Evolved Generation and Supercharger Menu Launch

Supercharger Endurance Meal


Tonight I attended the partnership launch of Supercharger and Evolved Generation’s new menu specials. This is great stuff for Melbourne, not just for vegans of course but for everyone!

The four new meals have been specially formulated by a dietitian and let me tell you folks, they all look fabulous. For those of you familiar with Supercharger’s ordering system, the new meals are on a separate menu page titled ‘Complete Meals Ready 2 Go’. So instead of the regular menu where you tick boxes for your order, you just ask for the complete meal you’re after, by name. Take your pic from the following four meals: Lightness, Immunity, Endurance or Strength. Each menu is broken down in to Super Base, Super Smash, Super Raw, Super Ferment, Super Protein, Super Simmer, Super Sauce– so your meal will include something that falls in to each of those Super categories. Trust me, it’s awesome.

Here’s what you get!

Lightness ($12.80)

Base of mashed butternut pumpkin with black sesame seeds and fresh spinach; green peas with avocado, lime, coconut oil and mint; shredded beetroot, carrot, radish, ginger and apple cider vinegar; red cabbage and caraway kraut; braised assorted mushrooms in ginger broth; chickpea chole in cinnamon curry; tahini sauce made with coconut water.

Immunity ($12.80)

Base of mashed butternut pumpkin and quinoa; French lentil salad, red peppers, red onion and celery; kale, red cabbage, shredded green apple with tahini sauce; daikon garlic; tempeh lightly caramelised in tamari broth; mild eggplant, tomato, ginger and lime leaf; fresh tomato and chilli salsa with red onion and coriander.

Endurance ($12.80)

Base of steamed white basmati rice and mashed potato with mustard seeds; sweet potato with tamari, roasted pepitas and parsley; 10 Sec broccoli with sweet tamari and ginger dressing; cauliflower and black sesame; fresh tofu simmered in tom yum broth; carrot and green bean khadi with coconut, turmeric and lentils; tahini sauce made with coconut water.

Strength ($12.80)

Base of steamed brown rice and quinoa; cauliflower, black turtle beans, turmeric and curry leaves; 10 sec broccoli with sweet tamari and ginger dressing; carrot and cumin seeds; tempeh lightly caramelised in tamari broth; dahl ka deewana; coconut yoghurt raita with cucumber.


Another thing I like about the new menu is that the pages are printed with nutrition facts, based on the ingredients in each meal. For instance, under the Endurance meal, one nutrition fact reads “packed with carbs to replace glycogen stores and fuel your day”.

I really love it when restaurants put a lot of thought in to their menu and this is why Supercharger gets my vote– not only are both the regular and new meals very well thought out, there’s also the added consideration of giving you both an incredibly nutritious and tasty meal. This is food designed with your health and well being in mind and a lot of thinking has been done for you. This is evident when you look at the menu both on the page, and in your bowls!

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of the new partnership meals and I went for the Endurance, pictured above. Everything was full of flavour, the cauliflower and broccoli were just right and all I can say is that I’m already planning on going back to get it again. I ate it about four hours ago and I’m still full.

Paul from Supercharger told us a little of the history with getting Supercharger up and running. He mentioned being a little hesitant and questioning whether it would work. I think it has worked fantastically, whenever I’ve visited I’ve been queuing up with quite a few other people and I see people sitting down with their Supercharger meals. I know non-vegans who go there, or people who want a break from their usual lunch time fare (burgers and so on) and opt for Supercharger because they want a nutritious meal. And they tell me they keep returning!

The team members from Evolved Generation also got up to chat a little about their experience with plant based/vegan living. I always enjoy hearing stories like these, especially where plant based fitness is concerned because we have vegans breaking records and busting silly myths about athletic performance on plant based diets. So these stories and personal accounts need to be out there! There were also giveaways (unfortunately my winning streak with raffles appears to have come to an end!) and the opportunity to chat with everyone from Evolved Generation.

Congratulations to both Supercharger and Evolved Generation!


Supercharger: https://www.facebook.com/SuperchargerWholefood

Evolved Generation: http://www.evolvedgeneration.com/  (I previously chatted with Luke Tan here)

Lucy Taylor – Bloom Nutritionist and Dietitian: http://www.bloomnutritionist.com/



What I Ate… Of Late

chickpea tenders

One of these days, I’ll get my supposed-to-be weekly What I Ate posts published in a timely manner! So this post includes stuff I’ve made over the past few weeks.

The photo above are the chickpea tenders from Happy Herbivore Light & Lean. I didn’t flavour them too much in case Arthur and DeeW didn’t like them. Well, DeeW didn’t like them anyway (she hates patties and burgers in general) but Arthur asked for a second. Win!

