Vegan Shopping At Coburg Farmers Market In Late April

Peninsula Fresh Organics at Coburg Farmers Market

Hurrah for the Coburg Farmers Market now being held weekly! Previously I’d be waking up on a Saturday planning to go then realising it wasn’t on that day. Then I’d forget to go the following week. And so on and so on. I last blogged about my visit to the market back in mid 2014 so it was time for an update.

The stalls do seem to change a little as I went a couple of weeks ago and some stalls were not there today (or some stalls today weren’t there last time). Today was ace market weather though, one of those perfect windy autumn days.

As this is a vegan blog, I’m only showing the stalls that would appeal to vegan shoppers or people wanting plant based products. Being a farmers market there are of course non-vegan stalls but yep, it’s all a-vegan here in Veganopoulous town!

Coburg Farmers Market

Sprouts, salad mix, grasses at Urban Caterpillar Microgreens. I was very tempted by the mustard and buckwheat salad mix but went for the pea shoots instead. These are all grown in Newport, a suburb not too far from the Melbourne CBD (it’s the suburb next door to Williamstown):

Urban Caterpillar at Coburg Farmers Market

I was glad to see Three Bridges Apples were back. Beautiful juicy apples, not like the tasteless chalky balls of disappointment I’ve bought from the supermarket recently. I’m assuming these are grown in Three Bridges, which is about a one hour and forty-five minute drive east of Melbourne:

Three Bridges Apples at Coburg Farmers Market Three Bridges Apples at Coburg Farmers Market

I also picked up some chestnuts. Now I can live my dream and play conkers! Whatever the hell that is, all I know is that it involves strings and kids saying “I say!” a lot. Enid Blyton story kids played conkers. And seemed to spend a lot of time walking over stiles:

chestnuts from Three Bridges Apples at Coburg Farmers Market

Apple Cider from Snakes & Ladders. I haven’t tried it yet but will next time. The fruit is all grown, mashed, fermented and bottled in the Goulburn Valley region:

Snakes & Ladders Apple Cider at Coburg Farmers Market

Mandarines from, I think, Doron Talmi Citrus though the fellow working on the stall mentioned the business name is Sweetease(?). They also sell freshly squeezed orange juice, including blood orange. The fruit is grown in Colignan, just south of Mildura:

Sweetease mandarines at Coburg Farmers Market

Some really nice balsamic vinegar and sauces from Sticky Balsamic. The fig is really nice (I ended up buying it). The salted caramel coconut is vegan too and used as a dessert sauce. All produced in Geelong:

Sticky Balsamic at Coburg Farmers Market

Fresh berries, syrups and jams from Kookaberry Farm in Wandin. The Kookaberry Farm website lists an impressive number of medal placings for their products:

Kookaberry Farm at Coburg Farmers Market

Weyhill Farm Garlic. These looked beautiful in the sun! All grown in the hills of South Gippsland. On their About page on their website, Weyhill’s owners say “we fell in love with the place on after taking a wrong turn on a weekend drive”– love it!

Weyhill Garlic at Coburg Farmers Market

Olives and olive oil from Lisadurne Hill. The Hojiblanca contains honey according to the website (I just checked it now), at the time I took the photo I was assuming it was oil without non-vegan products so vegans, please keep that in mind as there are samples on the table for tastings. The olives are brine cured:

Lisadurne Hill at Coburg Farmers Market

2 & 5’s website says “we are a social enterprise set up to address food insecurity in the Northern Suburbs of Geelong by improving access to affordable, sustainable, fresh and healthy food. This is achieved by providing high-quality fresh produce through production and retail. Corio and Norlane are seen as areas of socio-economic disadvantage and the residents have been identified as being at risk of food insecurity in research done by the State Government Neighbourhood Renewal Project. We believe that by making fresh fruit and vegetables more accessible, food security can be dramatically improved.” Great stuff! We have quite a few jars of this jam at home, as well as the tomato relish and today I added the green bean mustard pickle to my collection. 2 & 5 also sell vegetables:

