Product Review: Mrs Monagle’s Ethical Fine Food

mrs monagles souvlaki

Mrs Monagle’s Ethical Fine Food first came to my attention through Rosalie of Quinces and Kale. Rosalie wrote about some fantastic food she’d tried, made locally (ish!) in Kyneton, Victoria. Aaaand when I saw that souvlaki was involved, I knew I had to try it FAST.

Based in Kyneton, you can either pick up your meals or use a Coburg area drop off point. This worked brilliantly for me as I don’t drive and Coburg is convenient for me to get to.

Rissy of Mrs Monagle’s pins up a seasonal menu on the business’s Facebook page, which you can find here. Wow, decisions decisions… I knew I had to get the souvlaki and just that week there was a souvlaki special. Win!

Okay, here’s what I got. I’ll tell you from now that this is indeed fantastic food and I loved everything.

So first up, the souvlaki! Seitan chunks perfectly flavoured and grilled on skewers. I followed the reheating instructions (warm in the oven) so meal prep was super easy. I absolutely loved the almond feta that came with the souvlaki. In fact, I ate half of it before it even made it to souvlaki stage. A round pita is also provided and was warmed in a frying pan. There was a small container of tzaziki sauce too, with a good amount of garlic 🙂  I had bought tomatoes and cucumber the day before but decided against salad greens because of that recent salmonella-on-greens sitch here in Melbourne (and my veggie garden isn’t a happening thing just yet). Two skewers worth are shown in the photos:

mrs monagles souvlaki

RAVIOLI YOU GUYS!!! I have had vegan ravioli before from two brands, but pre-packaged from the freezer section. I didn’t like either and ever since I’ve been looking for another ravioli to try. I’ve never got around to making my own but when I saw Mrs Monagle’s had two varieties, I ordered both without hesitation. First I tried the pumpkin ravioli. Wow, this was so good! The pumpkin ravioli I’ve had before (vegan and pre-vegan) has often been kinda bland and tasteless. The Mrs Monagle’s pumpkin ravioli was very flavourful and I really enjoyed it.

mrs monagles pumpkin ravioli

Whoops, just reading the printed info from Mrs Monagle’s here and just saw the sage-pine nut butter was supposed to be put in a pan and then drizzled over the pasta. I just put a dollop of it on the plate. For the next batch I’ll follow the instructions. Regardless, it still tasted great!

mrs monagles sage butter

Next up, the olive cashew cheese ravioli. These are freaking fantastic. I’m a very fussy filled-pasta person and these are by far the best I’ve tried, anywhere anytime. Loved it loved loved it. You also get some tomato jus to go with your ravioli.

mrs monagles cashew cheese ravioli


The sausages you see there are the fennel sausages on the menu and come with a small container of tomato relish per serving. I love fennel and these were certainly nice and fennely! I opted to slice mine and pan fry and they went really well with both flavours of the ravioli.

This was all thoroughly enjoyable food and I would gladly order from Mrs Monagle’s again. All ingredients are either from Rissy’s garden or sourced from local farmers markets. All foods are freshly made but can be frozen. I cook the ravioli straight from the freezer.

The current spring/summer all-vegan menu also includes malai kofta, vegetable dumplings, cheesy risotto, eggplant cashew ricotta lasagna, layered veg lasagna stack, black sesame veggie burgers with wasabi sour cream dressing, spinach almond feta pie, chicken style seitan curry. Little extras include almond feta, sundried tomato green pepper garlic cheese, smoked cheddar, nutella. For sweet treats there are chocolate chip cookies and vanilla slice slab. Ha, I was so tempted to order the slab but I knew I’d pretty much eat nothing else for two days so I let it go for now.

Mrs Monagle’s also provides a catering service for dinner party type foods and smaller events. More info can be found at the Mrs Monagle’s Facebook page, including prices and delivery/pickup information.

One measurement I apply to food is how much it inspires me to step up my own efforts in the kitchen. When I eat something then spend time later thinking about what I can do, or how I can replicate it, then I know it’s really good food. The ravioli in particular have inspired me to give it a go myself and to break out the pasta roller I insisted I MUST get years ago (it’s still in the box… aaaand the ravioli cutter is still lost in the utensils drawer somewhere).

All up, this is excellent food and I happily recommend you stuff your face with it.