What I Ate Breakfasts And Cupcakes

So this is a bit breakfast-heavy. Aaand a bit same same because my breakfasts are pretty much the same. I really hate faffing around for breakfast and prefer something that can be made right away, like a smoothie or porridge. I either soak steel cut oats and chia seeds overnight in soy milk, or use regular oats in the morning.

This first batch with fresh raspberries is in honour of finding a discounted punnet of raspberries that didn’t cost a thousand bucks:raspberry oats

My favourite combo is banana, blueberries, pumpkin seed, dates and walnuts:blueberry porridge

… or banana, blueberries, blackberries (all frozen, the fresh stuff is ridiculous expensive) and one of those almond-flaxseed with something-else blends. So if you’re sceptical about plant based breakfasts and nutrition, rest assured my breakfasts come as a result of a consultation with a plant based dietitian. So it’s all sciencey and stuff:ala mix porridge

I tried one of the vegan-gluten free cupcakes from Little Cupcakes in the city (Goldsborough Lane). It was lovely and light:little cupcakes vegan gf

My daughter turned nine and some friends kindly brought over some vegan cupcakes from Merry Cupcakes in Fitzroy to celebrate. These were delicious, I don’t think I’ve had Merry Cupcakes before (maybe once at World Vegan Day) but I liked that they weren’t way sweet:merry cupcakes

We also got a selection of treats from Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop, still our family favourite. I looooved the peanut butter chocolate custard filled bronut! The cinnamon buns are still awesome and my daughter chose the mini cupcakes in vanilla flavours as her friend doesn’t like chocolate:mr nice guys box

This is a hot mess raiding-the-fridge kind of meal. Initially I was inspired by Good Days and the spring roll noodle salads, so that’s where the vermicelli, carrot, spinach and sesame seeds come in. But then I found some Thai basil and I used the miso glazed tofu I made the other day and why not finish it off with some Saori Japanese sauce?fusion salad

These eats have been over the course of a few weeks (or since my last What I Ate post). I think that peanut chocolate custard donut from Mister Nice Guy’s has rocketed to the top of my favourites list.

Speaking of favourites, I’ll leave you with another top pick I’ve eaten recently: the spring roll noodle salad from Good Days in Brunswick!Good Days Brunswick


Return Visits To Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop

Mister Nice Guy's Bake Shop

I’ve written about Mister Nice Guy’s before but it was way too long ago so the blog is in need of a little updating! I’d guess that most vegans in Melbourne know about Mister Nice Guy’s, but it’s always a top recommendation in vegan groups where people say they are new vegans and want to know what’s about, or when people are visiting Melbourne and asking for advice on where to go for vegan food. Personally I always recommend a visit to the bake shop.

The bake shop has introduced additional products over the past couple of years, like the brioche donut bronuts, savoury brioche rolls and monster shakes. The photos below span the last year or so. This is the salted caramel pretzelstein: Mister Nice Guy's Bake Shop

Cupcakes are always a hit with the fam. The pic at the top of this post is a peanut butter chocolate. My favourite of the sweet goods would have to be the bronuts, I never thought anything would top the cinnamon buns (well, maybe the lemon buns) but the bronuts, especially the peanut butter one I tried that was a filled donut, are excellent: Mister Nice Guy's Bake Shop

There are lots of savoury items too. Sausage rolls, pretzel dogs, Coney Island chilli dog, meatballs subs, different types of brioche bun fillings such as chickpea tuna and turkey cranberry, bagels like BLT and curried egg salad and more. The sweet treats include the cheesecakes (often gluten free), whole cakes or slices of cake (GF options here too), cupcakes (with lots of GF varieties, as well as a low FODMAP flavour though I don’t know if that’s daily), danishes, Polish babkas, GF walnut banana bread, GF brownies, ring donuts, buns, scrolls, GF mini donuts, donut holes… so much great stuff. Mister Nice Guy's Bake Shop

