What I Ate Breakfasts And Cupcakes

So this is a bit breakfast-heavy. Aaand a bit same same because my breakfasts are pretty much the same. I really hate faffing around for breakfast and prefer something that can be made right away, like a smoothie or porridge. I either soak steel cut oats and chia seeds overnight in soy milk, or use regular oats in the morning.

This first batch with fresh raspberries is in honour of finding a discounted punnet of raspberries that didn’t cost a thousand bucks:raspberry oats

My favourite combo is banana, blueberries, pumpkin seed, dates and walnuts:blueberry porridge

… or banana, blueberries, blackberries (all frozen, the fresh stuff is ridiculous expensive) and one of those almond-flaxseed with something-else blends. So if you’re sceptical about plant based breakfasts and nutrition, rest assured my breakfasts come as a result of a consultation with a plant based dietitian. So it’s all sciencey and stuff:ala mix porridge

I tried one of the vegan-gluten free cupcakes from Little Cupcakes in the city (Goldsborough Lane). It was lovely and light:little cupcakes vegan gf

My daughter turned nine and some friends kindly brought over some vegan cupcakes from Merry Cupcakes in Fitzroy to celebrate. These were delicious, I don’t think I’ve had Merry Cupcakes before (maybe once at World Vegan Day) but I liked that they weren’t way sweet:merry cupcakes

We also got a selection of treats from Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop, still our family favourite. I looooved the peanut butter chocolate custard filled bronut! The cinnamon buns are still awesome and my daughter chose the mini cupcakes in vanilla flavours as her friend doesn’t like chocolate:mr nice guys box

This is a hot mess raiding-the-fridge kind of meal. Initially I was inspired by Good Days and the spring roll noodle salads, so that’s where the vermicelli, carrot, spinach and sesame seeds come in. But then I found some Thai basil and I used the miso glazed tofu I made the other day and why not finish it off with some Saori Japanese sauce?fusion salad

These eats have been over the course of a few weeks (or since my last What I Ate post). I think that peanut chocolate custard donut from Mister Nice Guy’s has rocketed to the top of my favourites list.

Speaking of favourites, I’ll leave you with another top pick I’ve eaten recently: the spring roll noodle salad from Good Days in Brunswick!Good Days Brunswick