome change from your standard pizza dough:

greenilicious_pesto broccolini pizza

The Ethiopian Greens with Spiced Chickpeas recipe is another favourite of mine:

Greenilicious Ethiopian greens

I really enjoyed the Tofu Salad with Shredded Cabbage, Peanuts, Chilli, Mint and Miso Dressing. Here I’ve added some hemp seeds:

greenilicious_tofu salad cabbage

There are a load of green smoothie recipes with worthy names like Baklava, Sesame Halva and After-Dinner Mint. One of my faves (both the name and smoothie!) is Cooper’s Cherry Pie:

greenilicious_coopers cherry pie smoothie

Giveaway Time!

Arbon Publishing and Leigh are offering up a copy each of Veganissimo! and Greenilicious for one lucky Australia based reader of Veganopoulous to win. That’s right, the winner will receive these two books! To enter, please leave a comment below telling me which recipe shown here appeals to you most. The winner (remember, Australia only!) will be chosen by a random number generator. Be sure to use an email address where you can be easily contacted (this won’t be made public). This giveaway closes on Friday May 29th 2015 at 23:59. Good luck!

If you’re not the winner, you’re still in luck! Arbon are having a May special where you can purchase both books for a total of $50.00 by using the code VEGANAU. $10 will go to Vegan Australia.


**This giveaway has now closed**


Giveaway: Delicious Skin Lip Salves

Image from deliciousskin.com.au

[Image from deliciousskin.com.au]

* This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering! *

Skincare is one of those areas where I previously never really had a standout favourite. I always bought one brand at a time, or received gift packs as a present. Nothing ever really jumped out and grabbed me as being awesome for my skin, until I tried Delicious Skin.

I recently reviewed Delicious Skin and I’m still loving the beautiful smelling products. My skin has improved and I can’t see any signs of the dry skin I’d get on my forehead, which used to make it close to impossible for me to wear a powder foundation. You can read my review here.

Delicious Skin

Nicola Marie created Delicious Skin after researching all the nasties that go in to so many skincare products. Delicious Skin is 100% vegan, palm oil free and cruelty free. I’m only using a fraction of the products compared to what I’d use with other brands. To give you an idea, I required one big pump of my previous brand’s moisturiser to cover my face (and even then I had to add a little rosehip oil to make it feel like it was ‘working’). With Delicious Skin I only need less than a pea sized amount of the moisturiser.

The Deliciously Silky Lip Salves from Delicious Skin come in little tins rather than a traditional lip balm tube. Nicola Marie has chosen to use the tins in an effort to reduce plastic usage and to make sure empty packaging can be recycled or re-used. Due to health regulations, lip balm tubes can not be refilled or recycled so they end up as landfill. There is also concern with plastics and BPA leeching in to products. Happy Delicious Skin customers come up with interesting ways to re-use their empty jars!

Image from deliciousskin.com.au

[Image from deliciousskin.com.au]

Delicious Skin’s lip salves come in three gorgeous flavours: Cocoa Vanilla, Peppermint Vanilla and Chocolate Mint. I have the Cocoa Vanilla and love the smell. This is the first lip salve I have used where I can put a little on in the morning and don’t need to reapply for ages. At bed time, I put some on and wake up without the dry lips I’d often get from other lip balms.

You can order direct from the Delicious Skin website, or check for stockists. The Delicious Skin Facebook page is frequently updated so check in there to find out the latest! You can also catch Delicious Skin on Instagram.

Delicious Skin is very kindly offering two Deliciously Silky Lip Salves to one lucky Australia-based reader of Veganopoulous! To enter the giveaway, please visit Delicious Skin’s website and leave a comment here below telling me which Delicious Skin product you’d like to try. Remember, Australia wide only! This giveaway closes in one week (on May 17th 2015 at 23:59) and I will select the winner randomly using a random number generator. Please use an email address (which won’t be published) where I can get in touch with you. Good luck!


* This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering! *

Image from deliciousskin.com.au

[Image from deliciousskin.com.au]