2 & 5 Fresh Produce at Coburg Farmers Market

Update: I don’t know why my pictures of Flinders Sourdough didn’t make it here and I didn’t notice I’d left them out when my post was published! Here are the vegan loaves, the buns weren’t vegan but all these were. I bought a loaf of the fig sourdough:

Flinders Sourdough at Coburg Farmers Market

Beautiful herbs and produce on display at MKD Services:

MKD Services at Coburg Farmers MarketMKD Services at Coburg Farmers Market

Peninsula Fresh Organics had loads of brightly coloured veggies (the carrots in the top photo are from their stall). All certified organic and grown in Baxter on the Mornington Peninsula:

Peninsula Fresh Organics at Coburg Farmers Market Peninsula Fresh Organics at Coburg Farmers Market

I hope I have all the photos correct, I have a sneaking suspicion I have mixed up some of the stall holder names.

Coburg Farmers Market is held on Saturday from 8am to 1pm at Coburg North Primary School. Entry is by gold coin donation. There’s ample parking around the side streets or you can catch the 527 bus which stops right outside the school. Bell Street is a short-ish walk away so the market is also accessible via the 903 bus, 513 bus and 55 West Coburg tram.

Coburg Farmers Market at Coburg North Primary School

180 O’Hea Street


Market held on Saturday from 8am to 1pm

Gold coin entry donation to support school projects

Coburg Farmers Market


Melbourne University Farmers Market, Food Co-Op, Shuki and Louisa Felafel

Melbourne University Farmers Market

Melbourne University holds a farmers’ market on Wednesdays until October 21st (with no market on September 30th). Melbourne did its weird weather thing where it was raining when we left home, but beautifully sunny when we were at the market– perfect market weather!

This was my first visit to the Melbourne Uni market and of course this meant I would walk around checking out vegan stuff for us all! Let’s start with my lunch, pictured below. When a banner at a stall proudly displays “I make very good falafel” I’m all PLEASE BE VEGAN. You know how sometimes you rock up to a felafel place and they’re all no dude it’s not vegan, and you’re like BUT WHYYYYY. Then I noticed the Shuki & Louisa signs. I’ve seen the Shuki & Louisa dips at markets before but I didn’t realise they made a vegan felafel. I was told that yes it’s an all-vegan felafel so I quickly handed over my $8. The felafels are clearly popular because there was about a fifteen to twenty minute wait, so Arthur and I went to check out the Melbourne Uni Food Co-op. More on that below, but for now let’s talk felafel. Folks, this was a really, really good felafel. The pita pocket was stuffed with fresh salad and the felafel balls were exactly like I’d want my felafel to be. For me, this was well worth the wait. I’d definitely get this again with the wait time:

Shuki and Louisa Felafel

I’ve tried to take photos of vegan-only foods but some of the stalls selling vegan friendly products also sell non-vegan stuff. I tried the jams by both Di and Benny’s Berries and regretted not bringing more money to buy some. There were fresh dried fruits and nuts, oils and olives, apples and pears and lots of flowers:

Melbourne University Farmers Market

Beautifully sweet oranges, lovely sourdough breads (I tried the olive, yum), 5 & Dime bagels (always good!), local handmade corn tortillas by LaTortilleria and lots of fresh vegetables and herbs from a few stalls:

Melbourne University Farmers Market

The Melbourne University Food Co-op is located on the first floor (one above ground floor) of Union House. Just about everything is vegan and there’s a selection of baked goods from Crumbs Bakery:

Melbourne Uni Food Co-Op

I didn’t buy anything as I had to go and pick up my felafel baby. I did however sneak a photo of someone’s lunch. It was on the counter waiting for them, nobody was about so I did this for you guys. On the left there (in a badly configured side-by-side montage…) is a lemon donut by Crumbs. I’ve had these before and they’re sooo good:

Melbourne Uni Food Co-Op

If you’re around Melbourne Uni on Wednesdays, the market is really worth a look. Check out the Melbourne Farmers’ Market webpage for Melbourne Uni to see which stalls are coming up.