Shopping At The Source Bulk Foods In Brunswick

The Source Bulk Foods Brunswick

One of my favourite stores to shop at is The Source Bulk Foods in Brunswick, currently the biggest specialised bulk food retailer in Australia. The Source has many outlets around town and also around the country. They are a plastic bag and packaging free store and encourage customers to bring in their own containers.

The products are in storage units you access yourself. If, for example, you’re not using your own container for dry goods, you take a paper bag and fill it with your item. Each item has a number code written on the label, so you write this code on your paper bag and the staff weigh the bag at the register, plugging in the code. Easy!

Not all of the products are vegan but everything has a label on it indicating vegan (or not) status. Not all items though, for instance I buy the Australian smoked almonds which are vegan but not labelled as such. I’m using that as an example because although you may think smoked almonds are vegan, some of them sold in packets in stores and supermarkets contain milk powder.

The Source Bulk Foods Brunswick

There are also liquid products like syrups, oils, vinegars and more. Again, you can take in your own bottle or you can purchase one in store. There are bottles available for things like tamari or you can buy glass jars that can store the tahini.

For spices, spice containers are available to purchase (though I just use a paper bag). The spices are up on a higher shelf and you use a little scoop to measure them out.

The Source Bulk Foods Brunswick

I often buy my flours from The Source such as spelt and buckwheat. I’ve seen teff, bakers flour, gluten free flour, banana flour and much more. There are some pasta varieties like buckwheat. There are legumes and pulses, grains and seeds, nuts and nut meals. Sugars and cacao too.

There are dried fruits, muesli blends and of lots of chocolate. I love the dried veggie chips and puffy almond crackers. You can also make fresh peanut butter or buy some pre-made.

And of course, my kitchen staple: nutritional yeast! I received confirmation that the nooch sold here is B12 fortified.

As well as your kitchen needs, there are bathroom and cleaning products available in bulk like shampoo you can put in to your own bottle.

The Source Bulk Foods Brunswick

We’re making more of a firm effort here at home to cut down on our use of plastics and packaging. It’s great to be able to go in to a store where you are encouraged to bring your own containers and I’m pleased now that other shops I go to, like the bakery, are happy to have your bring in your own bags. Some aren’t on board of course, but stores like The Source are setting a standard I hope others try to achieve. I know I am plennnnty guilty of having bought those big plastic bags of bulk beans and lentils in the past, then they get forgotten in the pantry and by the time I remember them, they’re way past their best before date. With meal planning for the family now, and trying to cut down on food wastage and unnecessary packaging, The Source is handy because I buy just what I need and don’t have to worry about the packaging.

I’ve visited the Prahran store as well as Brunswick and the staff have always been friendly and helpful. The Brunswick store owners are opening a second store in Moonee Ponds too.

The Source Bulk Foods Brunswick is located at 112 Sydney Road.

For nation wide stores, visit http://thesourcebulkfoods.com.au/all-our-stores/

The Source Bulk Foods Brunswick



Vegan Shopping At Coburg Farmers Market In Late April

Peninsula Fresh Organics at Coburg Farmers Market

Hurrah for the Coburg Farmers Market now being held weekly! Previously I’d be waking up on a Saturday planning to go then realising it wasn’t on that day. Then I’d forget to go the following week. And so on and so on. I last blogged about my visit to the market back in mid 2014 so it was time for an update.

The stalls do seem to change a little as I went a couple of weeks ago and some stalls were not there today (or some stalls today weren’t there last time). Today was ace market weather though, one of those perfect windy autumn days.

As this is a vegan blog, I’m only showing the stalls that would appeal to vegan shoppers or people wanting plant based products. Being a farmers market there are of course non-vegan stalls but yep, it’s all a-vegan here in Veganopoulous town!

