So this is a really pitiful looking recipe catalogue…

Veganising my family’s recipes is always a work in progress. Some recipes are already vegan but others are quite challenging! Once I am happy with a recipe, I will publish them on the blog and list them on this page.

Although the Greek recipes are, well, Greek, please bear in mind that there are so many different versions of one dish and ten Greek grandmas will most likely make the one dish ten different ways (then each will claim their recipe is the best and the other nine do it wrong).


vegan melomakarona

Melomakarona – Greek no-Honey Walnut Cakes

Faye's Mousse Your Own Adventure vegan aquafaba cake

Faye’s Mousse Your Own Adventure Cake – a much loved recipe from my childhood, now using aquafaba (chickpea liquid) to recreate the mousse (which is identical in taste and texture to the original non-vegan mousse)

Faye's vegan galaktoboureko

A Vegan Galaktoboureko: My Family’s Recipe – I’ve veganised this traditional baked semolina egg custard in filo by switching to vegan milk and butter and using aquafaba (chickpea liquid in this case) in place of eggs.

Saraili by Veganopoulous






Saraili: Walnuts and Sesame in Filo with Syrup – similar to baklava, though Saraili contains walnuts and sesame, assembled in a coil shape then drenched with a citrus cinnamon syrup after baking.

Aquafabulous Pecan Tahini Sweet Potato Banana Bread by Veganopoulous







Aquafabulous Pecan Tahini Sweet Potato Banana Bread – banana bread taken up a notch or two! Don’t forget to roast the pecans!

Veganopoulous black forest coconut ripple cake









Black Coconutty Forest Chocolate Ripple Cake – a cherry filled version of an Australian classic.

vegan Simple Peachy Melba









Super Simple Peachy Melba – a really easy take on Peach Melba, made with a simple banana nice cream.

Veganopoulous Blog oil free almond pear muffins









My Oil Free Almond Pear Muffins – a tasty no-oil muffin that tastes good  😉

Veganopoulous Vegan Oil Free Raspberry Coconut Muffins









Oil Free Raspberry Coconut Muffins – aquafaba is used in place of oil or margarine.

Veganopoulous_Easy Vegan Carrot Walnut Cake









Easy Vegan Carrot Walnut Cake – this is a vegan version of the carrot cake my grandmother used to make.


Savoury Dishes


Kritharaki – Greek risoni/orzo pasta (with photos that seriously need updating *cough*)


Dips and Sides

Simply Vegan Tzatziki by Veganopoulous








Simple Vegan Tzatziki – uses a silken tofu base that doesn’t taste too soy-y!

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