Vegan Options At Wings Of Glory In South Melbourne

Wings of Glory South Melbourne vegan option

Wings of Glory is one of those places folks would assume have no vegan, or even vegetarian options– the business is built around chicken wings after all. I heard about Wings of Glory in a local vegan group, where people mentioned previously having walked on by until they discovered there was in fact a vegan meal option. I was on Clarendon Street briefly and decided to stop in to check it out.

Yes, there is in fact a vegan option! The vegan flavour option is lemony pepper so I chose that. Fries and salad were also available but I passed on those.

I was told that the wait for the vegan option would be about fifteen minutes longer because they needed to heat up the vegan oil fryer. I don’t mind waiting for something like that and it’s good to see they are aware enough to have it cooked separately for vegan customers who may prefer it that way.

Not really knowing what I was doing, I got the 10 piece option thinking it would be ten small bite size-ish pieces after the staff member recommended it for one person. The serve was larger than I anticipated! I could only manage a few before asking to take the rest home. This would be a good choice to share with friends, if, like me, you can’t really handle too much fried stuff at a time.

The texture was the softer sort of mock meat. Some mock meats are firmer, while others are more delicate and sponge-like. At Wings of Glory they’re more on the side of the softer spongey textured seitan. The lemony pepper seasoning was really nice.

Wings of Glory South Melbourne vegan option

It’s interesting to see how some meat heavy businesses are incorporating the veg*n meals in to their menu. I had a chat with a pizza-pasta store owner last week who said yes they will make a vegan pizza “but it’s vegetarian without any cheese, why would you want to eat that? It’s nothing without the cheese!”– clearly he has never experienced the many kickass pizza options out there using vegan meats and cheese options (I never liked mozarella on pizza before I was vegan either!) Other businesses providing vegan options are the complete opposite and really try hard to come up with something that not only tastes good, but is prepared in a way that does not involve, for instance, shared utensils or cooking oils for the vegan and not-vegan foods.

Wings of Glory have shown they are prepared to cater to customers that don’t want a meat meal, despite them being a business built around wings. Personally this is the kind of example I’d like to see other places adopt. Far too many restaurants claim to offer something for everyone but often fall short (veg*ns don’t want to be lumped with a boring salad!) Why would a veg*n go to a meat heavy place you may ask? Well, as one example, you only have to spend a little time in vegan Facebook groups to see how many people ask “my family/friends want to go out to dinner but they’re refusing to go to a veg*n place and they want wings/burgers/pizza/steaks, is there anywhere we can go where I can eat something that isn’t a garden salad?”!

Wings of Glory

253 Clarendon Street

South Melbourne



Wings of Glory South Melbourne vegan option


A Little What I Ate

Another late What I Ate and not much to show as I’ve been having a fair bit of juices and smoothies again or meals that look blergh photographed.

Juicing results in a lot of pulp and I never throw it out. Here’s a ‘carrot cake’ smoothie made with carrot pulp, banana, cinnamon and porridge grains mix. Sure it’s missing walnuts and the whole icing thing but it was nice enough. I often throw my juices in to the blender with the pulp, which makes them slightly grosser to drink. Although I have a power blender, I can’t stick everything in there and make juice because then I need to add water and it dilutes it all too much. So I juice what i can first, then add the pulp and juice to the blender.

carrot cake smoothie

Some home made pasta using carrot pulp for colour. I’d hoped for a more orange colour! Next time we’ll use kale pulp, or beetroot pulp. Black sesame seeds too:
carrot pasta

Because I’m so late with this post, I can’t remember where this sourdough currant bun is from as it was a couple of weeks ago. Well, it’s from a stall at the Coburg Farmers Market, so it’s either Sourdough Kitchen or Flinders Sourdough. Very nice with some surprising chocolate chips (a nice surprise):

sourdough currant bun

Another from-a-while-ago eat was this chocolate doughnut from Doughnut Time. They have a couple of vegan flavours on offer and this is one of them. All doughnuts are $6 which makes them a bit pricey. I liked the texture of this but a couple of bites was enough for me as it’s quite sweet:doughtnut time choc vegan


Not much more to show this week (well, few weeks)!


New Vegan Menu At Ray in Brunswick

Ray Brunswick vegan French toast gingerbread tofu

Back in March, I blogged about a vegan mezze evening held by Ray in Brunswick. Ray has very recently introduced a new fully vegan breakfast (served all day) and lunch menu.

Ray Brunswick almond latte

The new vegan menu is one of those where you see the vegan options have been well thought out. I was impressed enough with the vegan mezze night, but this menu has so much ace in it that I was hard pressed to choose what to get.

When in doubt, I say go for the Blackalicous: sourdough French toast, rhubarb, beetroot vinegar, coconut yoghurt, black maple, flaxseed and ginger halva ($17). I also got the extra gingerbread tofu. It’s an interesting dish to look at, with the height and different colours but it was even better to eat– I really liked the crispy French toast and rate this as one of my favourite vegan brunches anywhere. Probably in my top two.

View from the top:

Ray Brunswick vegan French toast gingerbread tofu

Another brunch meal was the Beast of Brunswick: mock fried chicken, miso cheese, avocado raita, baby cos, pickled Adelaide tomato, pickle aioli and apple relish in a toasted sourdough bun ($14.00). It’s very much a fried chickeny burger and I made a big mess and had to finish off with the cutlery. If you liked the crispy crunchy vegan fried chicken, this is for you. Very nice:

Ray Brunswick vegan fried chicken burger

Another visit was at lunchtime. This time, I ordered the Black Sub-Bath Sandwich: mushroom and black lentil kofta, baby cos, tomato, pickled beetroot, apple relish and pickled aioli in a toasted sourdough bun with beer battered chips ($20.00). This too was really nice, though tricky to eat as the kofta patty kinda squished everywhere (though I’m a slob), still there was cutlery so no problem, right?