Coburg Farmers Market

Sprouts, salad mix, grasses at Urban Caterpillar Microgreens. I was very tempted by the mustard and buckwheat salad mix but went for the pea shoots instead. These are all grown in Newport, a suburb not too far from the Melbourne CBD (it’s the suburb next door to Williamstown):

Urban Caterpillar at Coburg Farmers Market

I was glad to see Three Bridges Apples were back. Beautiful juicy apples, not like the tasteless chalky balls of disappointment I’ve bought from the supermarket recently. I’m assuming these are grown in Three Bridges, which is about a one hour and forty-five minute drive east of Melbourne:

Three Bridges Apples at Coburg Farmers Market Three Bridges Apples at Coburg Farmers Market

I also picked up some chestnuts. Now I can live my dream and play conkers! Whatever the hell that is, all I know is that it involves strings and kids saying “I say!” a lot. Enid Blyton story kids played conkers. And seemed to spend a lot of time walking over stiles:

chestnuts from Three Bridges Apples at Coburg Farmers Market

Apple Cider from Snakes & Ladders. I haven’t tried it yet but will next time. The fruit is all grown, mashed, fermented and bottled in the Goulburn Valley region:

Snakes & Ladders Apple Cider at Coburg Farmers Market

Mandarines from, I think, Doron Talmi Citrus though the fellow working on the stall mentioned the business name is Sweetease(?). They also sell freshly squeezed orange juice, including blood orange. The fruit is grown in Colignan, just south of Mildura:

Sweetease mandarines at Coburg Farmers Market

Some really nice balsamic vinegar and sauces from Sticky Balsamic. The fig is really nice (I ended up buying it). The salted caramel coconut is vegan too and used as a dessert sauce. All produced in Geelong:

Sticky Balsamic at Coburg Farmers Market

Fresh berries, syrups and jams from Kookaberry Farm in Wandin. The Kookaberry Farm website lists an impressive number of medal placings for their products:

Kookaberry Farm at Coburg Farmers Market

Weyhill Farm Garlic. These looked beautiful in the sun! All grown in the hills of South Gippsland. On their About page on their website, Weyhill’s owners say “we fell in love with the place on after taking a wrong turn on a weekend drive”– love it!

Weyhill Garlic at Coburg Farmers Market

Olives and olive oil from Lisadurne Hill. The Hojiblanca contains honey according to the website (I just checked it now), at the time I took the photo I was assuming it was oil without non-vegan products so vegans, please keep that in mind as there are samples on the table for tastings. The olives are brine cured:

Lisadurne Hill at Coburg Farmers Market

2 & 5’s website says “we are a social enterprise set up to address food insecurity in the Northern Suburbs of Geelong by improving access to affordable, sustainable, fresh and healthy food. This is achieved by providing high-quality fresh produce through production and retail. Corio and Norlane are seen as areas of socio-economic disadvantage and the residents have been identified as being at risk of food insecurity in research done by the State Government Neighbourhood Renewal Project. We believe that by making fresh fruit and vegetables more accessible, food security can be dramatically improved.” Great stuff! We have quite a few jars of this jam at home, as well as the tomato relish and today I added the green bean mustard pickle to my collection. 2 & 5 also sell vegetables:

2 & 5 Fresh Produce at Coburg Farmers Market

Update: I don’t know why my pictures of Flinders Sourdough didn’t make it here and I didn’t notice I’d left them out when my post was published! Here are the vegan loaves, the buns weren’t vegan but all these were. I bought a loaf of the fig sourdough:

Flinders Sourdough at Coburg Farmers Market

Beautiful herbs and produce on display at MKD Services:

MKD Services at Coburg Farmers MarketMKD Services at Coburg Farmers Market

Peninsula Fresh Organics had loads of brightly coloured veggies (the carrots in the top photo are from their stall). All certified organic and grown in Baxter on the Mornington Peninsula:

Peninsula Fresh Organics at Coburg Farmers Market Peninsula Fresh Organics at Coburg Farmers Market

I hope I have all the photos correct, I have a sneaking suspicion I have mixed up some of the stall holder names.

Coburg Farmers Market is held on Saturday from 8am to 1pm at Coburg North Primary School. Entry is by gold coin donation. There’s ample parking around the side streets or you can catch the 527 bus which stops right outside the school. Bell Street is a short-ish walk away so the market is also accessible via the 903 bus, 513 bus and 55 West Coburg tram.