Mister Nice Guy’s remains at the top of my family’s list of favourite places to eat. My son has been a fan of the cinnamon buns since we first started going to the bake shop and I don’t see that changing any time soon (in fact he once asked for a giant cake sized cinnamon bun to serve as a birthday cake). I like trying something different every time, but the brioche sandwiches are probably my more recent favourites though the curry katsu roll I had once was really good. The brioche sandwiches are very filling, with the brioche being a little sweeter than regular bread but for me it works well, I can only finish half then leave the rest for the sandwich press another time.Mister Nice Guy's Bake Shop

Mister Nice Guy’s is well known in the vegan community and the bake shop opened around 2010, though there were market stalls before that. If you’re visiting Melbourne, consider making time to take a trip to the bake shop! You can catch the 57 or 82 tram, or take the train and get off at Ascot Vale train station. Tram 57 goes along Union Road and tram 82 is a short walk away. The 472 bus isn’t far away either.


Mister Nice Guy's Bakeshop Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


What I Ate: Some Celebrations

Glass Den tiramisu hotcakes1

This is a What I Ate based on a few weeks of eats. Again, I didn’t do my planned weekly What I Ates because I kinda feel stuff is so boring for the blog, or the better stuff was eaten for dinner when there’s no good lighting at this time of year (and the photos I do take of dinner look hideous). And there’s only so many green smoothies I can show you!

We’ve had a few birthday and anniversary type celebrations, one involving stopping in at Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop (all vegan and one of my favourite places) for some treats: lemon bun, cinnamon bun, chocolate babka and a cinnamon donut:


Also from Mister Nice Guy’s is this curried egg salad in a brioche bun. The bun was excellent:


A birthday brunch at The Glass Den in Coburg to try the new tiramisu hotcakes from the recently introduced winter menu, pictured at the top up there. Loved these!

My favourite simple meal is sweet potato, broccoli and tofu. Here, I pressed the tofu in to sesame seeds and baked it. Then promptly dropped the tray so that the sesame seeds all fell off:

sesame tofu veg

Cleaning out our upright freezer, I was happy to find some of the Pumpkin and Kale Soup I’d made from the Green Gourmet Giraffe blog. Guess I better clean my windows too:

pumpkin soup ggg

We tried the Gardein Beefless Burgers. These are pretty meat-like and had that kind of flame grilled smoky flavour:

gardein beef burger

A banana smoothie made with malt extract:malt cacao smoothie

Hopefully I’ll be on time with my next (weekly) post…


What I Ate and Week In Review

Mexican style bean and veg stew

Here’s a look at some of the eats the family and I have had recently. Above is a Mexican style stew with black beans and whatever veggies I had to use up. On the top is a cashew lime avocado cream.

We had a special visit to Mr Nice Guy’s Bake Shop. I haven’t blogged about the bake shop in a long time because we haven’t visited. Mr Nice Guy is now making these amazing brioche donuts, or bronuts.

Mr Nice Guys Bake Shop bronut  Mr Nice Guys Bake Shop bronut

A few weeks ago I made a low fat banana and date bread:

banana date ginger bread

Arthur likes the Gardein chick’n sliders:

Gardein slider

But it’s not all bronuts and burgers around here. There’s a lot of green juice:

green juice

We’ve been pretty busy lately and I haven’t been taking many photos of stuff we’ve been up to but here are a few. We went to Melbourne Uni for Open Day today:

Melbourne University

Here’s the Essendon Historical Society in the old court house that was built in 1890 and operated as a court house until 1974:

essendon historical society

Buildings around the corner from Mister Nice Guy’s in Ascot Vale:

Ascot Vale terrace building facades

My sister is so lucky to have neighbours like these:

Husband and the kids went on a tour at the National Gallery of Victoria. DeeW came home and told me about a famous painter who painted a crying lady because there was a war in a shopping centre. Turns out she was referring to Picasso and the marketplace bombing of Guernica in 1937. Arthur was particularly interested in the story of The Weeping Woman being stolen from the gallery in 1986. We both found the ransom note funny…


More eats and Melbourney photo-y stuff coming at you next week!


