Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale Events: Coming Very Soon


Happy days are here again with the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale! From April 25th to May 3rd, vegan bake sales will be happening worldwide. Anyone is welcome to attend and enter the baking categories (it goes without saying that entries must be vegan!). Named Veg Event of the Year by VegNews Magazine, the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale has raised over $300,000 in its first six years.

See if there’s a vegan bake sale near you at http://www.veganbakesale.org/

Melbourne is lucky to have two vegan bake sales running. Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV) together with True Earth Market will be hosting a bake sale at CERES Environment Park in Brunswick on April 26th from 11:00 to 5:00pm. The categories you can enter are Cakes and Cupcakes; Other baked goods (sweet pies, slices, biscuits etc); Savoury; Raw; Gluten Free. If you don’t want to enter you can donate a plate of goodies to be sold to help fund raise for ALV. The event program for the day includes food demos, vegan BBQ, stalls and entertainment. Lots of awesome! The event program also gives you more info about entering the baking competition, so please have a read if you want to enter.

True Earth Market will feature vegan stalls on the day. True Earth Market promotes independent ethical small business and you can pick up some beautiful handmade jewellery, clothing, ceramics and giftware at the bake sale and at the market days.

Entry is gold coin donation and all proceeds will go to ALV to help support their vital rescue work and campaigns.

The second bake sale will be hosted by Sea Shepherd in Williamstown on April 26th at 12 noon. All proceeds go towards Sea Shepherd Australia. The Steve Irwin will be open for free tours, making this a great family event!

Sea Shepherd held a vegan bake sale last year, which you can read about here.

I’m planning on attending the CERES bake sale and possibly entering a category or two!

These are fantastic fund raising events, with the money raised being put towards such important, life saving work.

Are you planning on going to bake sale event near you? And will you be entering the competitions?!






Week In Review And Our Easter Sunday

sleepy cats

Yes, that’s Punky up there wanting to fit inside the cat carrier with his brother. They LOVE the cat carrier and if we don’t put it back up on the high shelf, both cats insist on using it as a bed. Except they both can’t fit in it, so this is as good as it gets for one of them.

My parents have Easter Sunday lunch at their house every year. Yesterday was Greek Orthodox Easter and that is the day my parents celebrate. My sister and I take along a dish and this year we did our usual planning of who was to take what, then changed our minds a few times then ended up making the first thing we’d offered!

Greek Easter Sunday table setting

My sister is now officially in charge of all the roasted vegetables: sweet potato, potato and pumpkin:

roast veggies

I made a stromboli and filled it with Tofurky pepperoni, Cheezly and sundried tomatoes. Being Easter Sunday, my sister named it Holy Stromboli. We agreed that if I make it for Christmas lunch, it must then be called Holly Strombolly. Here’s one of the unholiest stromboliest pictures you’ll see. There was just no making this look pretty!

vegan Holy Stromboli

We also threw in some falafel and a handful of Borg’s Vegetarian pastry triangles (which are vegan).

My sister also made a portobella mushroom dish from the Oh She Glows cookbook and my mum also made marinated mushrooms. Clearly we didn’t communicate about mushrooms well enough! Here’s my plate. You may notice a lack of green. Halfway through our meals, my mum realised we’d forgotten to assemble the salad. The greens were still sitting in the colander over the sink:

Greek Easter Sunday lunch

Mum also took charge of cooking for the non-vegans. She made two non-vegan desserts but made me a special vegan version of her dessert called ‘saraili’. That’s how we pronounce it (“sah-rah-i-LI”). It is a filo pastry sweet, similar to baklava, that Turkish people make too. It’s your basic nuts-in-filo recipe with syrup poured over once cooked. I’ll be posting a recipe for this soon. I haven’t eaten saraili in ages so this was a nice surprise:

saraili dessert

We had an interesting table discussion about how these days we’re finding we can’t eat as much as we used to. In previous years we would eat what was on the plate, then go back for seconds and a bazillion desserts would be later. Family celebrations for us always involved eating a heap of food, then eating more even if you weren’t hungry (especially dessert)! My mum, sister and I can’t do that anymore as we just feel pretty sick straight away. We do struggle a little with pulling back on the catering though. Even if it’s a small gathering we tend to prepare too much food!