Coburg Farmers Market at Coburg North Primary School

180 O’Hea Street


Market held on Saturday from 8am to 1pm

Gold coin entry donation to support school projects

Coburg Farmers Market


World Event To End Animal Cruelty, Melbourne 2015

WEEAC in Melbourne is an annual event that raises awareness of the suffering animals endure every day. Events are held worldwide and yesterday Melbourne held its WEEAC gathering at CERES Community Environment Park in Brunswick. There were stalls, speakers, music and of course lots of food with perfect weather to top it off!

I didn’t stay for the whole day so there aren’t any pics of the evening fun (bonfire!). It was a great family friendly event with dogs (on leashes) allowed. I got some nice big canine smiles too and you may spot your best buddies here!

I hope you enjoy this look at Melbourne’s WEEAC for 2015. Many thanks to all involved with putting on the event and a special thanks to stall holders at the activism and rescue stalls– so many people doing such amazing work here and around the world. Atrocities against animals take place every minute of every day, but we have the power to choose kindness and to show compassion.

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Von’s Vegan Bake House with an array of amazing cakes. And LAMINGTONS!

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

OMV Bakery with lots of sweet lovely sweets– piggy biscuits are a must in my house:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

AVS Organic Foods make excellent vegan cheeses (and a variety of other products) here in Melbourne. There’s a new Blu Style cheese (yessss!) by AVS which I really liked:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Woking Amazing and their woking amazing food– over 1200 dimmies rolled and sold out:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Fresh cold pressed organic juices from Babou:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

I got to try the new vegan souvlaki by Vegan Pop-Ups. It’s as good as it looks in the photos (top and middle left)! Also shown below is the crispy noodle salad from Jerry’s Vegiburgers and on the bottom left is Chili Express:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

I love Dosa Joy and stand there like a food nerd watching them make dosa; hot weather meant I got to cool off with 100% fruit sorbet from Smooth As Fruit; Simply Vegan Cuisine with Dolly the bus serving up their tasty vegan meals:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

More cooling off with Zebra Dream icecream (the strawberry boab flavour is really good. So is everything else); Pura Veda and Coyo yoghurt from the Conscious Foods stall; The Good Brew Company Kombucha with quite a few great flavours; a fine selection of teas were at the One Leaf Organic Tea Blends stall:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015


WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Beauty competition where everyone’s a winner. And the judge may possibly have used a squeaky baby talk voice when putting these photos together:WEEAC Melbourne 2015 WEEAC Melbourne 2015 WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Here we have Izzy Losi and the Auracles; DJ Myke Love got top marks from me for 80s tracks (Electric Dreams! Can anyone else quote that film? No? *tumbleweed blows*); Sam Hanson played a great set:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Presentations by activist James Aspey, Matthew Bate of 365 Days of Wholeness and conservation activist Vincent Burke. Tahel from The Nourished Chick gave a raw food workshop. There were more presenters and musicians during the day but I couldn’t stay for the whole day so my apologies to those I have left out:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Beautiful animal art at For The Love Of Wildlife; hand painted brooches by Melbourne designers Heidi & Gretel at the Vegetarian Victoria stall; organic spelt milk (never tried it before and it was quite nice– sweeter than I thought it would be) from the Classica International stall; personal care items from The Personal Vegan Shop (who were also collecting donations of goods for The Vegan Op-Shop); jewellery (some sweet animal designs!) from Tina’s Treasures; colourful heat/cool bags and more from Vegan Aroma:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Rescue and activism groups stalls! Soi Dog; Fin Free Melbourne; Pets Haven Foundation; The Orangutan Project; Animals Australia; Melbourne Animal Rescue; Tincan Town; Animal Justice Party:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Animal Liberation Victoria; Edgar’s Mission; Beagle Freedom Australia; Sea Shepherd Australia; Paws Of Love Animal Rescue:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Happy faces and lots of colour! See you all at next year’s WEEAC!

WEEAC Melbourne 2015WEEAC Melbourne 2015 WEEAC Melbourne 2015



World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

Serious face bit: You are welcome to use my photos but please provide credit and link back to my blog. Thank you! Aaaand snap back to happy face with jazz hands because this is a happy post!

World Vegan Day Melbourne! The number one event on many a vegan’s calendar here. We had the added fortune of the nearby train line being opened for the event which was pretty big– a good sign of the times changing I say!

