A Return to Magic Mint and Some *wheeeeze* *huh?* Funnies

* UPDATE March 23rd 2014:  We went to Magic Mint tonight and I decided to confirm again if the onion kulcha was vegan as the last couple of times they told me it was.  But when I googled recipes they all seemed to have dairy.  Anyway tonight I was told their onion kulcha has milk in it  🙁  I’m hoping it didn’t the times I ordered it but well, it would explain the (TMI alert) Sneaky Dairy Poos.


Husband and I returned to Magic Mint in Moonee Ponds for a lovely meal.  Magic Mint always has great service, the food is good and I get to take leftovers home for breakfast.  So it’s a win on all fronts!

The first time we visited, I ordered the mixed veg curry.  On the second visit, I got the eggplant, potato and pea masala.  For this third visit I went back to the veg curry with coconut rice.  I ordered onion kulcha on the side but forgot to take a photo:


Husband and I are always happy with our visits to Magic Mint and it’s our go-to Indian restaurant.

Now on to the humour part of today’s broadcast.  I’m usually a bit slow catching up on all these funny clips and stories that float around the WWW so I’m guessing a lot of my readers have seen the following clip.  The “you have never seen a more inexplicable clip than this” really sums it up for me.  I swear I sat there in a state of utter confusion and speechlessness, with some laughter (hello Tonya Harding!) thrown in before going back to being utterly confused.  Enjoy!



Vegan MoFo 2013: Day 1 is a Bit of a Fail, Theme Wise…


It’s the first day of this year’s Vegan MoFo and my theme is the rather ridiculous ‘eat as much raw as possible but any cooked food is to be oil free and oh while I’m at it everything is gluten free too’.  I chose this theme because I have wanted to try oil free for a while, plus I need to be more disciplined with going gluten free and I want this to be an experiment to see how I feel overall.  I’ve blogged before about my short mostly-raw food trial making me feel and sleep fantastic and I’m very curious to see if I can have that again.  I’ve also stacked on a little weight and feeling blah about it.  Yep, when I do my aeroplane seatbelt up and notice my stomach flopping over the top of it, it’s time to re-think my eating and lack of aerobic activity.

Most days I have a smoothie or some kind of juice for breakfast but for MoFo I want to get back in to green juices daily.  My day 1 MoFo smoothie was made with frozen banana, peanuts, raw cacao powder (I put too much in by accident) and ground flax:


As we hadn’t gone shopping since returning home from our holiday, I made another smoothie for lunch.  This time, frozen bananas, oats, a date, non dairy milk and cinnamon.  I know I know, oats aren’t exactly gluten free but there was nothing else to eat and I wasn’t sure when we’d go shopping nor when I’d eat next:


Finally we went shopping and I loaded up on fresh produce.  I had a precooked dinner I’d made and frozen so that I wouldn’t have to cook for a few days after returning from Sydney.  Everything was set, then we dropped the kids off for a sleepover at my mum’s and then as it is Fathers Day here in Australia, I asked Husband what he’d like for dinner.  Aaand he suggested Magic Mint Cafe in Moonee Ponds, our go-to Indian restaurant. Aaaaaaaaaaand I got the veggie pakora which are, you know, deep fried in oil.  And my main of Aloo Gobi Mattar had oil in it. Aaaaand I got some stuffed naan as well which is… gluteny.  I supposed I can wriggle out of my day 1 fail by saying “BUT I said the food I cook would be oil free, I didn’t say anything about other people cooking for me so nyerrr”.  Plus my mum gave me some stuffed veggies she’d made for me and they’re cooked in oil.

Dinner at Magic Mint was great as always though:



Let’s hope I get some more raw happening tomorrow!


Dinner at Magic Mint: The Return

Husband and I went back to Magic Mint in Moonee Ponds, after enjoying our first visit there.  This time I was less greedy and only ordered the pakora for my entree, which includes two onion bhaji.  This was part of my onion bhaji experiment with my Philips air fryer as I wanted to see the deep fried bhaji one more time.  The pakora and bhaji were delicious like last time.  I didn’t take care with the photo because I wanted to hurry up and eat, so you get reclining tongs and photo bombing cutlery:


For my main I went for the Baigaan Aloo Masala, which is ‘eggplant, potatoes & green peas cooked in delicately balanced masala’, with a serving of coconut rice and plain naan.  This was delicious although a little too much on the oily side.  Next time, I’ll order another vegan option so I can work my way through the vegan offerings.  It’s all blog research:


Husband very much enjoyed his non-vegan meal.  The desserts are non-vegan but we were too stuffed anyway.  I took my leftovers home and had them the next day… for breakfast.

Magic Mint is located at 9 Hall Street in Moonee Ponds.  http://www.magicmint.com.au/


Dinner at Magic Mint, Moonee Ponds

Husband and I had a day to ourselves without children.  We had a social event that went on for most of the day and by the time we left and drove the hour long journey home, we were pretty hungry.  We had our anniversary recently but didn’t do anything for it so tonight we had a sortof belated anniversary dinner.

We were passing through Moonee Ponds on the way home so I suggested we check out Magic Mint as we were both in the mood for Indian food.  Google told us Magic Mint were open tonight and there were options for omnis and vegans alike.  Sounds good!


Being Sunday, and very cold outside, only a few tables were taken.  That doesn’t bother me, it often means you get your food sooner!  After some discussion with a helpful member of staff, I ordered the onion bhaji and vegie pakora for our entree– the helpful woman confirmed that these were not cooked in oil used for egg/dairy/animal dishes.

I got a bit of a surprise when the onion bhaji came out because the onion bhaji I’ve had were more strips of onion as opposed to ball shapes.  I was soon bowled over by how tasty these were and perfectly cooked, with lovely subtle fennel flavours:


The veg pakora were also a nice surprise as there were different types and every one was delicious:


As you can see, there were a lot in the entrees for two people.  Whoops.  For my main I ordered the mixed vegetable curry with rice.  This was fantastic.  That’s all I can say really.  Faaaantastic.  And proof that veg curries can be bursting with flavour:


I was so stuffed from the entree that I ended taking three bhaji home and my leftover veg curry is currently sitting in the fridge too.  Husband ordered his omni meal and was happy with it.

Service was really helpful and friendly.  I think Magic Mint has become my new favourite Indian restaurant!


Magic Mint is located at 9 Hall Street in Moonee Ponds.  http://www.magicmint.com.au/