Vegan Options At Wings Of Glory In South Melbourne

Wings of Glory South Melbourne vegan option

Wings of Glory is one of those places folks would assume have no vegan, or even vegetarian options– the business is built around chicken wings after all. I heard about Wings of Glory in a local vegan group, where people mentioned previously having walked on by until they discovered there was in fact a vegan meal option. I was on Clarendon Street briefly and decided to stop in to check it out.

Yes, there is in fact a vegan option! The vegan flavour option is lemony pepper so I chose that. Fries and salad were also available but I passed on those.

I was told that the wait for the vegan option would be about fifteen minutes longer because they needed to heat up the vegan oil fryer. I don’t mind waiting for something like that and it’s good to see they are aware enough to have it cooked separately for vegan customers who may prefer it that way.

Not really knowing what I was doing, I got the 10 piece option thinking it would be ten small bite size-ish pieces after the staff member recommended it for one person. The serve was larger than I anticipated! I could only manage a few before asking to take the rest home. This would be a good choice to share with friends, if, like me, you can’t really handle too much fried stuff at a time.

The texture was the softer sort of mock meat. Some mock meats are firmer, while others are more delicate and sponge-like. At Wings of Glory they’re more on the side of the softer spongey textured seitan. The lemony pepper seasoning was really nice.

Wings of Glory South Melbourne vegan option

It’s interesting to see how some meat heavy businesses are incorporating the veg*n meals in to their menu. I had a chat with a pizza-pasta store owner last week who said yes they will make a vegan pizza “but it’s vegetarian without any cheese, why would you want to eat that? It’s nothing without the cheese!”– clearly he has never experienced the many kickass pizza options out there using vegan meats and cheese options (I never liked mozarella on pizza before I was vegan either!) Other businesses providing vegan options are the complete opposite and really try hard to come up with something that not only tastes good, but is prepared in a way that does not involve, for instance, shared utensils or cooking oils for the vegan and not-vegan foods.

Wings of Glory have shown they are prepared to cater to customers that don’t want a meat meal, despite them being a business built around wings. Personally this is the kind of example I’d like to see other places adopt. Far too many restaurants claim to offer something for everyone but often fall short (veg*ns don’t want to be lumped with a boring salad!) Why would a veg*n go to a meat heavy place you may ask? Well, as one example, you only have to spend a little time in vegan Facebook groups to see how many people ask “my family/friends want to go out to dinner but they’re refusing to go to a veg*n place and they want wings/burgers/pizza/steaks, is there anywhere we can go where I can eat something that isn’t a garden salad?”!

Wings of Glory

253 Clarendon Street

South Melbourne



Wings of Glory South Melbourne vegan option


Lunch At Shakahari Too, South Melbourne

Shakahari Too South Melbourne

Shakahari Too often comes up when someone asks for recommendations on a nice, slightly fancier vegan restaurant. I’m gonna lose vegan points by admitting I haven’t been to long time veg*n favourite Shakahari in Carlton (I did go once but it was closed). Today though, I was around the corner from Shakahari Too on a day when they’re open for lunch.

It took me a while to decide what to get, because everything sounded so good! There was a separate lunch menu and one of the offers was a combination of two dishes for a set price of $15.00. I got the Baobab rice gnocchi, described as “steamed rice “gnocchi” of a mixture of rice and boabab, shredded swede, sweetcorn and organic soy milk. Served with blanched kale and spinach, mixed raw greens and an egg-free baobab mayonnaise.” The “gnocchi” are the two triangular pieces in the photo above. This was a surprise, I just assumed it would be something resembling gnocchi pieces but I really enjoyed this.

The second part of my lunch combo was the satay Shakahari, described as “deep fried skewers of beancurd, seitan, onion and capsicum dressed with a mildly spiced peanut sauce. This dish comes with pickles, blanched greens and turmeric rice.” This was also really good and I’m glad I got to try two dishes like this, though I’m curious to see what they would be like full size.

Getting a lunch special combination meant I had room for dessert. I usually don’t go for tofu in desserts but I chose the tofu caramel: “organic, gluten-free tofu caramel with crushed pistachio toffee and ginger gula melaka (raw coconut sugar) sauce” ($14.50). The texture was lovely and custardy and yes you could taste tofu but for me it wasn’t unpleasant. I was surprised at how much I liked it, given when I’ve ordered similar tofu based desserts in the past, it was just too overpowering.

Shakahari Too South Melbourne

The staff were great, really friendly and look after their customers well. I’m glad I followed the recommendation of trying a combination lunch special as it honestly was really hard to decide. Check out their menu and see why!

Everything on the menu is vegan except a couple of the desserts. I can see why Shakahari Too is thought of as more of a slightly fancier place to eat at and prices are a little higher. I haven’t had any of the main meals so I can’t comment on the serving sizes but based on this first visit, I’ll definitely be back.

Shakahari Too South Melbourne

Shakahari Too

225 Clarendon Street

South Melbourne

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