There were new food stalls, some launching on the day and old favourites too. This year’s WVD also had a dedicated Fitness Zone and fashion show which were pretty exciting– I love seeing how WVD grows every year! There was an art exhibition, kids space and rides, food demonstrations, presentations, music and entertainment, speed dating, not-for-profit stalls and of course products/services stalls.

Because this is really photo heavy, I won’t include a lot of text. I’ll let the pictures do the talking wherever possible!

It was impossible to photograph everything and I do apologise to those I’ve left out. There were also photos that didn’t turn out well (or I couldn’t crop out unfortunate facial expressions– as someone who is always snapped in the background of photos with a severe constipated look and often accompanying body position, I will look out for you) It was pretty tricky running from one spot to another to take pics, especially when there were stalls, people and scheduled events I wanted to check out.

Please leave a comment below (I don’t have to publish it if you prefer, just mention it in the comment) or contact me on faye[at]veganopoulous[dot][com] if there is anything you would like to bring to my attention about the photos!

I had a fabulous time and really enjoyed the sense of community. Thank you to the WVD crew for allowing me to go in early and for all your work setting up the event! And a big thank you to everyone involved with stalls, demos, presentations, volunteering, everything!

I hope you enjoy this look at World Vegan Day in Melbourne, 2015. Please feel free to share this blog post on social media– Melbourne’s World Vegan Day is a winner and I’d love the world to see how we do it here 😀




Looking at these, yes, I regret not eating more. Below we have pies from Half Pint Vegan Dairy; pre-toasted toasties from Toastie Temple, featuring cheese from Damona Divine Cow Non-Dairy Cheese and handmade artisan bread from Little Earth Bakery; the most delicious samosas from Krishna On Barkly Indian Restaurant (located in Footscray); hot dogs and fries from Lord of the Fries:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

Woking Amazing (top three photos, below) had their launch at WVD. I’ve been waiting to try a vegan dim sim for 3.5 years now (i.e. the time I’ve been vegan). I finally got my wish and am happy to advise that you go stuff your face with these. They were excellent. Also shown are the beautifully colourful Vegilicious grilled meals (this grill smelled sooo good); self-serve chili sauce on top of your meal from Fina’s 2 Vegan Restaurant in Fitzroy; mixed plate by Dosa Joy; serving up wraps and fries at Soy Division:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

Mantra Lounge serving up delicious food; Rice and Dice‘s vegan meals (dumplings in the back); awesome potato masala dosa by Dosa Joy; lovely fresh BLT rolls from Half Pint Vegan Dairy; another awesome plate from Lavana Wholefoods:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

We have so much creative talent here in Melbourne when it comes to vegan food and baking is certainly no exception! Von’s Vegan Bake House had so many wonderful treats today like a baklava cake (top left and bottom right, below); black sesame matcha layer cake with white chocolate frosting (top right); coconut sponge with caramel frosting:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

The Compassionate Kitchen‘s cakes and slices are a favourite with my family. Today I finally got to try their raw ferrero cake, shown below with their iced tea (which came in super handy because it got pretty stuffy in the pavillion at some points). Delicious as always! Their banana bread is ace too:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

Check out the hours of work that have gone in to these creations by Oh My Vegan Bakery. Just beautifully done:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

Monika from Vegan Cakes By Monika had what I think would have been the most awesome WVD job: making cakes for the kids zone! Here’s one of her sweet creations. Photo credit to Chris Thomas:Vegan Cakes By Monika with photo credit to Chris Thomas

The Decadent Desserts Company make my favourite fudge (as in, I buy some for others but ending up eating it on the tram ride home). You can also find them at market stalls such as the Queen Vic; Half Pint Vegan Dairy launched some new fab flavours at WVD and I’m looking forward to trying them:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

Ice cream and more good food! More evidence we are pretty spoiled here in Melbourne. Below we have Zebra Dream Ice Cream (I still can’t work out which is my favourite flavour); apple cider and iced teas from Those Girls; fresh flavoured popcorn from Organic Popcorn; your icecream reward from ever-popular Fritz Gelato after queuing a while:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

