Week In Review and What I Ate

I’m combining my weekly *cough* What I Ate and Week In Review, mostly because I haven’t really done all that much this week. With my What I Ates, I’ve been having a lot of juices and smoothies this week and never bother taking pics of those because they’re not very exciting, plus they look like kakka.

This month I’ve been cooking heaps of recipes from Richa Hingle‘s new book Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen. I love this book and I’ll have a review up very soon and a giveaway for US readers. Wooo! I made the Yellow Lentils with Spinach and threw in some broccoli. On the side there are the Gluten Free Chia (though I used the flax option) Flatbreads. Sooooo good:

yellow pea spinach curry

I loved the Kidney Bean Curry, though I added lentils to mine because I didn’t have enough kidney beans (then promptly found kidney beans I’d bought a few days before and forgot about, because I hadn’t bothered putting one bag of groceries away). As usual I add lots of coriander:

kidney bean curry

A while back I made this almost raw salad (almost, because it had roasted peanuts) loaded with Vietnamese mint, lemongrass and coriander:

almost raw salad

Melbourne has given us some beautiful spring days and my flowers are blooming, though one year I’m sure someone cut off the red roses that were just about to open and I’ve been lying in wait for them ever since:

spring garden

Cute wee spider!

cute little spider

Spring days bring more laziness than usual for some. This is a very typical scene at home. Unfortunately this particular cat is obsessed with anything that looks like string and will swallow anything string like, so we have to be really careful. Though despite doing our best, we’ve still had a few vet visits, X-rays and so on which so far have thankfully turned out fine. When we adopted Punky and Malteezies here, the foster carers told us Malteezies would eat anything as a kitten and eat so much he’d vomit. He even got his head stuck in a tin of cat food when he was little. Here you can see he has pulled out threads from the (original from the 1930s) carpet. We have to keep snipping threads wherever we see them. He even scratched the lining underneath his cat scratch post to get threads out, fortunately I was right there when he did it and managed to keep the 30cm threads off him. He’s the happiest, laziest, most hilarious and ridiculous cat I’ve ever known so I really hope he outgrows this habit before his second birthday in January:

lazy fat cat

Punky isn’t as silly, but he’s definitely the naughtier of the two, doing anything to climb up high (his brother just sits on the floor looking up). Punky has got himself stuck at the top of a door more than a few times. He climbs up the screen door then balances on the open wooden door but can’t get back down, so we have to position a beanbag for a soft landing. I’ll be sitting in another room, hear him climbing the screen door, then sounds of him trying to get down but changing his mind, then the sound of the pooooffff soft landing on the beanbag. Then it all starts again. He always greets me in the morning or when I come home… while his brother just lazes around, as above:

punky patrol


– Krishna on Barkly Indian restaurant in Footscray made a post on their Facebook page asking if anyone would be keen on seven days of buffet in the lead up to Christmas. YES I WOULD!

Animal Activists and Law Making free public lecture at Melbourne University on November 30th at 5:30

The Body Shop Sells Out on Animal Testing

Bill That Requires Labs to Retire Cats and Dogs From Testing Passed in California

Victory For Orcas At SeaWorld San Diego

5 Best Cities For Vegans in the US

Living Mini Brains That Cost Just 25 cents Could Replace Animal Testing

Neil Gaiman: Why Our Future Depends on Libraries, Reading and Daydreaming


Have a great weekend and better week ahead!


Week In Review

This is a many-weeks-in-review as I’ve slacked off a bit with these. I had planned on a weekly series but with Mofo especially for all of last month, I just kinda kept forgetting about it!

First up, enter my giveaways! Australian readers, you have a couple days left to enter my giveaway (four packets of awesome vegan chocolate!) from Nestar and Miss Sweetie!

Readers in the US and Canada, enter my book giveaway for Lani Muelrath’s The Plant-Based Journey. Makes a perfect gift for someone you know who may be thinking of moving to a plant based lifestyle! Or if you have a vegan outreach centre or library setup, this is a great resource.


Big Sky Sanctuary are holding a mega raffle with amazing prizes (helicopter flight!).

Melbourne Pig Save Rally on October 31st.

Black Cat Charity Ball to benefit Maneki Neko Cat Rescue on October 31st.

World Vegan Day on November 1st! Read my recap from last year.

Cocktails and Whiskers fund raising event for Cheltenham Cat Rescue on November 7th.

World Event To End Animal Cruelty (WEEAC) on November 15th at CERES in Brunswick.

A t-shirt fund raiser for animal sanctuaries. I love the t-shirt design and can’t wait to receive mine (and see what number I am!) Photo below is from www.1mvegans.com (click on the photo or text link to go straight to the 1mvegans.com site):

1mvegans.com cover photo


I saw the Masterpieces From the Hermitage: The Legacy Of Catherine The Great exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. There was much more there than I had anticipated. If you go, wear comfortable shoes because you’ll be there a while! These are some of my favourites (you can take photos at the exhibition, but no flash):

NGV Hermitage Exhibition

Some scenes around the Melbourne CBD area. It wouldn’t be Melbourne if there wasn’t a milk crate left somewhere for no obvious reason:

Melbourne scenes

We’ve had beautiful spring weather (and some hot days) so I like to take my camera on walks. Some scenes from my neighbourhood and a couple from Fitzroy (the white house with window and the fancy house). Aaaand my cat’s favourite place to sit when the washing machine is on, he always cocks his head from side to side (which is really funny for us):

scenes around home


The Chef and the Genomicist: Imagining a Food System Without Animals (letter written by Miyoko Schinner, there are more letters in the series).