Last week was a fairly quiet-ish one. Here’s the Library at the Dock. Upstairs is an area where kids can play games (board games and electronic). We’ve attended classes here (often free) and there’s also the Makerspace where you can use the 3D printer:

library at the dock library at the dock library at the dock

We saw two live shows by kids comedian Matty Grey. Arthur and DeeW had a great time, especially when Arthur was selected to shoot Husband with a nerf gun. Arthur was instructed (by the performers, not me) to shoot Daddy in the testicles. Of course Arthur was very happy to do as he was told! The shows were held at the Northcote Town Hall:

northcote town hall

After the show, Arthur and I walked around a bit and headed down to Fitzroy:

northcote building

This scene cracked me up when I was waiting for a tram and looked above my head. I haven’t seen this in ages– sticking your tv antenna out the window to get a good signal! That, or being the youngest child in the extended family and being made to stand in awkward positions holding the antenna so your cousins get to watch Wonder Woman…

fitzroy tv antenna

fitzroy street art

We saw these free persimmons. I took one and still haven’t eaten it:


The trip to Fitzroy was so that I could pick up my new pair of vegan socks (I didn’t buy them in Fitzroy, just went to pick them up from the person that ordered them online from the US):

vegan socks

Articles and Stuff:

US Federal Report says vegan diet is best for the planet“A federal panel that helps set federal dietary guidelines is recommending Americans eat less meat because it’s better for the environment, sparking outrage from industry groups representing the nation’s purveyors of beef, pork and poultry.”

Top 5 misconceptions about food: a doctor’s daily experience

Where disadvantage and industrial decline meet: youth unemployment in Melbourne’s north


I’ll wrap it up here for this past week in review. Time is just slipping away too fast lately, though I suppose that’s a good thing when you’re waiting for the next season of Doctor Who!


Past Two Weeks In Review

vegan health fitness mag

I’ve been aiming to publish my Week In Review posts on a Sunday evening, but last Sunday I had to work on my Mantra Lounge vegan cruise post instead. And since then I’ve been busy. So ah, here’s my Fortnight Week In Review of the last two weeks.

Arthur and I went to a presentation on getting humans to Mars in the next decade. Really interesting stuff and there was some brief talk on growing plants on Mars. Naturally, my vegan ears pricked up, then my vegan brain started dreaming about a planet where all food is plant based. Vegan Mars or bust!

Arthur I went on a tour for kids at the Australian Synchrotron. A synchroton is a machine that accelerates electrons to (nearly) the speed of light. The electrons are deflected through magnetic fields, creating really bright light which is then sent down beamlines to experimental workstations for research purposes. In short, it’s bloody brilliant. The Australian Synchrotron scanned this portrait of Henry VIII (sent by a gallery). Henry’s hand was originally painted with the little finger bent. The synchrotron was able to ‘see’ the bent finger under the final layers of paint:

synchrotron henry VIII painting

The synchrotron has also scanned eucalyptus leaves and found specks of gold, when the tree’s roots have gone down in to gold rich areas.


Arthur and I went to a Socratic discussion group. We both enjoyed it but coming up with Socratic definitions of words was very challenging! We had a good time (and Arthur loved the refreshments so naturally he wants to go back for those too).

I captured this photo on my phone, through a dirty tram window:

Elizabeth and Collins Street

Don’t blink, DeeW! Here’s the Reuniting Family sculpture:

reuniting family

Melbourne and Victoria News:

Magic Milk Bar will be running Uncooking classes in April. I’ve been to Missy’s cooking/uncooking demos and she makes some great stuff. Check Magic Milk Bar’s Facebook page.

– The central Victorian sun powers world’s first concentrated solar power station.

– Don’t forget my sidebar on the blog here, listing upcoming events in Melbourne!

Articles and Other Interesting Stuff:

A video with Jamie Oliver giving his thoughts on veganism.

To Be A Feminist Is To Be a Vegan.

Disney World Gets A Gluten Free and Vegan Bakery

– Germany says ‘no more chick shredding’

Dutch nursing home lets students live rent free


– I’ve been making a few recipes from Ricki Heller’s new book Living Candida Free. I’ll blog about that soon!

– I still haven’t made these Mostly Raw Hazelnut Mocha Mini Cheezecakes from Veganosaurus. How is that possible?! Mocha! Hazelnut! Bad Veganopoulous!

– I’m trying to think of what to make for our family’s Easter lunch next week (my parents are Greek Orthodox so they’re hosting lunch). These vegan Easter ideas by Nava Atlas are great.

From Other Bloggers:

– Vegan cookbook author (who also blogs) Dreena Burton appeared in the Daily Mail. The article is pretty good but some of the comments are ridiculous which sadly is often to be expected. Lesson of the day: don’t read the comments!

– Kari from Bite-Sized Thoughts has blogged about her trip to Dublin and surrounds. You can read about those here!

– Check out this awesome fennel smoothie from Vegan Miam. I love fennel and picked one up yesterday, just to make this smoothie.

Where’s the Beef? have put together this fab tour of Melbourne’s inner north featuring fooooood for veg*ns. And bird watching!


– the Vegan Health and Fitness magazine you see in the top pic.

