Trying Beyond Meat at The Cornish Arms and Lord of the Fries

Beyond Meat burger patties have been pretty hyped up. As with all hyped up vegan stuffs, I have to try it. I was a bit late to the party overall, and wasn’t really interested in trekking over Melbourne to buy it so I waited for a meal out.

First meal out was at The Cornish Arms in Brunswick. I had an event down the road, so I went to dinner beforehand. I’ve had the Cornish’s Mac Daddy burger before but this time they put a Beyond Meat patty in it. It was a pricey burger-and-chips at about $21:

teeth mark shot:

I wasn’t interested in trying it again but hey, the next day my son and I went to Lord of the Fries and he wanted to try some. So I got the original burger with the Beyond Meat patty (it costs an extra $3.50 to use the Beyond Meat patty in both the original and spicy burgers):

The verdict

Beyond Meat looks and tastes like a grilled burger patty but the texture is a bit softer. However I do think this could mostly pass for a meat burger and out of all the plant based ‘meaty’ burgers on the market, Beyond Meat is the closest. I do think that for some people I know, if they ate this in a burger and didn’t know it was vegan, they would just assume it was meat.

I did feel quite weird eating it. The thought of eating meat makes me sick– after six years of being vegan I have absolutely no desire to have any animal products. But this was an interesting experience in that I had to keep reminding myself it’s plant based. I guess the look of it is a little more confronting than the beetroot-mince looking burgers I’ve made before.

So why eat it? Well, this blog is about reviewing products too (especially hyped products) and I wanted to try it out for myself and see if it was something that I could buy now and then for my family, but also to see if it’s something that could help people transition from, or reduce, a meat diet to plant based.

I won’t get them again, because burger patties are not really something I’m in to buying and they aren’t cheap either. I don’t make burgers often at home, preferring instead to save them up for a meal out somewhere.

Still, that doesn’t mean Beyond Meat patties aren’t good– I think they’re a pretty good product!



What I Ate And Open House Melbourne

nacho bean ball burrito

I have so many blog posts in my Drafts folder that are getting waaaay old now. Starting with Open House Melbourne from the last weekend of July. For that one weekend a year, some of Melbourne’s buildings are open to the public for tours (or some are only open with a ballot system) that don’t happen at other times. You get to see what goes on behind the scenes as well as learn more about the history of a particular building. I went along to some buildings last year as well.

So for this year, my sister and I began our day at the Finders Keepers Market, then brunch at Smith & Daughters. Our first Open House stop was the Royal Society of Victoria. This pic was taken in the waiting area as soon as you walk in. We were waiting for the tour to start but my sis and I were all oooooooh don’t you wish you could live here:

Royal Society

We discovered that the Burke and Wills expedition was planned in the room below and it also started there the day Burke and Wills departed:

royal society

The OCD part of my  brain was getting really fidgety when we were in this room below, because all I could focus on was my burning desire to fix the tassels and make them fall straight. Like this one time I went for a job interview and one of the women interviewing me had a torn hem at the bottom of her trousers with bits of thread hanging everywhere and my brain was all ARGHGHGHGHHHHHHHHHH GET ME ONE OF THOSE MINI PORTABLE SEWING MACHINES:

Royal Society of Victoria

Next stop was the State Library of Victoria. I worked here briefly a long time ago and yes I got to sit in the librarian’s dock thing in the middle here. I can’t remember what I said, probably “HEAR YE HEAR YE NOW HEAR THIS” cos it was after hours and after a workplace party and I guess we weren’t really supposed to go in there:

state library victoria

The State Library has a fantastic rare books collection. This John James Audubon ‘Birds of America’ book is apparently worth millions:

state library victoria

More awesome very-very-old books:

state library victoria

state library victoria

state library victoria

state library victoria

There’s even a comics display:

state library victoria

‘Midget Library’:

state library victoria

Music, looong ago:

state library victoria

After the State Library we walked down to the Melbourne Town Hall for their open house:

state library victoria        melbourne town hall melbourne town hall

melbourne town hall

Where the Melbourne City Council sits:

melbourne town hall melbourne town hall

We had planned to see more buildings but the hours raced by before we knew it. Next year I’ll be more organised! The next day Arthur and I went to the Royal Melbourne Hospital for their tunnels tour.