Ray Vegan kofta burger and fries

Some weeks ago I ordered the Tofugazi from the regular menu, before the vegan menu was introduced. It’s not on the current menu but it was really nice– tofu sitting on top of some nice hummus, enoki mushroom, sauteed greens with hazelnut and pine nuts and toasted Turkish bread:

Ray Brunswick Tofugazi

While Ray had some good vegan friendly options before, this new menu has really stepped things up. As always, I like it when vegan options are not only decent in number, but also where you can see a fair bit of consideration has gone in to the menu development, rather than treating the vegan dishes as an afterthought.

Service has always been great when I’ve visited Ray. There was a little mistake with my order but staff were really on the ball and offered me a coffee on the house, with many sincere apologies. I got an almond milk latte (pictured up the top) which was lovely.

I’m loyal to Brunswick-Coburg and I love Sydney Road and the surrounding streets, so I was reading this menu and mentally thumbing my nose at Fitzroy a bit. How could I not, there’s so much good stuff there! Veganny times are great when you not only have fab menu options to choose from, but you have a bit of trouble deciding where to go because there are more options popping up all the time. Ray has certainly added to some tough decision making!

Check out Ray’s new vegan menu on their website below:


332 Victoria Street, Brunswick


Ray's Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Ray Brunswick


What I Ate: Kitchen Cleanout Edition

gigantes sourdough

This What I Ate post is really the past fortnight. I’ve been doing a kitchen cleanout and have vowed to use up ingredients I’ve found before going shopping for other stuffz. We’ve also cleared out our little upright freezer, so I had even more stuff that needed to be used.

We had family over and for lunch I put out a bunch of sandwich fillings, condiments and spreads then we plopped it all on sourdough and put our sandwiches in the panini press. Up the top there is rocket (aragula), baby spinach and some canned gigantes (Greek giant baked beans). This next sandwich was a mix of roast sweet potato, balsamic red onions, thyme mushrooms, avocado, tomato relish and salad greens: grilled veg sourdough sandwich

My son has been requesting kritharaki, which (in this house) is the ultimate comfort food in cold weather despite being rather bland. My dad rates it as one of his favourite meals:

vegan kritharaki

I made a lasagna with other ingredients that had to be used up: textured veg protein (TVP), the last bits of shredded Daiya cheddar and a box of frozen spinach:vegan lasagna

Breakfast most days is a smoothie straight from the blender. I usually make a smoothie with a plant milk, Prana On protein, a banana, a five grain cereal mix and some blackstrap molasses, sometimes with ginger and cinnamon. Lazy shot here, usually I’d put it in a glass for a pretty photo but our dishwasher isn’t working and well, I wanted to save washing an extra glass:breakfast smoothie

This gross looking meal in hideous lighting conditions was actually pretty good. In the back of the freezer I found some miso tahini dressing, probably from an Isa Does It recipe. I noticed the dressing was quite grainy after being defrosted but tossed through tofu and green tea noodles, it was good enough:

miso tahini tofu

More tofu and green tea noodles but this time with red curry paste and a little coconut milk:tofu green tea noodles

There weren’t many veggies in those tofu meals but I was drinking veg instead. Here’s a kale, beetroot and carrot juice:beet carrot kale juice

And this is the Mean Green Juice from the Reboot With Joe website:mean green juice

I prefer to make juices with the whole fruit and veg wherever possible in my blender, because there’s way too much pulp left when juicing. When kale is $4 a bunch and you only get a wee amount of juice, wellll it makes more sense to me to blend the leaves rather than juice. I keep the pulp though when I use the juicer and this time I made it in to a healthier cake with wholemeal spelt flour and golden sultanas, using carrot, beetroot and pear pulp. It was a good snack food for the kids (despite the squishy layer at the bottom, hence no recipe for the blog!), along with banana dusted with cinnamon and powdered peanut butter:

pb banana pulp cake

I’ve already blogged about our meal at Trippy Taco in Fitzroy, so I’ll leave you with another shot of the vegan option sweet corn tamale with banana and maple syrup. This is soooo good:

Trippy Taco vegan sweetcorn tamale

It was pouring the day we went to Trippy’s, so all I could manage was this one photo before my camera started getting too wet!gertrude street fitzroy



Trippy Taco Lunch In Fitzroy

Trippy Taco Fitzroy

Trippy Taco is one of those dependable places for me, where I know I will enjoy my food and walk out happy. I’ve reviewed Trippy Taco’s Fitzroy outlet long in the past but thought I better do it again because I really like this place and my past reviews and photos are pretty piss-poor.

Trippy Taco Fitzroy

We always get the Trippy Fries, no matter what. I love the smoky seasoning on these. A small is $4.50 (but quite a good size) and large is $6.50:Trippy Taco Fitzroy

Today I was in a taco kinda mood and ordered the Mixed Taco Meal ($13.50) which was one tofu asada and one black bean:Trippy Taco Fitzroy

Trippy Fries get my vote for my favourite fries anywhere:

Trippy Taco Fitzroy

My son loves the sweet corn tamale, served with banana, maple syrup and vegan-option ice cream ($12.00 on the website menu but the vegan ice cream option might be more). I pulled parental rank and insisted I have some. I love this too and every time I have some I regret not ordering one for myself:Trippy Taco Fitzroy


Trippy Taco Fitzroy

Trippy Taco recently-ish opened a second outlet in St. Kilda at 6 Acland Street. I haven’t been to that one, as Fitzroy is more convenient for me. Service is always friendly at Fitzroy and I’m always happy to return, grab a bench seat and enjoy good food.

Trippy Taco Fitzroy

Trippy Taco

234 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

Trippy Taco Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato