What I Ate: Greek Easter 2017 Edition

Easter Sunday lunch was a quiet affair at my Mum and Dad’s. Usually I like to make something special but this year I pretty much had zero energy to think of what I could make from scratch. Instead, I headed down to Prahran Convenience Store and came back home with a Field Roast and I put in a request for my sister to buy some Funky Pies when she went to (the store formerly known as) Global Green Vegetarian Food Mart in Braybrook.

Mum made her usual roast potatoes and pumpkin and of course, gigantes (Greek baked beans. You can find my recipe here):

My plate has a distinct lack of green. We had tossed up making a salad (boom tish) but decided mehhh, we had enough food already. I had the Mexican flavoured Funky Pie and the Field Roast:

For dessert, Mum made the vegan version of kourabiethes, which is pretty much a Greek shortbread made with almonds. I really need to blog this recipe but I’m terrible with shaping the crescent shapes, so I’ll have to wait til I go to Mum’s so I can photograph the process (and wash my tea cup properly):

Preston Market had a Greek Festival Day the week before Easter, with some food stalls, music and dancing. One of the stalls was Honeydee Loukoumades. Loukoumades/loukoumathes, or Greek donuts, are traditionally finished with honey and walnuts but Honeydee responded to customers asking about vegan options and provide a cinnamon sugar option. These were delicious:

Some pics of the dancing with traditional Greek costumes: No visit to Preston Market is complete without the hot jam donuts, but I was likely too busy stuffing my face to take a proper photo.


A Merry Christmas Newtonmas Family Lunch

A very happy December 25th to you all! I hope your weather was better than Melbourne’s– we had a top temperature (in the Melbourne metro area) of 35.5C (95.9F). Adelaide was worse with a top temp of 40C (104F). That’s Adelaide’s hottest Christmas since 1945. We’ve had some ridiculous Christmas weather over the years, about four or so years ago it was in the 30s at lunch time then the temperature dropped rapidly and we ended up with a massive hail storm that smashed many windows and damaged many cars across Melbourne.

We spent a quiet Christmas Day at my sister and her partner’s house, about an hour drive outside Melbourne. Just us plus mum and dad. It was too hot to go for a walk after lunch like last year (we had jackets on in 2015 because it was cold!) so we chilled out in the nice cool house.

So, Christmassy food! On Christmas Eve I try to honour the food requests in the house. The kids asked for home made pizza followed by lemon self saucing pudding. My absolute favourite recipe for the pudding is from Veganissimo! by Leigh Drew. It’s a never fail recipe. This time I doubled the sauce so it would go all lovely with the So Good vegan ice cream:

For Christmas Day I made Leigh’s Cashew Cheese with Roasted Garlic and Smoked Paprika, also from Veganissimo! This is my new favourite baked nut cheese:

We always have roasted vegetables at family gatherings:

I made a simple green salad with cranberries, avocado and cherries using the lime tahini dressing from Green Gourmet Giraffe. I would have added toasted pistachios but I forgot them on the stove this morning and burnt them all:

A couple more salads including mum’s usual garden salad and some simple coleslaw in the back. My sister also made a separate coleslaw with a sesame oil dressing:

And because we clearly didn’t have enough salad for the five salad eating eating adults, my sister made this delicious quinoa watermelon salad:

My main meal contribution was a loaf, using the Stuffed Thanksgiving Burger recipe from the Post Punk Kitchen as the filling. The filling was great but assembling the loaf with the pastry braid in a hot kitchen on a hot day was close to impossible. The pastry all stuck together and was a nightmare to work with. So I did what most fancy chefs do and cut out pastry shapes to cover up all the hideousness. I also made the Silky Chickpea Gravy from Appetite For Reduction to go with it:

We also had this vegan Greek pita by Irene’s. It’s sold in a blue packet as ‘vegan nistisimi pita’. Remember folks, we’re Greek here and six adults and two kids means you cook for fifty times that amount:

We agreed we wouldn’t be making dessert this year. Clearly this means something in cake like form because mum made a batch of amazing veganised kourabiethes, also known as Greek shortbread. They’re actually made with oil instead of a vegan butter. When I find out where she got the recipe I will link it here:

I suppose one good thing about summer is summer fruit. We had this platter with some banana peanut butter nice cream we whipped up:

It was great to have such a nice quiet Christmas just hanging out. My sister put up some Christmas decorations including some little retro-vintage decorations from when we were little:


And here’s Punky doing something totally ridiculous with his fang. I don’t understand it. Maybe he did that thing where you bite your lip which is why his face is all screwed up looking?

