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Product Reviews
I will happily review your vegan products and services if I feel this will be useful to readers of Veganopoulous, as well as fitting in with the general vibe of my blog. I will not accept any payment for reviews and all reviews will be honest and entirely my own. I will also be clear about having received a sample or complimentary product or service. Please note I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I also review products I’ve bought myself or have received as a sample somewhere. As more people are becoming plant based and actively seeking out vegan products, I am happy to help spread the word about vegan products I like.

I won’t accept offers for free meals in exchange for reviews.

Affiliate Links
I am an affiliate for Book Depository, though I no longer post the affiliate URL in blog posts. A few of my much older posts contain affiliate links so I’ve left this section in. If you visit Book Depository through those affiliate links and make a purchase there, I will receive a small teeny tiny commission. All affiliate links will be clearly noted in the relevant blog post.

Event Promotion
If I hear of an event that I think will interest my readers, I may post it on my blog or Twitter. I do not accept “hey, can you put my link on your site” requests however if you’re a vegan organisation chances are we’ll cross paths anyway!

I am happy to work with you on a giveaway, however the products must be vegan and a good match for readers of my blog. I will not host group giveaways, sorry.

Guest Posts
I’m sorry, I don’t accept guest posts.

Advertising and Paid Posts
I do not accept payment for advertising nor write blog posts for payment. I will provide a word of mouth recommendation if I am happy with a product or service I’ve used. Check out my restaurant reviews for an idea of what I mean– if I have eaten somewhere and enjoyed the experience, I will recommend it to others. I will not recommend a product or service unless I have used it myself.

Leaving Comments

I love receiving comments and connecting with readers, as well as helping readers connect with others. I will only publish comments that I feel add to the discussion and will benefit readers. All comments are held for moderation.

Using my Photos

I am happy for you to use my photos, but I would appreciate it if you link back to my blog. Not the rubbish photos though, ha! 😛

You May Have Noticed Some Urggghhhh Food Photos

This is not a gorgeous, polished food blog with photos that make people drool. As much as I would love to have a kitchen with natural light (I don’t) and a nice sunlit space to take food photos (I don’t), my reality is quite different from my little dream set up! When I prepare the food shown on the blog, it’s always something that’s about to be eaten. This means I have my family or guests waiting while I mess around taking pics and I’m not really keen on that! To get to natural light, I either have to go outside with camera and plates of food whilst trying to prevent my two indoor cats from escaping. If I can take photos by the sunny window on the other end of the house, I often find the table top there completely covered in clutter or work as it’s my daughter’s desk space. And then I have to juggle taking photos while shooing away curious cats who want to photobomb and eat the food. I do hope to take beautifully composed shots one day, but for now the reality is hurrying up to take a photo then serving the food! As for restaurant photography, oh mannnn I’ve taken some shockers I know (flash photos! I’m guilty!) But I hate being *that* person in a restaurant taking photos of food so often I just want to get it over and done with, especially when people I’m with want to eat and not wait for me to fiddle around with camera settings (which is where the flash photos come in… that’s me giving up in despair and embarrassment and just wanting everyone to start eating as quickly as possible!).

In other words, my photos suck for good reason.

Where Is My Facebook Page?

I often get asked if I have a Veganopoulous Facebook page. I do now but chose not to for quite a while. You can find me on Facebook here.

I do my best to answer every comment on my blog, Twitter account or email and am very happy to interact with readers that way 😀



6 thoughts on “Disclosure

  1. Hi Faye,
    I recently read your blog on OverDosa at Federation Square. I loved your photos and writeup.

    Please visit our stall DosaJoy at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds on 9th of November 2014 on the world vegan day.

    We manufacture dosa batter (YesGees brand) and supply to grocery shops and restaurants all over melbourne. Through DosaJoy we create awareness of dosa and introduce Dosa to people across communities. We also teach how to spin dosa.

    Please visit us on http://www.dosajoy.com.au / http://www.facebook.com/dosajoy . Our website http://www.yesgees.com.au/indian-food/contacts.php (halfway through construction)

    Looking forward to see you.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Hello Faye and thank you for a wonderful blog.
    I love the photos and info you pass on.
    The aquafaba interests me greatly and is the liquid OK to freeze when you don’t wish to use it straight away.
    I’d like to try it making bread which I’m having a real problem with. Especially braided loaves as in the Jewish Challah.
    Just love your Greek recipes.
    Many thanks for all your hard work. It’s appreciated.
    Cheers Kevin Carr, Gold Coast.

    • hi Kevin, yes apparently people have been freezing the aquafaba and using it later without a problem. If you’re on facebook a most excellent group is Vegan Meringue Hits and Misses (people there have used frozen aquafaba in their creations). Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hi veganopoulos,

    Can you please tell me if ‘vegan flavours’ from the Biocheese contain garlic or onion?

    I’m cooking for a friend tomorrow night and she won’t eat these two items.

    Thanks heaps,

    Ps great product, it’s my cheese of choice and i’m not even vegan!

    • Hi, I’m sorry I can’t help– I don’t know the answer! Contact them through Facebook/email if you can, they were pretty good in the past responding to customers. Hope you get your answers and it’s a great question as garlic/onion didn’t even cross my mind!