Trying Beyond Meat at The Cornish Arms and Lord of the Fries

Beyond Meat burger patties have been pretty hyped up. As with all hyped up vegan stuffs, I have to try it. I was a bit late to the party overall, and wasn’t really interested in trekking over Melbourne to buy it so I waited for a meal out.

First meal out was at The Cornish Arms in Brunswick. I had an event down the road, so I went to dinner beforehand. I’ve had the Cornish’s Mac Daddy burger before but this time they put a Beyond Meat patty in it. It was a pricey burger-and-chips at about $21:

teeth mark shot:

I wasn’t interested in trying it again but hey, the next day my son and I went to Lord of the Fries and he wanted to try some. So I got the original burger with the Beyond Meat patty (it costs an extra $3.50 to use the Beyond Meat patty in both the original and spicy burgers):

The verdict

Beyond Meat looks and tastes like a grilled burger patty but the texture is a bit softer. However I do think this could mostly pass for a meat burger and out of all the plant based ‘meaty’ burgers on the market, Beyond Meat is the closest. I do think that for some people I know, if they ate this in a burger and didn’t know it was vegan, they would just assume it was meat.

I did feel quite weird eating it. The thought of eating meat makes me sick– after six years of being vegan I have absolutely no desire to have any animal products. But this was an interesting experience in that I had to keep reminding myself it’s plant based. I guess the look of it is a little more confronting than the beetroot-mince looking burgers I’ve made before.

So why eat it? Well, this blog is about reviewing products too (especially hyped products) and I wanted to try it out for myself and see if it was something that I could buy now and then for my family, but also to see if it’s something that could help people transition from, or reduce, a meat diet to plant based.

I won’t get them again, because burger patties are not really something I’m in to buying and they aren’t cheap either. I don’t make burgers often at home, preferring instead to save them up for a meal out somewhere.

Still, that doesn’t mean Beyond Meat patties aren’t good– I think they’re a pretty good product!



Pizzas From The Pizza Doctor In Brunswick West

‘Paging all vegans. Paging all vegans. Your vegan Nutella pizza is waiting for you at the clinic.’ Just one of the many medical-inspired Instagram posts from the recently-ish opened The Pizza Doctor in Brunswick. They’re vegan friendly and gluten free friendly too! I haven’t had the vegan Nutella pizza yet but the two pizzas I have had were pretty good and I’ll be back to try more. There’s also vegan-option arancini, potato croquets, eggplant chips and a few focaccia to choose from. Lots more to try on my future visits. The pizzas are more a medium size, and the box measures 26cm.

Shown up top there is the pumpkin leek pizza ($16 including the $2 vegan option charge). I ordered this at the ‘clinic’ and ate it outside. There’s a bench inside the clinic which is the waiting area, but there are two two-seater tables outside on the footpath.

Previously I’d ordered the vegan salami pizza for home delivery. The bases are thin, and nice and crispy on the bottom, more so for the pumpkin leek pizza which I ate as soon as it was out of the woodfire oven. I enjoyed both and it’s always good to see vegan options in new establishments, serving up pizza to people who may be egg or dairy free as well as vegan. The staff were lovely too, always a bonus!

The Pizza Doctor is in the same building where the pink cupcake bakery used to be, on the 58 West Coburg tram line right near Brunswick Road. 

You can order online as well for home delivery, or pick up your order in person.

The Pizza Doctor

9 Grantham Road

Brunswick West



Gozleme King At Docklands

My son and I headed to ArtVo yesterday and Google Maps kindly showed me that Gozleme King was a few minutes walk away. I’d heard about Gozleme King’s vegan options in some local groups and was looking forward to trying it out vegan style as I haven’t had gozleme in about six years.

There’s a nice ‘vegan gozleme’ sign in the window at Gozleme King. I’m always surprised when eating places that offer vegan options don’t advertise even with a little sign on their window, because word of that little sign can spread pretty quickly. Aaaanyway. When I asked for a vegan gozleme I was given the regular menu and the staff there told me which were able to be made vegan. I went with the Veggie Plus (vegan cheese, olives, spinach, mushroom and capsicum). 

My gozleme was tasty, though if you’re ordering spinach and mushroom I’d say be mindful of it getting a bit soggy on the bottom as mine was. The gozleme are served in a cardboard pizza box. My son’s non-vegan gozleme was crisp on the bottom, though he didn’t have veg in his. Some of mine stuck to the box making it slightly messy to eat but who cares, right? I’m going back if I’m in the area.

Gozleme King have quite a few locations in Victoria, ACT and NSW. For Melbourne, there’s Docklands, Pacific Werribee Shopping Centre and a future nameless location mentioned on the website.

Find your location on their website at http://www.gozlemeking.com.au/location.html and check out the menu at http://www.gozlemeking.com.au/menu.html


Rude Boy Burger In Brunswick

I’ve been to Rude Boy twice now, so it’s blog review time. Rude Boy are located in a small strip of cafe/restaurants on Albion Street in Brunswick West, further away from the Sydney Road end. They have a vegan burger called Vegan Latina ($13.50) on the menu and it’s pretty good.

The description reads “chilli and spring onion fried potato cake, chick pea salsa, chimichurri, avocado, jalapenos, chipotle relish, lettuce, tomato and onion”. Potato cakes in a burger, I’m sold.

Surprisingly it isn’t that messy to eat, with the chickpeas and salsa. Even better is Tightarse Tuesdays, where burgers (excluding specials) are half price from noon to 6pm. Nice!

There are fries but they’re cooked in the same oil as non-vegan stuff (though they said they do their best to keep things separate where possible). As I write this I wonder if the same applies to the potato cakes. If it bothers you, just ask.

Both times my burgers were pretty good but I recommend you be very clear you want the vegan burger. I had to repeat it a few times on my second visit (vegans, you know how we have that sixth sense that we’ll get the vegetarian, not vegan option made?) and eventually ended up with the vegetarian burger. And they tried to tell me I ordered the vegetarian… I pointed out not likely as I’m a) vegan and b) dairy intolerant! The person who made the burger was nice and apologetic about it though (I wish I could say the same about the two other staff who did not seem impressed at my polite insistence I only ever ordered the vegan burger). My only other gripe is about the cups for water. They’re single use plastic cups 🙁  No glasses. I hope this changes.

Rude Boy Burger

482 Albion Street, Brunswick West



Lunch At Cafe 435 In Pascoe Vale

Pascoe Vale has a new all-vegan cafe: Cafe 435 on Kent Road. It’s located in a strip of shops and marks the first all-vegan cafe in this area.

The menu is quite sizeable, with a few Middle Eastern, Turkish and Greek/Cypriot dishes in amongst the burgers on offer. My sister and I employed our system, that being we never order the same dish as the other, instead getting two separate meals and having half each. I forgot to take photos of the menu and so can’t remember the names or prices, but we got the double pattie ‘Big’ burger and another with salad and mayo (possiblly called the Vopper). Each burger came with a large bowl of chips.

The patties I don’t believe are house made, but the burgers were tasty nonetheless. The dessert menu had loads on offer, with many treats by one of my favourites, The Compassionate Kitchen. Baklava and kadaifi were in the desserts cabinet but we were way too stuffed for any more food.

Cafe 435 is spacious inside with loads of outdoor seating and a play area for kids:


Brunswick and Coburg tend to be the more vegan friendly areas in the inner north, so it’s pretty good to see Pascoe Vale, which is the next suburb to the north-west, on the map too. Pascoe Vale has a handful of very vegan friendly places, but an all-vegan place is fantastic to see.

Cafe 435

104 Kent Road

Pascoe Vale