World Event To End Animal Cruelty, Melbourne 2015

WEEAC in Melbourne is an annual event that raises awareness of the suffering animals endure every day. Events are held worldwide and yesterday Melbourne held its WEEAC gathering at CERES Community Environment Park in Brunswick. There were stalls, speakers, music and of course lots of food with perfect weather to top it off!

I didn’t stay for the whole day so there aren’t any pics of the evening fun (bonfire!). It was a great family friendly event with dogs (on leashes) allowed. I got some nice big canine smiles too and you may spot your best buddies here!

I hope you enjoy this look at Melbourne’s WEEAC for 2015. Many thanks to all involved with putting on the event and a special thanks to stall holders at the activism and rescue stalls– so many people doing such amazing work here and around the world. Atrocities against animals take place every minute of every day, but we have the power to choose kindness and to show compassion.

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Von’s Vegan Bake House with an array of amazing cakes. And LAMINGTONS!

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

OMV Bakery with lots of sweet lovely sweets– piggy biscuits are a must in my house:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

AVS Organic Foods make excellent vegan cheeses (and a variety of other products) here in Melbourne. There’s a new Blu Style cheese (yessss!) by AVS which I really liked:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Woking Amazing and their woking amazing food– over 1200 dimmies rolled and sold out:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Fresh cold pressed organic juices from Babou:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

I got to try the new vegan souvlaki by Vegan Pop-Ups. It’s as good as it looks in the photos (top and middle left)! Also shown below is the crispy noodle salad from Jerry’s Vegiburgers and on the bottom left is Chili Express:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

I love Dosa Joy and stand there like a food nerd watching them make dosa; hot weather meant I got to cool off with 100% fruit sorbet from Smooth As Fruit; Simply Vegan Cuisine with Dolly the bus serving up their tasty vegan meals:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

More cooling off with Zebra Dream icecream (the strawberry boab flavour is really good. So is everything else); Pura Veda and Coyo yoghurt from the Conscious Foods stall; The Good Brew Company Kombucha with quite a few great flavours; a fine selection of teas were at the One Leaf Organic Tea Blends stall:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015


WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Beauty competition where everyone’s a winner. And the judge may possibly have used a squeaky baby talk voice when putting these photos together:WEEAC Melbourne 2015 WEEAC Melbourne 2015 WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Here we have Izzy Losi and the Auracles; DJ Myke Love got top marks from me for 80s tracks (Electric Dreams! Can anyone else quote that film? No? *tumbleweed blows*); Sam Hanson played a great set:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Presentations by activist James Aspey, Matthew Bate of 365 Days of Wholeness and conservation activist Vincent Burke. Tahel from The Nourished Chick gave a raw food workshop. There were more presenters and musicians during the day but I couldn’t stay for the whole day so my apologies to those I have left out:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Beautiful animal art at For The Love Of Wildlife; hand painted brooches by Melbourne designers Heidi & Gretel at the Vegetarian Victoria stall; organic spelt milk (never tried it before and it was quite nice– sweeter than I thought it would be) from the Classica International stall; personal care items from The Personal Vegan Shop (who were also collecting donations of goods for The Vegan Op-Shop); jewellery (some sweet animal designs!) from Tina’s Treasures; colourful heat/cool bags and more from Vegan Aroma:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Rescue and activism groups stalls! Soi Dog; Fin Free Melbourne; Pets Haven Foundation; The Orangutan Project; Animals Australia; Melbourne Animal Rescue; Tincan Town; Animal Justice Party:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Animal Liberation Victoria; Edgar’s Mission; Beagle Freedom Australia; Sea Shepherd Australia; Paws Of Love Animal Rescue:

WEEAC Melbourne 2015

Happy faces and lots of colour! See you all at next year’s WEEAC!

WEEAC Melbourne 2015WEEAC Melbourne 2015 WEEAC Melbourne 2015



World Event To End Animal Cruelty, Melbourne 2014

Magic Milk Bar rosewater scented raw vegan cheesecake

(this is a photo-heavy post!) I’m loving this time of year! Super vegan-y events are on and we get to see and share in lots of fantastic amounts of vegan awesomeness. From the Animals Matter To Me rally, to the Sea Shepherd Bake Sale, to November’s World Vegan Day, Cruelty Free West Expo and Sea Shepherd Ocean Defence Tour you can see how Melbourne is one fab city for vegans. Today’s super event was the World Event To End Animal Cruelty (WEEAC), held at CERES in Brunswick. CERES is a non-profit sustainability centre in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, built on a decommissioned rubbish tip. CERES have produce gardens, event and conference facilities, meeting rooms, classes, a cafe, education programs and more: CERES Brunswick CERES Brunswick CERES Brunswick

CERES Brunswick

I arrived half an hour before the scheduled start time so I walked around taking photos with a growling stomach, when I turned a corner and saw Gopal’s were already dishing out their fabulous food (I’ve written about their city restaurant on the blog). I got this massive plate for $10, plus the lemon mint drink for $1. I love Gopal’s kofta. The halva dessert was great and not overly sweet. It was so filling I couldn’t finish it (I did of course manage to finish all the halva, I knew you guys were counting on me):