– also reading some webpages on low/zero waste living. I’m mindful of too many bags and packaging in general when I do the shopping but of course there’s so much more to it. So I’d like to explore that more and change shopping habits.


Listening To:

– Just random stuff on YouTube whenever I think of a song, like old school Madonna clips. I think the last video I watched (or was forced to listen to) was the Nyan Fart Cat parody with the kids… that was Arthur’s choice, people!


– Arthur and I have started watching episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Yeeeears ago my dad bought the whole series on video cassettes. That’s about two episodes per tape. Aaaaand about a big bookcase worth of cassette covers. My mum is happy they’re finally out of the house and I’m looking forward to having them out of my house too. They take up so much space (bwahaha space!!! See what I… never mind).


It’s Easter Sunday today and nothing special is going on here at home. I hope that your day, whatever you’re doing and wherever you are, is as awesome as Captain Jean-Luc Picard!

picard meme




Mantra Lounge Vegan Cruise


What a fab evening on board the Victoria Star, thanks to Mantra Lounge hosting their first vegan cruise! As someone who hates being on boats, gets motion sickness easily, can’t swim and once went to a fancy dress party dressed as Gilligan, I might have had enough reasons not to go. But… VEGAN CRUISE. So of course I was there, even if I had to rock up solo (minus Gilligan costume).

We were treated to some presentations by Mark and Jason (both vegan) from Vegetarian Victoria, and a talk on food and consciousness by someone whose name I didn’t catch unfortunately (I’ll edit this when I find out his name). Lots of laughs and interesting information!

And the food, of course, was awesome:

mantraloungecruise1 mantraloungecruise2 mantraloungecruise3mantraloungecruise4


Check it out! The menu was loaded lasagna, nachos, mesclun salad (or cous cous salad), salsa and a cashew(?) cream. I love big servings of lasagna! Mantra Lounge prepared a lot of food so people were able to go back for seconds, but I was full enough and wanted to leave room for dessert:



MANGO. CHEESECAKE. Big serves!!! Bad photo:


Some of the view:

seashepherd southernstarwheel1

After dinner there was the raffle draw, some music, Q&A and then time to go home. I didn’t get any photos of the music performance as the light was really low and the pics didn’t turn out.

Mantra Lounge will hopefully make this a yearly event which would be awesome! You can check Mantra Lounge’s Facebook page for future updates. Or go in to Mantra Lounge for a meal, because the food is fantastic.

Thank you and well done to everyone involved in hosting this cruise!




I Dream Of Sushi, Moonee Ponds

I Dream Of Sushi, Moonee Ponds

I was in Moonee Ponds today right near Puckle Street, which meant I finally got to visit I Dream Of Sushi. Whenever I’ve been in the area, it’s been after they close so today I wasn’t going to miss this lunch opportunity!

I’ve heard a few vegans saying how much they like I Dream Of Sushi. It’s quite a small place inside, with some stools along the window and side wall plus some extra seating outside on the footpath. They were full when I arrived, with a few people arriving to buy takeaway meals:

I Dream Of Sushi, Moonee Ponds

I Dream Of Sushi, Moonee Ponds

I asked the friendly staff for the vegan options. I was able to choose from the vegetable gyoza, tofu salad and tofu don. I didn’t ask about the ready-made fried eggplant miso handroll I saw in the display (the veggie handroll had egg). I ended up getting the gyoza (four dumplings for $6.50) and the tofu don ($12.50).

The gyoza were pretty good and I always appreciate a bit of a crunch to the base when they’re fried:

I Dream Of Sushi, Moonee Ponds

The tofu don was a really big serve and I couldn’t finish it. Four decent sized pieces of soft tofu (I was delighted to find the fourth piece under the veggies!), topped with a bbq sauce (not too much), carrot, beans, lettuce, spring onion and nori pieces. Plus a heap of steamed rice! I had to have mine in a takeaway (takeout) container as the family and I were on the way home. Before the lid was put on, my tofu don was really piled high and looked beautiful. I think it looked just as tasty when I ate it in the car while the fam were off getting their own lunch. Close up!

I Dream Of Sushi, Moonee Ponds

Husband bought some non-vegan handrolls and said they were very good. I really enjoyed my tofu don and would happily get it again. I Dream Of Sushi isn’t veg*n but this is one really tasty vegan option. When I’m around that area there aren’t many vegan options for me, so it’s good to know I now have a place where I can score a tasty Japanese meal!

I Dream Of Sushi, Moonee Ponds

I Dream Of Sushi (located opposite Moonee Ponds train station)

6 Margaret Street

Moonee Ponds


I Dream of Sushi on Urbanspoon

I Dream Of Sushi, Moonee Ponds