I’ve been following a meal plan which involves eating low fat and really enjoying it. Here’s a dish I made which is a tofu and veg curry served with quinoa. I haven’t been cooking with oil and don’t miss it at all:

tofu veg quinoa bowl

My mum gave me some Greek leeks with rice (‘prasorizo’) that she makes with vegetable stock. I added in some tofu:

tofu prasorizo

A bowl of brown rice, black beans, mushroom, tomato and kale with some taco style seasonings:

brown rice kale bowl

This was my last piece of tofu (I usually eat more than this) so I made the Lentil Joes from Happy Herbivore Light & Lean. I really liked the lentils and will be making them again:

lentils tofu veg


I’ve been eating the same meals for four or five days in a row. I love prepping all my meals in advance like this and on hot days it really is a relief to have something ready and not spend time cooking in a hot kitchen!


Would You Like To See Vegan Style At Veganopoulous?

Vegan fashion! Vegan style! I love browsing through vegan clothing websites and Etsy, looking up beautiful vegan garments, shoes and accessories! There are vegan business out there producing some great stuff. The downside for me is that a lot of things I love are overseas and either don’t ship to Australia, or shipping here is insanely expensive :(  And so my little idea for having a local-to-Australia-and-New Zealand style section here on Veganopoulous was born!

I’ve been playing around with the idea of setting up a space where I can gather a listing of Australia and New Zealand based vegan fashion related businesses and link to them. I know I would personally love to go to a website where there’s a list of businesses that are producing vegan clothing so I can, you know, go off and buy stuff. Even more so if those business were in Australia or New Zealand, because then shipping wouldn’t suck so much ;)  I’d also love to show my overseas readers that we have some awesome vegan style here in the southern hemisphere!

I would also like to feature some ‘local’ vegan style here on the blog and this is where you come in! Readers in Australia and New Zealand could send me some photos of their vegan friendly outfit, or a favourite vegan style item, a new purchase, an op shop find, you name it! As long as it is made of vegan materials of course! Just tell me where your featured items are from and who made them (so I can provide links) if possible. I would of course link back to your blog/instagram/etc! I’m a big stickybeak for those “what I wore” kinds of photos and I’d love to see vegan friendly versions.

I would plan to feature whatever vegan businesses I can find through googling or word of mouth, or that readers submit.

There are some tricky questions though: how do we know if a piece of secondhand clothing is in fact vegan? What if there’s a glue and we don’t know the origin of the glue? Or showing clothing that happens to be vegan but the manufacturer uses animals in other items? What about fake fur? (well, the answer to that last question would be a big no. I don’t know any vegans that wear fake fur and I know how many vegans feel about it. I don’t like it either. Edit: I’ve received some comments from vegans saying they do wear fake fur, some have kept it from pre-vegan days and others don’t see it as any different from vegan leather. But then I’ve received other messages saying please don’t show fake fur. So definitely an area I’ll have to spend more time thinking about! More edit: I should have been clearer about the kind of fake fur– there’s the fake fur that looks obviously fake, like trimming on kids clothes for example. But there’s also the fake fur that looks more real, which (according to messages I’ve received) is that some people have more of an aversion to! I want to keep my readers happy so this may pose a challenge!

I’ve been thinking about these questions a lot recently, as I change up my wardrobe. I’m getting rid of my pre-vegan clothes that are not vegan friendly because I’m not comfortable wearing them anymore. When I became vegan, and for some time after, I still wore them (mostly all vintage clothing purchased secondhand). Mostly, I couldn’t afford to replace everything, especially winter coats. I’m very slowly building up a new wardrobe, and regardless of whether I buy new or secondhand, I always check the labels to see that the materials used are vegan friendly. Honestly, I can’t afford to shop the way I would love to, which is to buy only from ethical+vegan businesses. A lot of my clothing is from op shops. So for this reason, I am happy to show items that contain vegan friendly materials, even if the label is not vegan. I think by making this vegan style series “vegan labels only!” I will be excluding a lot of people! I also think it’s important to show that putting together a vegan friendly outfit from, for example, secondhand purchases is quite easy. Also, in every vegan community I have participated in there are always questions like “where can I find a vegan friendly [item of clothing]” and responses always include items from companies that aren’t vegan.


Last week I did the unthinkable and bought a fashion magazine. Years ago I had subscriptions to two fashion magazines and would sit there circling stuff I could never afford, highlighting what I could, then vomiting a little at the whole “bargain buys!” spreads where a bargain buy was a simple cotton tank for $150. Anyway, so I was reading this magazine and the red carpet and street style celebs pics and everything was leather, wool, silk, snakeskin, fur, ostrich feathers. It hit me hard and I was thinking wouldn’t it be great to have one place I could go to, to look up vegan street style and vegan clothes and vegan jewellery and not have to turn a page (or scroll down) and be slapped with a smiling celeb in python skin.

I’ve decided I would only have this vegan style feature here on my blog. No Facebook or Google+. Just all here in one spot, here on veganopoulous.com! Not everyone uses Facebook and so on, but they can read this blog :)

Would you be interested in ‘vegan style’ becoming a part of Veganopoulous? I like supporting local business, which also extends to Australia wide and New Zealand based. And if those businesses are vegan, all the better!

