Evolved Generation and Supercharger Menu Launch

Supercharger Endurance Meal

Tonight I attended the partnership launch of Supercharger and Evolved Generation’s new menu specials. This is great stuff for Melbourne, not just for vegans of course but for everyone!

The four new meals have been specially formulated by a dietitian and let me tell you folks, they all look fabulous. For those of you familiar with Supercharger’s ordering system, the new meals are on a separate menu page titled ‘Complete Meals Ready 2 Go’. So instead of the regular menu where you tick boxes for your order, you just ask for the complete meal you’re after, by name. Take your pic from the following four meals: Lightness, Immunity, Endurance or Strength. Each menu is broken down in to Super Base, Super Smash, Super Raw, Super Ferment, Super Protein, Super Simmer, Super Sauce– so your meal will include something that falls in to each of those Super categories. Trust me, it’s awesome.

** Update October 1st 2015: the prices listed below have increased slightly from what is written below **

Here’s what you get!

Lightness ($12.80)

Base of mashed butternut pumpkin with black sesame seeds and fresh spinach; green peas with avocado, lime, coconut oil and mint; shredded beetroot, carrot, radish, ginger and apple cider vinegar; red cabbage and caraway kraut; braised assorted mushrooms in ginger broth; chickpea chole in cinnamon curry; tahini sauce made with coconut water.

Immunity ($12.80)

Base of mashed butternut pumpkin and quinoa; French lentil salad, red peppers, red onion and celery; kale, red cabbage, shredded green apple with tahini sauce; daikon garlic; tempeh lightly caramelised in tamari broth; mild eggplant, tomato, ginger and lime leaf; fresh tomato and chilli salsa with red onion and coriander.

Endurance ($12.80)

Base of steamed white basmati rice and mashed potato with mustard seeds; sweet potato with tamari, roasted pepitas and parsley; 10 Sec broccoli with sweet tamari and ginger dressing; cauliflower and black sesame; fresh tofu simmered in tom yum broth; carrot and green bean khadi with coconut, turmeric and lentils; tahini sauce made with coconut water.

Strength ($12.80)

Base of steamed brown rice and quinoa; cauliflower, black turtle beans, turmeric and curry leaves; 10 sec broccoli with sweet tamari and ginger dressing; carrot and cumin seeds; tempeh lightly caramelised in tamari broth; dahl ka deewana; coconut yoghurt raita with cucumber.


Another thing I like about the new menu is that the pages are printed with nutrition facts, based on the ingredients in each meal. For instance, under the Endurance meal, one nutrition fact reads “packed with carbs to replace glycogen stores and fuel your day”.

I really love it when restaurants put a lot of thought in to their menu and this is why Supercharger gets my vote– not only are both the regular and new meals very well thought out, there’s also the added consideration of giving you both an incredibly nutritious and tasty meal. This is food designed with your health and well being in mind and a lot of thinking has been done for you. This is evident when you look at the menu both on the page, and in your bowls!

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of the new partnership meals and I went for the Endurance, pictured above. Everything was full of flavour, the cauliflower and broccoli were just right and all I can say is that I’m already planning on going back to get it again. I ate it about four hours ago and I’m still full.

Paul from Supercharger told us a little of the history with getting Supercharger up and running. He mentioned being a little hesitant and questioning whether it would work. I think it has worked fantastically, whenever I’ve visited I’ve been queuing up with quite a few other people and I see people sitting down with their Supercharger meals. I know non-vegans who go there, or people who want a break from their usual lunch time fare (burgers and so on) and opt for Supercharger because they want a nutritious meal. And they tell me they keep returning!

The team members from Evolved Generation also got up to chat a little about their experience with plant based/vegan living. I always enjoy hearing stories like these, especially where plant based fitness is concerned because we have vegans breaking records and busting silly myths about athletic performance on plant based diets. So these stories and personal accounts need to be out there! There were also giveaways (unfortunately my winning streak with raffles appears to have come to an end!) and the opportunity to chat with everyone from Evolved Generation.

Congratulations to both Supercharger and Evolved Generation!


Supercharger: https://www.facebook.com/SuperchargerWholefood

Evolved Generation: http://www.evolvedgeneration.com/  (I previously chatted with Luke Tan here)

Lucy Taylor – Bloom Nutritionist and Dietitian: http://www.bloomnutritionist.com/



Lunch at Supercharger, City

Supercharger, Melbourne

I’ve heard quite a bit of buzz about the recently opened Supercharger in the new Myer Emporium building, enough to make it zoom right to the top of my gotta-try-it list. I finally got a chance to visit today and wowww where do I begin. Maybe I should begin with the usual thing that happens when I’m anywhere near Myer. I get lost so then I have to hunt for those info touch screen things and curse under my breath when they’re not located right near escalators.

Okay, so I found Supercharger and in my haste I forgot to take a photo of it. I did take a photo of the groovy sign though:

Supercharger storefront, Melbourne

Supercharger, Melbourne

Okay, so when you order you take one of the menus shown below. Choose from one of four bases: steamed white basmati rice, brown rice, quinoa or fresh baby spinach. I went for the steamed quinoa. Then choose the number of additional dishes you want. I got five, just because I could and I was super hungry. You give your paper to the person taking your order, pay, and get a ticket with a number:


With my quinoa, I ordered the smashed green peas with lime, avocado and mint; braised herb seitan in shoyu broth; the mild eggplant curry; some pumpkin mash (I’ve forgotten the formal name) and the broccoli option (again, I forgot to take note of what it was or take a photo of that part of the menu). Closeup!

Supercharger, Melbourne city

All the above cost $14. I was absolutely stuffed and loved my meal. Supercharger is definitely not just a ‘food court place’, if you know what I mean. It goes waaaay above and beyond. It has quickly shot to the top of my preferred places to eat in the city. There were quite a few people ordering meals (and a few of us trying to work out the ordering system, but the staff were friendly and helped us). I’m already planning on taking friends and family there and I’m planning on trying something different every time.

Supercharger also sell these freshly made juices and smoothies. I saw a price of $8 for a juice, though I’m not sure if all drinks are eight bucks:

Supercharger, Melbourne city

To get to Supercharger, go to Myer Emporium. Make your way to the third floor and look for the food court area. Then do what I did and walk around trying to find it but look for the word VEGAN and you’re set!

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