Review: Living Candida-Free By Ricki Heller

Living Candida Free grain free appleberry crumble

Ricki Heller is one of my favourite cookbook authors and food bloggers. Her previous book, Naturally Sweet and Gluten-Free, is one I use often (the Marbled Halva is magic!). Thanks to Ricki, sweet potatoes took on a whole new purpose in my house and I frequently use her recipes for baked goods using sweet potatoes.

I was lucky to receive a copy of Ricki’s latest book Living Candida-Free via Johanna of Green Gourmet Giraffe. Johanna was a recipe tester for this book and you can read her review here and get the recipe for Ricki’s Asian Napa Cabbage Salad. I was so excited to receive this book and did my usual thing where I read the book from start to finish, bookmarking the recipes I want to try first, then give up because I bookmark every page.

Living Candida-Free book cover

Living Candida-Free contains 100 recipes as well as loads of information on Candida-Related Complex, with contribution from Andrea Nakayama. Although I am not dealing with any candida issues myself, I found this all really interesting and learned quite a bit about CRC. I admit there are some cookbooks where I breeze through the opening sections and go straight for recipes, but not here. I’ve since re-read these chapters and the information has been helpful to a few friends. Ricki gives you strategies and tips for successfully following an anticandida diet and her recipes are so good that you certainly do not need to be following an anticandida diet to enjoy them! This is a book I’d encourage everyone to try, regardless of any special diet you may follow.

Here are some of the recipes I’ve made. First up was the gingerbread pecan butter. I had to give this away. Why? Because it was SO GOOD. Seriously, I was eating this so fast (like, with a spoon) that I begged my sister to take it:

Living Candida Free gingerbread pecan butter

Kale chips! I love my kale chips and these are some of the nicest I’ve ever tried. This recipe is for sour cream and onion style chips. You can see I need more practice with watching them in the oven. I tend to use the dehydrator for chips but I was too impatient this time and used the oven:

Living Candida Free kale chips

I love fennel and always have edamame buried all forgotten-like in the freezer. I loved this dish, made with roasted fennel, brussels sprouts and the edamame:

Living Candida Free fennel brussels edamame

I love this eggplant parmessan and have made it a few times since (but not managed to take a better photo…)

Living Candida Free eggplant parmessan

For sweet treats, I enjoyed the crimson mousse made with boiled beets. Ricki is correct in this recipe when she says it doesn’t taste beet-y. I was psyching myself up for beetyness but there was none:

Living Candida Free crimson mousse

I made the raw apple porridge bowl for Arthur and myself. Honestly, I didn’t think he’d enjoy it because he (at the time) preferred regular oat porridge. He ate it all up and asked for more. Happy!

Living Candida Free raw apple porridge bowl

In the topmost photo is the grain-free apple berry crumble. This time I thought DeeW would say she didn’t like it but instead she asked for seconds. This is the kind of dessert I’d happily serve the kids for breakfast as the apples and berries provided all the sweetness needed. We loved it.


There are so many more recipes I want to try, like the Sunday night roast (follow the link above to Johanna’s page for a photo of her roast, doesn’t it look fab!). I found the recipes easy to follow and incredibly tasty– like I said I don’t need to follow an anticandida diet but these recipes are ones I happily make again.

You can find Ricki blogging at rickiheller.com (her blog was previously called Diet, Dessert and Dogs). As well as loads of recipes, Ricki’s site contains a wealth of information on candida and more info on her books.

Okay, time to go bookmark some more recipes. I’m eyeing off the super stuffed sweet potatoes with creamy greens and chickpeas, followed by S’More parfaits!