I hope you all had a fantastic day, full of good cheer and great food (and hey, we don’t need Christmas-Newtonmas for that!)



Christmas Family Lunch In Central Victoria


Another year almost over, another Christmas-Newtonmas behind us! December appeared out of nowhere and with a family holiday to Warrnambool in the middle of the month, I ran out of time (and a little steam) to get the house remotely Christmassy. I’m happy to pass on the decorating but the kids wanted something. I don’t want a plastic Christmas tree and I don’t want a real one either (have you read The Little Fir Tree? SO SAD) and so this year we had this (and what’s in the top pic. Christmas-Newtonmas!). Ho ho ho:


Our relatives all had plans, so this year we did nothing whatsoever on Christmas day and I loved it. The kids got to do whatever they wanted but as it was a stinking hot day (I think it reached 37C/98.6F) that mostly involved all of us hanging out in the cooler part of the house reading or playing computer games. In the evening we watched The Santa Claus and the sequel. We’ve actually watched the first movie the previous two years but the kids forgot. Anyway, I asked Arthur and DeeW what food they wanted me to make (sausage rolls, apple pies). Our Christmas Day lunch and dinner were nothing special. The kids wanted toasted vegan cheese sandwiches for dinner and I was happy with their no-fuss request. So breakfast was when I gave them something healthy to eat (well, there is an unnecessary application of icing sugar on the strawberries but it’s SNOW, which makes it okay):


Christmas Day for me involved a lot of meal prep and having the oven on (blergh). Boxing Day (today) was to be at my sister and her partner’s home in sortof-central Victoria, about an hour’s drive from Melbourne. Fortunately the temperature dropped way down to a beautiful 22C/35.6F this time. There were to be eleven people for lunch so naturally we made enough food to feed sixty million.

I decided to take some cashew cheese and crackers. One of my favourite recipes is by Cate from A Traveling Cook. I attended her cooking classes and a great recipe was included in her class notes. I made one batch but created two flavours from it. The first is Cate’s recipe for extra sharp cheddar style. The second is the same but I added sundried tomatoes and truffle oil:


My sister made awesome roast potatoes tossed in semolina and rosemary:


My contribution was a salad made with freekeh, broccolini and smoked almonds. I loved the similar dish we had at the Maha vegan degustation and I’ve been experimenting with my own version but mehhh, something is missing. Gotta work on it some more but it was still okay:


My blurry lunch plate! I made a Tofurky roast which I really liked. Unfortunately I had misplaced my oven timer when it was cooking, and then got distracted talking to a neighbour so the poor Tofurky was a little bit of burnt. I made some gravy using the Silky Chickpea Gravy recipe from Appetite For Reduction by Isa Chandra M. My sister made tabouleh and the roast sweet potatoes and we threw in some garlic bread:christmas2015lunch

Dessert! I made the gingerbread cheezecake from Where’s The Beef? I had tried this cheezecake when Cindy from Where’s The Beef? brought it to a vegan potluck and I loved it. I’m very greedy when it comes to cheesecake crust so I doubled the crust ingredients. If you use a gluten free ginger biscuit, the whole cake can be gluten free:



More over zealous food preparation by me in the form of Black Forest Cherry Ripe Ripple Cake. I’ll be posting the recipe very soon. I made a few of these in trifle cups (Aldi had a packet of six for a few bucks recently) but figured that because we had so much food and other sweets, people could just spoon out a portion for themselves. Good call:


My mum and sister made Saraili, though this time with more orange flavour to the syrup. Soooo good!


We really need to walk all that food right off. My sister lives in such a great location. They currently have a neighbour’s horses on their land and some magpies that adore my sister’s partner because he feeds them. They come right up to the door looking for him. There are also lots of noisy cockatoos and other beautiful birds and kangaroos too, though they weren’t around today.


It’s a great area for post-food blowout walks:

christmas2015day2 christmas2015day3

Many hours later and I’m still so full! We had that nice rainbow up there on the drive home to cap off a wonderful day.

And pssst! I’ve started a Veganopoulous page on Facebook too if you’d like to follow me there.

Best wishes to you all for all for a great holiday season, and may whatever you’re doing be full of awesome!


Vegan Eats In Warrnambool: Day Kitty, Brightbird Espresso, Fishtales Cafe, Brown Grain Thai

Day Kitty Warrnambool

We had a short holiday down in Warrnambool, thanks to a gift voucher we received for some accommodation. Warrnambool is a former port city on the south-west coast of the state of Victoria and about a three hour drive from Melbourne. I haven’t been there since I was kid, about thirty years ago I’d say. Of course I did all my veganny research last week and was pretty pleased to see I’d have quite a few vegan friendly places to eat. A shout out goes to Natalie from the vegan blog Appetite Affliction for recommending places to try.

Let’s go Warrnambool!




First up is Day Kitty. I can’t find a Facebook page for them but here’s an article. There was a bit of a queue which I was glad about because I was having trouble deciding what to get. There was a good amount of vegan/vegan option meals on the menu but fortunately at the last minute I noticed a little daily specials board on the counter with what is one of my favourite meals ever (no matter from where): crumbed tofu curry don. I didn’t need to look at the menu after that, but I did look at the desserts cabinet and chose the raw banana peanut mesquite cheesecake (there were about three raw vegan desserts if I remember correctly). The crumbed tofu was excellent and I decided I’d go there again and cross my fingers that they’d have this special running for the week. That’s the meal up there in the top photo. Really, really good. Warrnambool, we were off to a most excellent start!

I was a little dubious about the cheesecake and wondered if it had been in the cabinet a little too long, but it tasted great. I forgot to ask if the desserts were made on site or purchased from a supplier but regardless, this was delicious:

Day Kitty Warrnambool

I went back a couple days later hoping I’d see the crumbed tofu curry don one last time but alas! Devastation. It was about 10:15am and I didn’t feel like anything that wasn’t more brunch-y (apart from the tofu curry don, which had been nice and light and not heavy at all). The only brunch option that appealed was the smashed avo on toast which I admit disappointed me a little. See, I’m a bit biased again smashed avo on toast lately. I kinda feel like it’s everywhere, you know? But I ordered it anyway because I was starving. There was a nice dollop of cashew cream and I was told it would be buttered with vegan butter. Nice! I noticed some Half Pint Vegan Dairy butter being sold there so perhaps it was that. Anyway, I really enjoyed this and have now done away with my smashed avo on toast bias. I think when it’s done well, it’s thoroughly enjoyable and Day Kitty did this really well:

Day Kitty Warrnambool

I decided not to get a sweet treat. Aaaaand then I saw ‘vegan wagon wheels’. I never liked the well known marshmallow-chocolate of the same name but since becoming vegan I love the vegan versions of stuff I formerly hated. Like gravy. Anyways, I got myself one of these raw vegan wagon wheels.I was expecting it to have the marshmallow-jam filling like the famous round chocolate bar version, but it wasn’t. Fine with me, I don’t mind what it was because it was delicious!

Day Kitty Warrnambool

Day Kitty stock a range of products catering to different dietary requirements and many ingredients common to my vegan pantry. The fridge section had Half Pint Vegan Dairy butter (Butter Me Up), tofu, tempeh, falafel and (I think) some coconut yoghurt. As well as a menu there were also other items in a cabinet like chia puddings, salads, noodle boxes and wraps. If I’m ever in Warrnambool again, I’m heading straight for Day Kitty. Service was great too.





