Cookbook Review: Chloe’s Kitchen

Chloe's Kitchen Sweet And Sour Party Meatballs

Chloe’s Kitchen: 125 Easy, Delicious Recipes for Making the Food You Love the Vegan Way is the first cookbook written by chef Chloe Coscarelli. Chloe was the first vegan to win a cookery competition on national (USA) TV, taking out the winning spot on Cupcake Wars. Since her big win, she has released three cookbooks and in 2014 opened her New York restaurant by CHLOE, to stellar reviews. More restaurants are being planned and a Los Angeles outlet has just opened.

Chloe’s Kitchen was published in 2012. In the introduction chapter, Chloe talks briefly about her experience on Cupcake Wars. Following is a section on a vegan pantry and suggestions for what to include in your kitchen. There’s a small section on gluten free and soy free cooking and then the book launches in to the recipes.

The first chapter is titled Small Bites and includes finger foods and things you’d serve at a party. From this chapter, I’ve made the Crispy Potato-Leek Patties with Lemon-Dill Dip. Shown here are the patties sitting on top of the Garlicky Greens from the Simply Vegetables chapter (though I had too many greens and didn’t adjust the recipe!). I don’t recall exactly how I cooked the patties, the recipe says fry but I try to avoid frying in oil. I think I used my air fryer. I enjoyed all the flavours here and used the dip on pretty much everything:

Chloe's Kitchen Potato Leek Fritters Garlicky Greens

Also from the Small Bites chapter are the Sweet-and-Sour Party Meatballs, shown in the topmost photo. I made the brown rice version instead of using the tempeh and I baked instead of fried. The meatballs themselves were great, being made up of (mostly) walnuts, the rice (or tempeh) and lentils. The sauce was a bit too sweet so if I was serving these at a party I’d cut back on the sweetener but still, they make a great party food.

Also from the Simply Vegetables chapter is the Miso-Glazed Eggplant. No photo, but this was really nice with cutting the sweetener by half.

From the Eat With Your Hands chapter, I made Chloe’s Award-Winning Mango Masala Panini. Loved this! There are three main components here: a chutney, chickpea masala and the roasted cauliflower curry but they can be made in advance. No photo sorry, I don’t know what happened to it!

The Double Double Drive-Thru Burgers were easy to make and thanks to my tempeh aversion, I again used the brown rice option. These were tasty though a little on the dry side with the rice, so next time I’ll make a minor modification. The Special Sauce was great though. No doubling for me, one layer was enough:

Chloe's Kitchen Double Drive Thru Burgers

From the Salads chapter is the Minted Couscous with Aragula, Butternut Squash and Currants salad. I’d make this if I was tasked with taking a salad to a party:Chloe's Kitchen couscous salad

From The Main Event chapter I loved the Orange You Glad I Made Crispy Tofu? recipe. On this day, I chose to have a really plain meal with brown rice and steamed veg, but the orange tofu was quite obviously the highlight:

Chloe's Kitchen Orange You Glad I Made Crispy Tofu

Pancakes for Dinner? Sure! These simple blueberry pancakes are in The Main Event chapter and made an easy special breakfast for the kids:

Chloe's Kitchen Blueberry Dinner Pancakes

I made the Banana Cupcakes with Lemon Icing from the Cupcakes and More chapter. I stuffed up with the icing, I decided to make half the amount because I don’t really go for icing much and the cupcakes are sugar enough, but I ended up halving the powdered sugar but not the liquid ingredients. Whoops. And I accidentally squished that thin wedge of lemon a bit and split the cupcake in half when I tore a chunk off:

Chloe's Kitchen Banana Lemon Icing Cupcakes

There are still a few recipes I want to try. The recipes are simple and family friendly too. The Cupcakes and More chapter recipes aren’t really on the healthy side, if that’s your preferred thing– but I don’t expect ‘healthy’ from any sweets chapter! My preference is to avoid using things like vegan butters, lots of oil or lots of sugar (like powdered sugar) in baking and this cookbook is kinda heavy on those things but again, it’s a desserty chapter and I don’t want to sound like those funnnn Amazon reviewers who leave a pissy one star “this cookbook is full of unhealthy recipes!” rating when they review a vegan cookbook because they think vegan means you shouldn’t be eating cakes made with vegan butter and sugar or fried stuff!

When I get my dream trip to New York, there’s no way I’m missing out on visiting Chloe’s restaurant a bazillion times. For now though, I’ll just sigh at the menu.

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