Gopal's Vegetarian vegan plate Gopal's Vegetarian vegan halva

The Compassionate Kitchen had a stall with their delicious treats. Their banana bread is great (so is everything else really!). Their products freeze really well too. It’s hard for me to choose a favourite, so I was going to take care of that today by purchasing the slices I haven’t tried:

Banana Bread by The Compassionate Kitchen The Compassionate Kitchen lemon ginger slice and pecan slice The Compassionate Kitchen raspberry coconut slice and choc coconut slice

I was glad to hear A Vegan Smiles would be at WEEAC, because I’ve been waiting to try the products for ages. I loved all the samples on offer and made up my mind to buy a few things towards the end (it was a warm day, even though I packed a container with an ice brick, I didn’t want to carry too much stuff around as my bag was already heavy):

avegansmiles1 avegansmiles2 avegansmiles3 avegansmiles4

I bought these biscuits for my mum’s dog, who will be our honoured guest for a few days:


Continuing with the theme of deliciousness, we have OMV Bakery. Some of my friends rave about the birthday cakes they’ve ordered from OMV and I’ve been very keen to try their products too:

OMV Bakery Melbourne

OMV Bakery Melbourne

OMV Bakery stall

I’ve been admiring Hello Vegan’s beautiful jewelry for a while now. Check out the online store and you’ll see why! Being a cat lover, the sweet cat earrings are on my list and I love the bird and bunny wood necklaces:

Hello Vegan accessories

Hello Vegan accessories

Hello Vegan accessories

And soon after this, something awful happened. What I thought was a spare $50 note in my purse turned out to be a $#@! piece of paper. It was bad you guys, real bad. I’m still smarting. This meant I had no money to go buy any of the baker treats, or A Vegan Smiles, or a necklace. All I could do was just hang around feeling sad and pathetic.  Oh well, guess it just means I spend more at the November events. Take THAT, universe!


I had planned on getting dosa from Dosa Joy but that Gopal’s meal filled me up for hours. The dosa looked delicious, I was really tempted to ask people if I could photograph their plates but that might have been on the slightly creepy side. Or maybe not. What say you? I mean, awesome VEGAN FOOD, right?

Dosa Joy stall

I went to the cooking demo given by Missy from Magic Milk Bar. Check out the Magic Milk Bar Blog for beautiful recipes. Missy treated us to some vegan nutella which I didn’t get a photo of unfortunately, but check out this vegan cheese, every bit as delicious as it looks (I hope my photo does it justice!):

Magic Milk Bar raw cheese spread

Missy made a green curry which I loved, but I was so full from Gopal’s that I just had a sample. But you know how you get home and you’re all damn, wish I had some more? That’s how I’m feeling now:

Magic Milk Bar vegan green curry

Dessert was a raw cheesecake scented with rosewater:

Magic Milk Bar cooking demo

Look how stunningly beautiful this is! I loved it, and I usually hate rosewater. Looking at the photos, I’m doing another “damn, why didn’t I go for the second serving?”

Magic Milk Bar raw vegan rosewater scented cheesecake

Keep an eye on Magic Milk Bar’s blog as Missy will be posting up the recipes. I will definitely make this myself.

Now because this is Melbourne, we started off with a very warm day which soon changed in to much cooler weather, too cool for me to hang around much longer. After the blow of I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-fifty-smegging-dollars, I decided to check out the music and stall holders then head home. I didn’t get photos of all the stalls as there were people in the way (or I didn’t want to get them in a closeup without permission!) so my apologies to those I have left out. Halfpint Vegan Dairy were there but I couldn’t snap a pic (and of course, had no money to go get stuff)!

weeacmusicweeacstalls1 weeacstalls2 weeacstalls3 weeacstalls4 weeacstalls5 weeacstalls6 weeacstalls7 weeacstalls8  weeacstalls10 weeacstalls11 weeacstalls12 welovelifestall

And here’s what I bought today. I gave up trying to get a better photo of my Sea Shepherd t-shirt, BECAUSE CAT:


I bought the rainbow chocolates from The Compassionate Kitchen for Arthur and DeeW (her favourites now) but I kinda got to one first:



This WEEAC was great. Seeing new stallholders and new products is fab and I’ve mentioned before on the blog that in the time I’ve been vegan (since April 2012) there seem to be new businesses and great products popping up all the time.

It’s not all about the food and products though. I especially like the stalls with information where raising awareness of a particular issue is concerned and I picked up many flyers for the family to read and pass on. I had a good chat with The Orangutan Project and I’m looking forward to sharing all the info with my family.

I learn a lot from the stalls like this. Doesn’t matter that I’m already vegan, it’s not like one becomes vegan and suddenly all the awareness-information is beamed directly in to the brain. The more I learn about certain things, the more I realise just how much I don’t know and how important it is to keep learning and passing on the information.

Thanks to all the organisers, crew, stall holders, anyone that was involved with putting on Melbourne WEEAC 2014!