For another brunch, I checked out Brightbird Espresso. The friendly staff there told me what could be veganised. I settled for the slow cooked white beans with toast. Great choice, this was incredibly filling and really tasty. I wanted to have a second visit to Brightbird but ran out of time. This dish rekindled my love of slow cooked white beans and I would happily order this again if I went back:

Brightbird Espress Warrnambool





With a name like Fishtales Cafe, you’d be forgiven for thinking this sounds like a regular old school fish and chip seafood family restaurant kinda place. Except they have a big colourful board out the front boasting a huge vego, vegan and coeliac range. I’d heard about Fishtales Cafe from a few vegan sources and was confident it would be a good place to eat with the fam, where we’d all find something we like. We stood in the doorway for a while looking at the menu. There’s no set vegan menu (or vegetarian), so vegan options are peppered throughout the pages making it a little overwhelming (it would be better if everything veg*n was in one section). I gave up and decided to ask for help once we sat down. Staff were helpful with pointing out what I could have. I chose the veg satay and asked for tofu to be added and they were happy to do that. This came with rice underneath and was really tasty and quite a good serving size. Really enjoyable and a lesson not to judge a restaurant by its vegan unfriendly name!

Fishtales Cafe Warrnambool

Again I was impressed by another cafe offering raw vegan desserts in their cabinet. There were truffle/bliss balls, a mint chocolate cheesecake and this Snickers style cheesecake. Once more I forgot to ask if they make their own raw vegan desserts or get them in but I was too busy stuffing my face to care:

Fishtales Cafe Warrnambool

The family all enjoyed their meals and this would be our first stop to eat out as a family if we find ourselves in Warrnambool again.





I got to have dinner on my own because the fam went off to a pizza place. I’d heard that Brown Grain Thai can veganise meals for you and I was told by friendly stuff that the curries (red, green, jungle, Penang, yellow curries) were (or could be made, I don’t remember) vegan. I went with the Penang curry as I wasn’t in the mood for anything too hot. This was excellent and probably one of the nicest Thai restaurant meals I’ve had.

Brown Grain Thai, Warrnambool

I tried to check out as many vegan friendly looking places as I could (by looking at menus in windows). I didn’t have a chance to eat at The Liebig at 76 Liebig Street, but here’s a photo of the menu in the window:

The Liebig Restaurant Warrnambool

* * *

We took a short day trip to Port Fairy. I had a list of places I’d found online that were listed as vegan friendly. Unfortunately they were all busts. If you’re going to advertise yourself as having vegan options, that should mean you have genuine vegan options. Not one lonely “we can remove the eggs” avo on toast meal where the staff seem surprised that you ask if something else is added in place of the eggs they will remove. So it was pretty disappointing to drive around to these ‘vegan friendly’ places only to see they didn’t have anything. Sad (and annoyed) face.




Slitti Cafe did tell me they could make me a falafal wrap/sandwich which I would have ordered, had it not been for me eating falafel and hummus back at our holiday cabin. I love falafel, I love hummus, but I very quickly get hummus-falafel overload. Staff were friendly and pointed out which of their chocolates on display were vegan (dark chocs, chocolate bark with hazenuts) as well as being able to make me vegan hot chocolates. Tempting, but I went for the raw vegan mini chocolate covered Christmas pudding. This was so thick I could barely stick my fork through it but in a good way! Loved it and I would definitely stop in again if we pass through Port Fairy in the future.

Slitty Cafe Port Fairy

The family had morning tea at Clonmara Tearoom. There wasn’t anything vegan available though I had done my research and ate beforehand. DeeW enjoyed a huge scone she proclaimed as “the greatest scone I’ve ever tasted” with raspberry jam (she’s vegetarian). Staff were really friendly and we browsed around the gift shop for a while. It’s a lovely little place (Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe has blogged about her visit there in 2013) with a small tearoom inside and courtyard seating out the back. I loved the garden view through the window. While the family I ate, I entertained myself by thinking up what I would serve in an all-vegan tearoom:

Clonmara Tearoom window


We did some of the touristy things in Warrnambool, like visiting the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village and museum. We went on a weekday and there was nobody there so we had the 1870s (and ducks!) to ourselves.