A Despicable Halloween With The Doctor

Halloween teeth decoration

Soooo I had plans to make some Halloween foods today. But they all involved the oven and it was too hot for that (31C, about 88F) so I did what any good parent would do and took the kids to Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop. In other words, relied on others to do the baking for me:

Mr Nice Guy's Bake Shop HalloweenMr Nice Guy's Bake Shop Halloween

Then back home to decorate outside. These cobweb decorations are so old, they have… cobwebs. The big spider on the top has a remote control that we couldn’t find. I wanted to make it run down the driveway and scare kids:

Halloween house decorations

I decorated my front fence with those super scary apple teeth in the first pic. They’re so easy, you just slice up some apple, stick in some slivered almonds (or sunflower seeds, or pepitas) for teeth and then use some peanut butter and jam. I felt a bit dorky having these when the neighbours had decorations and stuff hanging up. The neighbours across the road had the spooky voice doorbell and all I had were cobwebby cobwebs and apple faces. But they were a hit! Everyone stopped and commented how clever I am. Truthfully, I had googled and found a number of websites with these apple teeth.

Okay so last year, DeeW just HAD to be a witch so I caved in and bought a witch costume that she wore for about two hours and that’s it. Arthur was the Emperor from Star Wars. Not the face though, just the cloak and scary voice. Anyway this year I was all about putting together costumes from second hand stores, with a budget of $10 per costume. So DeeW decided to be a Dalek. I had no idea how to go about that so I nearly cried with relief when she changed her mind and wanted to be an evil purple minion from Despicable Me. I bought the denim overalls from Savers for about $5 and made the badge by printing out a picture I found online, and sticking it on to a hairpin. She already had the purple top (and purple leggings but it ended up being too hot for them) and these are Arthur’s safety goggles. I did try and look around for crazy purple hair ideas but in the end I just teased it all up like 80s hair metal. I took this photo before I did her crazy hair. Her Halloween bag is from last year:

Despicable Me purple minion costume

Arthur doesn’t have a favourite Doctor, he likes them all (more the revived series) but I think Matt Smith made him laugh more (I’m more a Eccleston-Capaldi girl myself). Arthur never wears jeans so I had to buy this pair of for about $4 and the mens jacket was about $8. The bow tie (which is cool) was a present for his tenth birthday. At the last minute we realised Arthur didn’t have a bag or a bucket so we used the ‘TARDIS blue’ cooler bag. No sonic screwdriver, we do have a good pen that has a light thingy and looks like a sonic screwdriver but Arthur’s room is disgustingly messy and he couldn’t find it. He finally admitted his room should be a little more organised:

Doctor Who costume

I really like how Halloween is done in our neighbourhood. It’s completely opt-in: all residents get sent a notice and if you want to participate, you leave your front porch light on. As Halloween isn’t an Australian ‘thing’, I like that this is respectful towards those who don’t want to be part of it all. It goes for about an hour and a half, giving kids enough time to go around the four streets that participate. Last year was our first year and I have to admit the kids look so gorgeous. Witches were very popular again this year and can you believe I only saw ONE Queen Elsa?! There were lots of vampire girls and boys and a few parents dressed up. I squeezed my fat head in to DeeW’s unicorn cape but I’ve spared you any photos. It’s hard to take selfies when your circulation is being cut off.

And as quickly as it came around, Halloween is over for another year. Arthur and DeeW have a sickening amount of chocolate and now I’m mentally preparing myself for the “can I have a chocolate?” that I will hear every two minutes until New Years.

Did you celebrate today? Did you have any super spooky scary foods? Will I ever get around to making those pastry witch fingers???