What I Ate Breakfasts And Cupcakes

So this is a bit breakfast-heavy. Aaand a bit same same because my breakfasts are pretty much the same. I really hate faffing around for breakfast and prefer something that can be made right away, like a smoothie or porridge. I either soak steel cut oats and chia seeds overnight in soy milk, or use regular oats in the morning.

This first batch with fresh raspberries is in honour of finding a discounted punnet of raspberries that didn’t cost a thousand bucks:raspberry oats

My favourite combo is banana, blueberries, pumpkin seed, dates and walnuts:blueberry porridge

… or banana, blueberries, blackberries (all frozen, the fresh stuff is ridiculous expensive) and one of those almond-flaxseed with something-else blends. So if you’re sceptical about plant based breakfasts and nutrition, rest assured my breakfasts come as a result of a consultation with a plant based dietitian. So it’s all sciencey and stuff:ala mix porridge

I tried one of the vegan-gluten free cupcakes from Little Cupcakes in the city (Goldsborough Lane). It was lovely and light:little cupcakes vegan gf

My daughter turned nine and some friends kindly brought over some vegan cupcakes from Merry Cupcakes in Fitzroy to celebrate. These were delicious, I don’t think I’ve had Merry Cupcakes before (maybe once at World Vegan Day) but I liked that they weren’t way sweet:merry cupcakes

We also got a selection of treats from Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop, still our family favourite. I looooved the peanut butter chocolate custard filled bronut! The cinnamon buns are still awesome and my daughter chose the mini cupcakes in vanilla flavours as her friend doesn’t like chocolate:mr nice guys box

This is a hot mess raiding-the-fridge kind of meal. Initially I was inspired by Good Days and the spring roll noodle salads, so that’s where the vermicelli, carrot, spinach and sesame seeds come in. But then I found some Thai basil and I used the miso glazed tofu I made the other day and why not finish it off with some Saori Japanese sauce?fusion salad

These eats have been over the course of a few weeks (or since my last What I Ate post). I think that peanut chocolate custard donut from Mister Nice Guy’s has rocketed to the top of my favourites list.

Speaking of favourites, I’ll leave you with another top pick I’ve eaten recently: the spring roll noodle salad from Good Days in Brunswick!Good Days Brunswick


What I Ate

With the cooler weather comes breakfast porridge. I usually always have an oat-banana based smoothie for breakfast but sometimes I don’t want to use the blender when the fam are still asleep. Which is really an excuse for me being too wussy to have colder smoothies when I’m in a chilly kitchen. The kids have a love-hate thing going on with porridge and currently one child is in the love stage. I make my porridge with either oat or soy milk with some raisins and topped with coconut sugar. I wanted this photo to look all nice and melty with the sugar but ended up using too much, which didn’t melt, and gave me a blergh too-sweet breakfast:

coconut sugar porridge

A snack for the kids: my oil free almond pear muffins and a Pink Lady apple from Three Bridges Apples who are often at farmers markets around town:

autumn apples

I’ve been a bit sniffly so made a juice with orange, banana and a beetroot that was more white with a little purple through it. I always add greens but was all out this time:

beet smoothie

I made the Orange You Glad I Made Tofu recipe from the Chloe’s Kitchen cookbook. I really like this, one child hates tofu and the other declared it “okayish”. Which in my books means “thinking it’s okayish means you’ll eat it without complaint from now on”. For the kids I’d used soba noodles but my dish here has plain accompaniments of brown rice and steamed veg. Some days I just prefer plain and unfussy:

orange ginger tofu

I met up with Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe to check out Good Days in Brunswick, which I blogged about here. This is another pic of the delicious mushroom pho:

Good Days Brunswick vegan mushroom pho

After our lunch Johanna and I went down to Pachamama, a grocery store with a small cafe area at the back. They have quite a few raw vegan slices for sale and we chose to split this raw chocolate hazelnut slice ($8). Good call, because we both agreed a full slice would have been really hard to polish off. This was nice, though the top layer was quite coconutty from coconut oil (or butter):

Pachamama cafe Brunswick

I’ll finish with some street scenes of Sydney Road at the Brunswick end.

Sydney Road BrunswickSydney Road Brunswick Sydney Road Brunswick  Sydney Road Brunswick



Great Meals At Good Days In Brunswick

Good Days Brunswick

After seeing quite a few photos of the Good Days vegan option Vietnamese noodle salad floating around online, Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe blog and I made a lunch date to check it out. Good Days are a recent addition to the southern end of Sydney Road in Brunswick, having opened about ten weeks ago.

Johanna and I had read about this great looking dish on Where’s The Beef?, with the house made tofu mushroom spring rolls and so we both ended up ordering it. The other vegan option was a mushroom pho and the tofu rice paper rolls. My first impression of my noodle salad was WOW THAT’S BIG. I wasn’t expecting such a generous serve! The spring rolls were crispy and great, tucked in with black sesame cucumber, bean shoots, baby spinach, spring onion, pickled carrot and daikon, fresh herbs, fried shallots, roasted peanuts, the noodles and topped with cassava crackers ($15). The nuoc cham dressing was on the side. Everything worked so well together, enough to make me want to go back for another one pretty soon:

Good Days Brunswick

Usually I like to visit a place twice before blogging about it and so that was a nice handy convenient excuse to return again for a lunchtime mushroom pho. As well as the pho, I ordered the mushroom tofu rice paper rolls which were nice and stuffed, served with a great hoisin peanut sauce ($4.50):

Good Days Brunswick

Like the noodle salad, the mushroom pho ($15) was served in a large bowl. I loved the broth which was a nice surprise because in the past when I’d tried the non vegan versions, I found some of the flavours overpowering and so I wasn’t sure what to expect from a vegan version. The grilled mushrooms were excellent, nice and firm and something to get your teeth in to. The noodles were plentiful too:Good Days Brunswick

Good Days mention on their Instagram page that the pho is gluten free, though the king mushrooms are marinated in a soy dressing so if you tell the staff you’d like gluten free, they can leave that out.

Good Days Brunswick

Service was great, I was greeted by friendly staff who were happy for me to take photos. There is two-person seating along the side wall, a larger table by the front window and some bench setting along the counter (with the added advantage of seeing your meal prepared). I was offered drinks each time but didn’t check them out because I’m happy with water refills.

The lunch and dinner menus are the same. The menu is small, though don’t let that deter you in any way! These are the kinds of carefully crafted and considered meals where the staff know their stuff and I know with me, it’s now my go-to place when I want pho or a Vietnamese noodle salad because I know I will love my meal.

Good Days Brunswick

It’s great to see yet another restaurant serving delicious vegan options. Sydney Road keeps on getting better with more of these vegan options frequently popping up, which is a far cry from when I first became vegan four or so years ago and was scoping out Sydney Road and not finding anywhere near as much!

Good Days are open for lunch from 12 noon to 3pm, then dinner from 6pm to 9pm, Wednesday to Sunday.

Good Days Brunswick

Good Days

165 Sydney Road, Brunswick

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