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village Warrnambool Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village Warrnambool Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village Warrnambool Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village Warrnambool

We took a drive to Hopkins Falls Scenic Reserve:

Hopkins Falls Scenic Reserve

and spent a bit of time at the beach. Beautiful sunny weather, a cool sea breeze and fortunately the awful weather started on the day we were leaving!

Warrnambool beach

I was really pleased to see that Warrnambool has a number of vegan friendly places to eat so if you’re heading there, you’ll be alright if the above places appeal to you. Just check opening and closing times as Fishtales for example said they were open til late, but when we went out on a Thursday evening they were closing up before it was what we’d consider late. If we had more time there I would have contacted the Clovelly Restaurant in advance (as recommended by Natalie in her blog post mentioned above), gone to The Liebig Restaurant and Cactus Jam. There were a few pizza places too where I’d guess some of the pizza bases are vegan.

All in all, a nice holiday with lots of good vegan food!


In My Kitchen October 2015

In My Kitchen is a monthly blog link up hosted by Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and I’m submitting this blog post of mine for October 2015. It’s not a vegan event but anyone can join in and you can also discover new blogs, products, etc!

In My Kitchen this month we have a new little chalk board. It was one of those “don’t really need it but it’s cheap” Ikea suck-you-in brainwashy jobbies. I thought DeeW would like it as her slate, seeing as she loves Anne of Green Gables. She wants me to call her Carrots so she can hit me over the head with it. She thought this message was pretty funny (Anne of Green Gables geeks may find this amusing):


The marble slab in the photo above belong to Husband’s grandmother who passed away when Husband was fifteen or so. Husband’s grandfather passed away in 2003 and when the house was being emptied of all his grandparents’ possessions, Husband chose to keep the marble slab. I’ve been using it for photography recently and love it, though there are some stains you can see which don’t want to come out.

In My Kitchen we have this strange looking thing which is actually a dried banana. It cost me 65 cents and tasted a lot like dried figs. I’ve never had dried banana aaaaand never will again:

dried banana

White balsamic vinegar is one of those ingredients that always, ALWAYS pops up in recipes I like the look of. Then I track some down and buy it, then forget where I saw the recipe. In fact I forgot I already went through this process previously and had bought a bottle of white balsamic. So now I have two bottles and no recipes. With the horseradish, again that appears in a few recipes I want to try so I thought I’d get some while I remembered. The Australian Wild Fruit in syrup was a gift and I’m going to crack it open soon:


I bought this book called I’d Rather Be A Cat from a fundraising stall. The kids find it funny and this is my favourite page:


In My Kitchen I have my herbs and spices cupboard. I call it the vegan food cupboard, even though all my cupboards are pretty much vegan. But this one gets used the most because of the spices, nutritional yeast etc:


In My Kitchen my dining chairs are those retro vinyl ones. Unfortunately one of my cats (Punky) decided they made good scratching posts so they’ve been destroyed. I didn’t mind tooooo much because I was going to reupholster them anyway, before realising the cat would use the reupholstered chairs for his scratching post and not use the actual cat scratch post which is right near the chairs. I bought some cheap pillowcases from op shops and covered the chair backs. The good thing about this is that I can change the pillowcases for the seasons, if I can find something cheap and cheerful for another fifty cents and am in a seasonal decoration mood. Punky still scratches at them and the pillowcases are showing some wear, but it looks better than shredded chairs:


In My Kitchen is my good boy cat, Malteezies. He doesn’t scratch up furniture like his cheeky brother. He’s a good boy! Yeah you’re a good boy aren’t you? You’re a good widdle boy! Good widdle boooooy! Yes you are! Yes you are!!! yeshyouraremygoodwiddlebooooyyyyy:


Happy October!