Pana Chocolate‘s beautiful cakes and taste testing; chocolate apples from Merry Cupcakes; chocolate and Buckinis from Loving Earth:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

Cupcakes and yoyos from V Series in Kew:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

Bake Mixes are all organic, vegan and you simply add your own liquid ingredients; Raw 4 The People raw snacks and bread alternatives; most excellent cheeses from AVS Organic Foods; kale chips, cookies, granola and other treats from Highwood Health Retreat; loads of treats sold by Vegan Perfection; dried fruits and nuts from Happy Fruit (you can also find Happy Fruit at farmers markets); flavoured plant milk sampling from Rebel Kitchen Australia; Bruce Cost Ginger Ale; Kombucha!; Pura Veda samples from Conscious Foods:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

Elizabeth and Issy from Nestar and Miss Sweetie with their hand panned chocolates; the action at Coconut Hub; organic cold pressed juices from Babou Juice; Chooh La La back for another WVD; Red Balloon Candy Artisans and their hand crafted sweets:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015


This year’s WVD Melbourne included a fashion show, including fitness wear by Vegan Fitness Model Crissi Carvalho:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015 Vegan Fitness Model

I don’t know the names of the designers featured below sorry, but there were so many beautiful clothes, hats and shoes:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

Adorn Cosmetics and their lovely staff had a stall today and seemed quite busy (I love their concealer); soaps from The Australian Natural Soap Company; Ere Perez also make beautiful cruelty free natural cosmetics; Vegan Tree Owl create skincare and beauty products like lip balms, soaps and perfume; Melbourne made Bella Belle Nail Couture polishes:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

More creative talent on display with gorgeous hand made jewellery and accessories! Shown below are Project Triceratops; reincarting rubbish with WozWaste; earrings and sweet animal figures sold by Futuro Vega*Pop; jewellery, wallets, bags and more at Jubly-Umph:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

Backpacks from BeeKeeper Parade; the Vegan Style stall included many gorgeous bags and shoes; Matt & Nat bags at the Orange Oranges stall; beautiful prints of animals on purses and wallets at the Animal Kind stall; droolworthy Scarlett Vegan Bags; stunning cork bags and necklaces at the Alteration Atelier stall (sorry, I have no additional info on them):

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

Vegan footballs and more from Vegan Wares; The Vegan Box‘s new tasty donut shopping bag; hand painted brooches for Vegetarian Victoria by Heidi & Gretel; Edgar’s Mission magnets; more Vegan Style shoes:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015


Vegan body building legends! Billy Simmonds of Prana ON gave a great presentation on veganism in the mainstream. He was also loudly cheered on by a large crowd during his fitness challenge! Robert Cheeke was part of the Vegan Transformations Panel and could also be found at his stall with vegan apparel and his fantastic book Shred It!

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015 Robert Cheeke and Billy Simmonds

The Vegan Transformations Panel: Crissi Carvalho from Vegan Fitness Model; Simone Collins from the Evolved Generation team and Amanda Riddles of A Very Small Vegan Kitchen; body weight calisthenics by Luke Tan and DC Cordtz; the crowd in the fitness zone and the plank challenge contestants:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015


I didn’t get to see many of the food demos unfortunately! Shown below are Luke Tan and Emilie Tan, with Lucy Stegley from Evolved Generation and Raw Events Australia; Yoko from Shoku Iku in Northcote; Dinesh from Mantra Lounge with Zac Bird. Zac launched his new Nicecreamery at WVD:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015


There was a full schedule for the music entertainment and I made sure to go and watch Abolicion:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015 Abolicion

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015 Abolicion

Krishool smiled a lot through his set!

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015 Krishool

I only caught the last bit of JAIID‘s set– there was so much going on at WVD!

JAIID World Vegan Day 2015

I’ll finish up with a bunch of images with scenes of World Vegan Day.

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015


World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

And I’ll finish with awarding The Inaugural Veganopoulous Best Item Of Clothing Award to the person shown below in the mega brilliant watermelon top. There’s no prize, and I didn’t actually plan on such a contest until I saw this top but it’s so cool that first place was awarded instantly and no correspondence was entered in to, my relatives were not eligible to enter, etc etc:

World Vegan Day Melbourne 2015

I hope you enjoyed this look back at Melbourne’s World Vegan Day for 2015. If you’re not from Melbourne, come and visit during this time of year 😀

Happy World Vegan day, world!


