Gozleme King At Docklands

My son and I headed to ArtVo yesterday and Google Maps kindly showed me that Gozleme King was a few minutes walk away. I’d heard about Gozleme King’s vegan options in some local groups and was looking forward to trying it out vegan style as I haven’t had gozleme in about six years.

There’s a nice ‘vegan gozleme’ sign in the window at Gozleme King. I’m always surprised when eating places that offer vegan options don’t advertise even with a little sign on their window, because word of that little sign can spread pretty quickly. Aaaanyway. When I asked for a vegan gozleme I was given the regular menu and the staff there told me which were able to be made vegan. I went with the Veggie Plus (vegan cheese, olives, spinach, mushroom and capsicum). 

My gozleme was tasty, though if you’re ordering spinach and mushroom I’d say be mindful of it getting a bit soggy on the bottom as mine was. The gozleme are served in a cardboard pizza box. My son’s non-vegan gozleme was crisp on the bottom, though he didn’t have veg in his. Some of mine stuck to the box making it slightly messy to eat but who cares, right? I’m going back if I’m in the area.

Gozleme King have quite a few locations in Victoria, ACT and NSW. For Melbourne, there’s Docklands, Pacific Werribee Shopping Centre and a future nameless location mentioned on the website.

Find your location on their website at http://www.gozlemeking.com.au/location.html and check out the menu at http://www.gozlemeking.com.au/menu.html