Popular pizzeria Gigi in Sydney has gone completely vegan. Guess where I’m going when I’m next in Sydney?

Hog-Nosed Rat: Scientists discover new mammal species in remote Indonesia

Pamela Anderson launches two new lines of vegan footwear and accessories

SBS will be launching a 24 hour food channel. Would be awesome to see vegan shows on tv!


Have a fabulous week, wherever you are!



What I Ate and Week In Review

Mexican style bean and veg stew

Here’s a look at some of the eats the family and I have had recently. Above is a Mexican style stew with black beans and whatever veggies I had to use up. On the top is a cashew lime avocado cream.

We had a special visit to Mr Nice Guy’s Bake Shop. I haven’t blogged about the bake shop in a long time because we haven’t visited. Mr Nice Guy is now making these amazing brioche donuts, or bronuts.

Mr Nice Guys Bake Shop bronut  Mr Nice Guys Bake Shop bronut

A few weeks ago I made a low fat banana and date bread:

banana date ginger bread

Arthur likes the Gardein chick’n sliders:

Gardein slider

But it’s not all bronuts and burgers around here. There’s a lot of green juice:

green juice

We’ve been pretty busy lately and I haven’t been taking many photos of stuff we’ve been up to but here are a few. We went to Melbourne Uni for Open Day today:

Melbourne University

Here’s the Essendon Historical Society in the old court house that was built in 1890 and operated as a court house until 1974:

essendon historical society

Buildings around the corner from Mister Nice Guy’s in Ascot Vale:

Ascot Vale terrace building facades

My sister is so lucky to have neighbours like these:

Husband and the kids went on a tour at the National Gallery of Victoria. DeeW came home and told me about a famous painter who painted a crying lady because there was a war in a shopping centre. Turns out she was referring to Picasso and the marketplace bombing of Guernica in 1937. Arthur was particularly interested in the story of The Weeping Woman being stolen from the gallery in 1986. We both found the ransom note funny…


More eats and Melbourney photo-y stuff coming at you next week!


Many Weeks In Review

cat Twister

Here’s another heavily belated ‘week in review’… the last one I did was many weeks ago. Up there we have another thwarted attempt to break out a game.

My sister has moved house and now lives about an hour drive out of Melbourne. So much green and awesome views:

country home viewcountry home view

Noticing lots of these at the playground:

park toadstools

Arthur and I went to see Video Games Live. We both really enjoyed it, the orchestra and choir were great:

video games live

We took Arthur and DeeW to a Zirka Circus performance. Look at the speed-of-light performer about to jump through that big hoop:

Zirka circus

Articles and Interesting Stuff

Brisbane’s Institute of Culinary Excellence offers first vegan Certificate II in hospitality

– Podcast: The NFL’s David Carter on How A Plant-based Diet Made Him A Better Player & A Better Human

– this one is from April 2015: Dogs Given New Legal Status As Sentient Beings in France

– I’ve seen many discussions in vegan circles about service animals such as guide dogs. It’s always interesting to see the different points of view. Here’s an article about a school that uses a golden retriever to assist children living with difficult circumstances: What If Schools Hired Dogs As Therapists?

I’ll leave it there for now otherwise I won’t hit publish. Hope your week has been a great one, with a better week to follow!


Week In Review: Buddha’s Day in Melbourne


This past week was a welcome quiet one. Arthur and Husband had super busy schedules but DeeW and I were able to take it easy at home. On Saturday we went down to Federation Square in the city to check out the Buddha’s Day festivities. Melbourne switched on perfect weather!

buddhasdaymelbourne1 buddhasdaymelbourne2 buddhasdaymelbourne3 buddhasdaymelbourne4 buddhasdaymelbourne5 buddhasdaymelbourne6  buddhasdaymelbourne8 buddhasdaymelbourne9

I’d hoped to get something to eat. There were lots of foods marked vegetarian but nobody was able to give me a guarantee about vegan options. In the end I gave in to DeeW’s big googly puppy eyes (maybe because I was making the same eyes) and got one of these twisty potato things. I was told they were cooked in oil and that was it. I was starving, I’d never tried one of these before and they smelled soooo good. Only later did I learn from a fellow vegan that these twists are often pre-dipped in a non-vegan batter:

potato twist

Here’s a random house near Melbourne Uni, snapped while DeeW and I were waiting for the tram:

terrace house


News time!

* Vegetarian Victoria will be celebrating their birthday on Saturday July 11th, 7:00pm at the 5th Brunswick Scout Hall on Weston Street, Brunswick. The event will be child friendly and alcohol free. Prices are $15 for adults and $7 for children under twelve, including food and drink. There will be prizes, a monster raffle, giveaways and competitions. More details to come but for now please check out the event page on Facebook, especially if you have dietary requirements. All food will be vegan. Fun times, please invite your friends!

vegetarian victoria stall


Have you heard the cover of Don’t Dream It’s Over by Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus?

I’ll leave it there for this week. Please enter my current giveaway (Leigh Drew’s Veganissimo! and Greenilicious) if you have an Australian mailing address. It’s a pretty sweet giveaway, if I may say so!