Review and Giveaway: Nestar And Miss Sweetie Chocolates

This giveaway is now closed, thanks for entering!

Nestar and Miss Sweetie Chocolates

One thing I love about being a vegan food blogger is discovering vegan products and sharing them with readers. I know many of you are fans of chocolate (ha!) and so I’m very happy to write about Nestar and Miss Sweetie as well as giving you a chance to win some of their goodies. For details of how to enter, please read on!

Founded by Elizabeth Simaliak and Issy Bilal, Nestar and Miss Sweetie are based here in Melbourne. Issy is Nestar’s chocolatier and he has trained in both Europe and Australia. Issy carefully selects the chocolate coatings to best compliment a given flavour and centre to produce top quality hand panned chocolates and he uses one hundred year old hand hammered copper pans, keeping true to traditional chocolate making methods. With a background as an Art Director, Elizabeth has created all
the brand concepts and the brand designs. Elizabeth’s Miss Sweetie range is fully vegan with many fruit based flavours.

Nestar Miss Sweetie Vegan Range

All of Nestar’s manufacturing, from making their chocolates to printing the packaging, is done locally. Wherever possible, Issy and Elizabeth source Australian produce such as fresh Buderim ginger and Queensland macadamia nuts.

Everything I’ve tried from both Nestar and Miss Sweetie has been delicious and are on my list for gift ideas (to me and from me)! The chocolate coated macadamias have been really popular with my family and friends and I had to fight the family for the chocolate coated goji:

Nestar and Miss Sweetie Chocolates

Gosh it was hard photographing these without eating them. Okay, maybe I did eat some of the props. I also tried not to squish the chocolates too much when cutting them open for you to get a look at the insides. Included are photos of the packaging so you know what to look for!

Hazelnut and chocolate is one of my top favourite combinations. I loved these whole hazelnuts surrounded in a nice fat layer of pure Belgian style dark chocolate:

Nestar and Miss Sweetie Chocolates

Coconut and chocolate is another favourite combination, so I loved the Miss Sweetie Yum Fruits dark chocolate covered coconut pieces. There’s a nice cube of coconut in the middle and a lovely coconutty taste:Nestar and Miss Sweetie Chocolates

More handmade goodness in the form of goji berries covered in dark chocolate! I was eating these like popcorn (no, not one piece at a time… I’m talking more the emptying a handful in your mouth thing. Gotta get those antioxidants in!):

Nestar and Miss Sweetie Chocolates

The Miss Sweetie Yum Fruits cranberry chocolates were a favourite with the family. Pre-vegan, I used to like chocolate covered sultanas but these are my new favourite:

Nestar and Miss Sweetie Chocolates

The Miss Sweetie Yum Fruits dark chocolate mango was a nice surprise. I usually don’t like fruit filled chocolate and didn’t know what to expect but these were really good. There was no overpowering fruity taste, which I’ve experienced in the past with other fruit filled chocolate. These were just right:

Nestar and Miss Sweetie Chocolates

Nestar and Miss Sweetie can be ordered online at http://www.nestar.com.au/onlineshop You can also use the Store Finder tool on the Nestar website to find a stockist near you.

You can keep up to date with Nestar and Miss Sweetie on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/nestarsweetie Please go and give them a like! They often run giveaways and provide discount codes for their awesome products so it’s well worth following! You can also follow on Instagram at @nestarmisssweetie.

* This giveaway is now closed, thanks for entering! *


Giveaway time! This giveaway is for readers with an Australian mailing address.

Nestar and Miss Sweetie will send one winner four vegan chocolate packets of choice from the Nestar and Miss Sweetie vegan chocolates range. Head on over to http://www.nestar.com.au/onlineshop/vegan and leave a comment below letting me know what flavours sound great to you. This giveaway runs for two weeks and ends on October 9th 2015 at 23:59pm. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator. Please feel free to share on social media! Good luck!

Disclaimer: Nestar and Miss Sweetie sent me the above products to sample and review. All opinions are my own and I only recommend products I really like!