Maneki Neko Cat Rescue Kitten Kisses Pop-Up Lounge

Maneki Neko Kitten Kisses Pop Up Lounge

KITTENZ!!!!! Always deserving of capital letters, an excitable Z and an overuse of exclamation marks I say. Today Maneki Neko Cat Rescue held their Kitten Kisses Pop-Up Kitten Lounge at Best Friends Pet Care Super Centre in Preston.  For a small fee of $5 per person, we got to spend fifteen minutes hanging out with kittens and soaking up some adorableness. 
Maneki Neko Kitten Kisses Pop Up Lounge

Maneki Neko Cat Rescue (MNCR) is a volunteer run all-breeds cat rescue and is a registered charitable animal welfare organisation. Formed in 2012 following many years of informal cat rescue, MNCR’s work to improve the welfare of cats and kittens covers increasing rates of reclaiming and re-homing, reducing euthanasia rates, promoting microchipping and desexing and working with the community, businesses and local councils.


Maneki Neko Kitten Kisses Pop Up Lounge

I love how animals all have their own unique personality! There were some kittens that were quite feisty and others more timid:

Maneki Neko Kitten Kisses Pop Up LoungeManeki Neko Kitten Kisses Pop Up Lounge

Lots of sleepy kitties too:

Maneki Neko Kitten Kisses Pop Up Lounge  Maneki Neko Kitten Kisses Pop Up Lounge Maneki Neko Kitten Kisses Pop Up Lounge  Maneki Neko Kitten Kisses Pop Up Lounge

Before I knew it the fifteen minutes were over and I regretted not putting the camera down more and getting more kitty cuddles in. I felt like I had to be super delicate because they were soooo tiny compared to my two big tubby cats!

What’s better than a pop-up kitten lounge? A pop-up kitten lounge with an accompanying bake sale!

Maneki Neko Kitten Kisses Pop Up LoungeManeki Neko Kitten Kisses Pop Up Lounge

More information about Maneki Neko Cat Rescue can be found at http://www.neko.org.au/ as well as their Facebook page.  You’ll find information on the website about adopting, fostering, volunteering and more, including an online shop.

The kittens had a big room to play in and numbers of humans per fifteen minute sessions were limited. The bake sale treats we bought were also pretty good and a fair bit had sold out by the time we got there. I’ll definitely sign up again if another kitten lounge is held!

Maneki Neko Kitten Kisses Pop Up Lounge


Happy Cat Day To Us


A year ago today we adopted our two cats through Melbourne Animal Rescue (MAR). We decided to get two, so they could keep each other company and maybe not feel alone in a strange new home! We’re most definitely cat people so we began browsing animal rescue websites before finding two little brothers who were being fostered not far from us.

From the same litter, these two brothers were about six months old. We had arranged to meet with the foster carers and a rep from MAR and of course, the two cats. Although the meeting wasn’t a guarantee we would be adopting, we spent the week beforehand kitten proofing the house. We were asked to take a cat carrier in case the foster carers, cats and MAR were happy to have us adopt them. Arthur and DeeW got immediately attached and truthfully, so did Husband and I! The cats were so friendly and had no problem being around strangers and so we were able to take them home the day we met.

lazy cat good life

The adoption process was pretty straightforward, we spoke with the MAR rep about what had been done to date (desexing, microchipping and such). Paid the adoption fee, signed some papers and that was it. I was a bit nervous that, for some reason, we wouldn’t be seen as suitable but it all went really well. The foster carers were sad to see the cats go and really, I can completely understand why because they’re adorable, funny and very loving.

Arthur and DeeW were so excited to name the cats (or rather, just giving them a new middle name). DeeW was really in to watching Punky Brewster at the time, so she named one Punky. Punky (and one other brother in the litter) was born with a stubby tail. Believe me, this does not affect his ability to get up to mischief. To be honest, Punky’s stubby tail is actually a really handy thing because he has a habit of just flopping down on the floor in our tiny kitchen when I’m cooking and if he had a long tail I’d be stepping on it a lot. When Punky is startled by something and his fur fluffs up, his tail turns in to a pom pom:


Arthur got to choose a name too of course and he chose the name of his favourite chocolate which at the time was Maltesers. Maltesers is the big lazy of the two and if you ask him to lie down, he flops his head down first, lies on his back then sticks a back leg up in the air. So much time has been spent asking him to lie down because it’s ridiculously entertaining. He has the loudest purr I’ve ever heard in a cat and (like his brother) is just super friendly. He’s definitely the big boofhead (speaking in the fondest way of course) of the two and tends to lie around all lazy like. Until you call him for brushies, and he comes running to get brushed. He currently has a scratch on his nose thanks to over enthusiastic feline Wrestlemania. Here he has taken over the human’s beanbag:


The foster carers warned us that both cats like to ‘help’. Oh boy was that an understatement… they (especially Punky) are in EVERYTHING. If I’m emptying the washing machine, they have to sit in the basket. If I’m cleaning the litter trays, they have to see what’s going on. Punky has the magical ability to conjure up a new turd when I change the litter, even if he’s taken a dump half an hour before. One of their favourite things to do is jump in to DeeW’s doll pram and be taken for a ride up and down the house.You will get this look, possibly a meow, until you take them for a walk:

Cute cat in pram

I’ve spoken to some people working in animal rescue and I think people who do this are champions. On a daily basis they’re dealing with abused, neglected, sick and hurt animals. They are constantly seeing how truly disgusting some people can be towards animals. One was telling me about having to constantly wash out the car, because blood, pus, dirt and faeces would be all over the animals. We had a chat about the mental health impact of rescue work. It was a real eye opener and I hope that more people become aware of the importance of Adopt Don’t Shop, as well as supporting animal rescue organisations and in general, being more responsible with care of animals.

melbourne animal rescue banner
Image source: Melbourne Animal Rescue

Melbourne Animal Rescue is a registered not for profit charity, no-kill foster care network and entirely volunteer run. They do great work saving animals and since July 2010 they have rescued and re-homed over 800 cats and dogs. They fund raise through donations and stalls and are often faced with huge vet bills thanks to their life saving work. They have a donations page here: http://www.melbourneanimalrescue.org.au/index.php/donate

Our adoption process through MAR was straightforward and easy. My friend has also adopted through MAR and we both happily recommend you look at MAR if you’re interested in fostering or adopting!

Thank you to MAR for all the work you do. We have two beautiful cats enjoying a very spoilt life, but Punky and Maltesers have been so good for us all!