Would you like to see photos of reader-submitted vegan style in Australian and New Zealand? 

Do you know of any AUS/NZ vegan businesses I can add? I’ll post a followup to this blog post when I’ve thought it out a little more, and of course depending on reader feedback. I’m sure there’s a lot I haven’t thought about and will probably kick myself later! If someone else in Australia or New Zealand has already done this, or similar, please leave a comment with a link so I can check it out– I would definitely use such a resource if it exists!

I will also include non-Australian/NZ vegan labels that are sold here. So for instance, if you buy a new vegan bag from an Australian store, I will be happy to show it because readers will be able to obtain it here. I could have a separate listing for vegan labels that aren’t from AUS/NZ but are sold here.


I would really appreciate your thoughts on this! I’m excited, but rather nervous because I have a habit of jumping in to things then asking myself “WTF have I done” later on! I have no idea how often I would post about vegan style as I’m bogged down with Real Life and I would need reader help with pointing me to vegan businesses and providing me with content (as I mentioned, I would link back to you)!

Thank you!!!


Product Review: LifeToYou Raw Macaroons, Raw Crackers and Raw Granola

LifeToYou Products

When I attended World Vegan Day 2014 in Melbourne, I had more than my fair share of samples provided by the LifeToYou stall. Friends and relatives confessed the same. The raw macaroons in particular were a standout and I heard lots of people making mmmm noises and telling their friends to sample some (yes, I also saw people taking more than one sample!). That’s what happens when a product is so good.

LifeToYou produce raw, organic, vegan gourmet specialty food products here in Melbourne, using gentle dehydration techniques. Based on nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits and herbs their products are also gluten free!

LifeToYou very kindly sent me some products to review. In a single sentence I can tell you I loved them all! But that wouldn’t make much of a blog post, so here we go  :)

The macaroons are divine, that’s the only way I can describe something that made my eyes roll back. Made with coconut, cashews and other ingredients, each bite was coconutty deliciousness.

LifeToYou Raw Macaroons

I’m crazy about coconut and it was really hard not to eat all these in one go. The macaroon flavours LifeToYou produce are vanilla, blueberry, raspberry, orange, chocolate and banana:

LifeToYou Raw Macaroons

LifeToYou Raw Macaroons

LifeToYou Raw Macaroons

The Raw Strawberry Buckwheat Granola saved my life on the cruise I went on recently. I decided to take it in case I didn’t have many food options on the ship and I’m so glad I did. I had some of the granola with fruit, or just snacked on it with sighs of relief when I went back to the cabin with slumped shoulders because my only breakfast option was not-so-fresh fruit… again:

LifeToYou Raw Strawberry Buckwheat Granola

The Orange Granola is also delicious, a really nice non-overpowering blend of chocolate and orange. I had some with coconut yoghurt:

LifeToYou Raw Chocolate Orange Granola

LifeToYou Raw Chocolate Orange Granola

The Raw Olive bread was also a lifesaver on the cruise. I took them out on a shore excursion where I was walking around hungry. They were a great snack and quite filling:

LifeToYou Raw Olive Bread

The Raw Herbal Crackers are fantastic with dips, vegan cheese or just to snack on. Just lovely:

LifeToYou Raw Herbal Crackers

LifeToYou products make ideal gifts– consider them as part of a care package, stocking stuffers, a thank you gift or a great prize in a competition! Or treat yourself ;) Please visit the LifeToYou website at http://www.lifetoyou.com.au/ to see their entire range (the raw chocolate chip cookies are sooo good, I had those at World Vegan Day).

LifeToYou Raw Macaroons

* Disclaimer: I received the above products to review. All opinions are my own and I have no hesitation recommending these products!


A Bus Tour Around Melbourne


This past weekend, the family and I went on a double decker bus tour of Melbourne. Yes, our home town! Husband had bought some cheap discounted tickets and we figured this would be a good educational activity on a pleasant day where we could pretty much sit down the whole time. We took two tours, the first around Melbourne and the second down to St. Kilda.

It was educational for all of us but by far the best fact we learned was that Melbourne could very well have been called Batmania. Missed it by that much!

This post is a little photo heavy so I’ll keep the text to a minimum. Here are images from around Melbourne and down to St. Kilda, taken from the top deck of the bus. While I would recommend the bus tours, especially if you find Groupon or Scoopon discounts, please I beg tourists not to believe that all Australians talk with ‘Aussie slang’ like the tour commentary may make you believe! Plenty of us say ‘wine’, not ‘bottle of plonk’!















melbournetour15 melbournetour16



There are quite a few bus tours around Melbourne, as well as the Melbourne visitor shuttle bus. There’s also the free Melbourne City Circle tram. If you’re visiting our city there will be loads of family friendly options for bus tours, though we all found the speakers on the bus to be unbearably loud and lots of children were covering their ears!