Now for a What I Ate, though again I’ve found photos from the past month. Some leftovers from a MoFo experiment:

hummus zaatar plate

I made a chilli with black beans and kidney beans, lime rice, guacamole and shoved it in a tortilla with shredded Daiya and the leftover Spicy Bean Nacho Balls (frozen food product by Colonial Farm). Addictive stuff, photo is at the top of this post.

Another lunch at Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery Waterdrop Tea House Restaurant I Have No Idea What The Real Name Is. This was my third visit and the same waitress has served me each time. On this third visit, I asked my usual “is it vegan” question and was told “vegan means no gluten”. Uh oh. Though I am sure (I hope…) none of my meals there were non-vegan as the waitress had gone to the kitchen to check when I asked about egg and dairy specifically. Enough boohoo. Pictured below is the roti with curry sauce and the steamed buckwheat bbq buns:

fo guang yuan roti

fo guang yuan dumplings

Once more, with flashy insides:

fo guang yuan

One of the emergency foods at home is Fry’s shnitzel. I’m not crazy about them to be honest but every now and then I don’t mind a shnitzel sandwich:

frys shnitzel

Eggplant (mooshed up) and lentils:

lentil dhal rice

Lord of the Fries currently have a Western Burger special. You get two onion rings inside the burger. I love onion rings but never get them because of the greasy oily factor making me feel sick, but having a couple in a burger works for me:

lotf western burger

We went to Loving Hut in Northcote and I ordered the BBQ soy skewers and Vietnamese fried rice. I ended up taking the leftovers home for lunch the next day as picky-eater-family didn’t like it:

lovinghut northcote bbq soy skewers loving hut northcote vietnamese rice

A vegan gourmet style pizza from Eat Fresh Pizza in Maribyrnong. We love this place:

Eat Fresh Pizza

I’ve also been a little slack in introducing our cats. We adopted them back in June and they were about five months old. Arthur and DeeW got to choose a name each so Arthur chose Maltesers (his favourite chocolate) and DeeW chose Punky. Yes, after Punky Brewster. She wanted to name the cats Punky Brewster and Henry Warnimont. We Just Said No (bwahaHA get it, Punky fans?) because they were only allowed to choose one name. Anyway, our new babies get up to lots of mischief. They broke a vase but it was an Ikea cheapie and secretly I was glad because it was a bit fug. Here they are, taking over the dolls’ bassinet:

cats bassinet

Okay, I’ve got a load of veg that isn’t juicing itself. Better go do it. Have a great weekend!


Melbourne Symphony Orchestra vs Lord of the Fries. Tough call…

Today I took my almost-five-year old daughter, DeeW, to the Sing! Classic Kids session.  Such awesome stuff.  DeeW learned the names of some instruments.  I learned that when you go to an event for children, you will almost always smell fart the whole way through.

On the way to the auditorium, we passed the National Gallery of Victoria:


My friends from out of town always say things like ooooh, you’re so lucky to live in Melbourne.  You have the WATER WALL gallery.  And I just shake my head all mysterious like, give a coy little smile and say my friends, it’s not just a water wall:


it’s really…



So after we rematerialised all our bits, we headed off to the MSO session which was really quite cool.  Alas, they did not play “YMCA” so don’t be fooled by the conductor:


After the session, I asked DeeW what we should eat for lunch.  Mango icecream was the answer.  I haven’t really had much of a chance to explore quick vegan options for when I have my children in tow so I went to my old faithful, the Lord of the Fries stand at Flinders Street Station.  Yay vegan options!



DeeW wasn’t keen on the golden satay sauce and I found it a bit too sweet:


We ate our fries on the cool shady steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Here’s the view from there:


We stopped in at Habib Wholefoods to buy DeeW an icecream.  I saw a big piece of vegan chocolate cake and decided to try it, even though I’m not a massive fan.  It was a eyes-are-bigger-than-the-stomach greedy moment.  I had a bit and took the rest home:


When I’m out with the kids, I prefer buying food from places where we can get through the meal quickly.  Lord of the Fries is super conveniently placed.  Next time I’m on my own, I might go and try Enlightened Cuisine.  I really do love my hot chips (fries) as much as I love the rare occassions I get to hear an orchestra live.

See you again soon  🙂